Wednesday 31 January 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

31 January 2018                                     

Global Powers of Tamils

Today is Thai Poosam day – in the Hindu Calendar.  To me this day became special in 2007 when I was at our family temple in Thunaivi.  Until then I had knowledge that this festival was in honour of Lord Muruga and that it was celebrated in the lunar month of January (Thai) on the day of Poosam star. Our temple is Vairavar-Kali temple. On Thai Poosam day in 2007, most folks around the temple had gone to other temples where Thai Poosam was celebrated grandly. But I had work to do at the temple. I felt a bit let down and sad. But even as I moved towards our family temple I found a peacock feather on the ground. Did not find any before nor after at that place. To my mind therefore, the feather confirmed that Lord Murugan’s blessings were with me. Lord Muruga’s vehicle is the peacock.  It made sense because the whole purpose of my stay was to share my strengths with the folks there. To my mind, even though they were distracted from the common purpose, the Earth there received my Energy and shared with me the Energy of those to whom that place was ‘home’ – and this included my ancestors. Home is where the heart is. The folks of Thunaivi operate on a  very different set of values to my family’s. I needed to therefore demarcate the line of Separation to ensure the facilities that are  common to all folks who have invested in that area. The reward, I realise now is the wisdom about how to bring maintain harmony by working the ‘common system’ by leading from distance.

There is often criticism of the caste system in Northern Sri Lanka and by living in a Toddy Tapper village as part of them –I learnt that the problem was less the Senior  castes – and more the Junior castes who had their own hierarchy – parallel to the general system. In most instances they were happy and comfortable within that grouping where de facto relationships are part of the system. So, as is my way, I developed the place and stopped living there. I realised that the more I stayed there without pleasing those folks, the greater the risk of becoming a victim of different cultures. The Temple continues to be maintained by us as a Common Facility – but firmly as per my terms for which we pay. Those who overruled me – started showing more and more problems and I took that as their return karma for exploiting someone who genuinely felt for them. Had I stayed on by enduring the difficulties – I would have ‘blocked’ the path of their own karma.

I now believe more and more that the Bruce Hall problem happened at the University of NSW because of my departure as well. The simple way to explain the way I see that karma is through the Christian message to ‘do unto others what you would have them do unto you’. To the extent my work was of a standard more acceptable to high level employers in Australia and beyond, relative to those who exercised Administrative power over me there is a ‘gap’ between what I ought to have received and what I did receive. The gap develops from the time I take greater responsibility than my senior for the common outcome, in respect of  which the official senior gets credit.  To the extent I accept it without conflict – I become an owner and my contribution is entitled to be shared by the whole institution. Where this is denied/blocked – the karma gets reversed on those who had the duty to so share.

At the University of NSW this happened through migrant staff who were not committed to Due Administrative Process and hence went direct to the media.

That is how the system of Natural Justice took over and shared/distributed  that value with others who were in the same group as I  - with that ‘gap’ relative to their parallels in another culture. Where commonness is high, cultural differences would lend the attraction of ‘diversity’. Where commonness is low, the line of separation needs to be drawn.

The line of separation that comes to mind is that of Rama’s younger brother Lakshmana’s. Lakshmana  drew on the ground – asking sister-in-law Seetha to not come beyond that line. Thereafter Lakshmanan went looking for Rama – as requested by Seetha. Ravana – the king of Lanka who sought to abduct Seetha came in the form of a beggar and asked Seetha for food. When Seetha stepped outside the Lakshmana  line (rekha) Seetha was no longer protected by Lakshmana’s Protective Energy.

Wikipedia presents the current value of this as follows:
“Lakshmana Rekha, in modern Indian parlance, refers to a strict convention or a rule, never to be broken. It often refers to the ethical limits of an action, traversing which may lead to undesirable consequences. Example of use:
Constitution is very clear on the roles of the Judiciary and the Legislature, Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee said; both should not cross the Lakshman Rekha.”
This morning I received from a leading member of the Tamil Diaspora, message to which was attached a video clip regarding Sri Lankan Military Commander Jagath Jjayasuriya.  The presentation by news late last year under the heading -  ‘Sri Lanka's ex-army chief ready to testify against successor’ has published the following information:
“ Sri Lanka's former army chief on Friday accused his successor of committing crimes against suspects during the island's civil war and said he was ready to testify against the ex-military commander.
A human rights group this week filed two cases against General Jagath Jayasuriya in Colombia and Brazil, who until recently was Sri Lanka's ambassador in several South American countries.
The group alleged that Jayasuriya oversaw torture camps and was responsible for hundreds of disappearances and extrajudicial killings in the final stages of the conflict when he was a senior officer.
He was promoted army chief barely three months after the war ended.

Lakshmana Rekha of Separation around the  Armed Forces who had to follow the Rule of Law was ignored by Military Commander Jagath Jjayasuriya when he accepted the Diplomatic role. The war against the LTTE – was fought as per ‘local rules’ which excluded the wisdom of Tamil leaders and the feelings of Tamil Community that the LTTE were a part of. Even those Tamils who are anti-LTTE are not immune to the agony of Tamils who were isolated.  So long as those who caused such suffering also stay isolated – they would be protected by their ‘domestic’ interpretation of the Law. But once they step out – they are part of the International community and are open to be attacked – especially through the force of those who have invested in global justice and feel for the victims who continue to suffer, while their opposition enjoys the fruits of suppressing them.

As cited previously there is a saying in Tamil that the guy who abandons his known career is a loser as is  also the guy who touches unknown career.

Q: Why did I receive the above mentioned email ?

A:Lord Murugan is Global Power and all those who believe in Lord Muruga inherit Global Powers. 

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