Wednesday 24 January 2018


Tribute to Multicultural Baila  Legend A E Manoharan

A.E. Manoharan, the singing legend,  well known in Sri Lanka and India, passed away on 22 January 2018.  Surangani Baila song is his signature piece and has made him a legend in India and Sri Lanka. Born a Tamil, Manoharan comfortably sang his Baila Melody in Sinhalese, English, Hindi, Telugu & Malayalam.

 To my mind, Manoharan touched the heart of  the Common audience and contributed strongly  to  Peace and Harmony in Sri Lanka through his singing. As I listened to some of his music – at  

I recalled my Colombo days – especially when we at M/s Satchithananda SchokmanWijeratne & CO, Chartered Accountants. (Currently  Price Waterhouse Coopers)  went on picnics – singing many of  the songs that Manoharan sang. No one was concerned whether the songs were in Sinhalese, Tamil or English. We were truly a multicultural group and I believe that those feelings we developed as a professional group – would continue to enrich all those who seek independence through multiculturalism.

At the concert in 2015 – at BMICH – Manoharan sang for Christians and Hindus;  in  English, Tamil and Sinhalese as well as in a few Indian languages. The young ladies performing the Kandyan type of Dance to Manoharan’s praise of Murugan – confirm that religions have no language borders.

Thank you Manoharan for being Common and rendering multicultural forms to your voice.  With Lord Muruga’s blessings we will work further to make Sri Lanka more wholesome for you to come back to.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 January 2018

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