Friday 11 August 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

11 August 2017

Resignation or Dismissal?

[Parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayake who resigned from his ministerial portfolio today questioned why others, against whom allegations had been made, could not resign if he could do so simply because there were allegations against him.]  Daily Mirror Report - Why could not others resign?: Ravi to his supporters
When I resigned from the position of Management Accountant at the University of NSW, it was because I could not take the harassment from my seniors any more. The Medical Faculty to which I was assigned due to the then Dean of Medicine (now Vice Chancellor of Macquarie University), Professor Bruce Dowton, identifying with the need for the Faculty to be more democratic, endorsed my work highly. But there was not a single academic who felt deep enough ownership to consolidate the powers of those who found value in my work. Even though it seemed as if I had resigned, in Truth it was unrighteous dismissal. It would have been unlawful dismissal if there were appropriate laws covering such actions – especially to prevent unjust dismissals. Unjust harassment leads to unjust dismissal, even though on the outside it may seem as if the person ‘chose to resign’.
The other side of this is proud resignation – of the type Parliamentarian Mr. Ravi Karunanayake is taking credit for. His duty at that level is to hold his position until the other side dismisses him and then as an ordinary elected member of Parliament, to reveal the Truth he discovered through his experience – and sharing that Truth with those who believe in him. Effectively his resignation amounts to unlawful separation to ‘avoid’ Due Process.
Yesterday, my Accounting friends Mrs Malar Fonseka and Mrs. Pushpa Muthumala, rang me to urge me to take care of myself – including by leaving Thunaivi where there have been threats to my physical security. (Tamil Tiger Legacy at I felt comforted but somehow felt that  I was ‘abandoning post’ by leaving when attacked by those who want to ‘steal’ my investment here in Thunaivi Vaddukoddai where the  seeds of Political  Independence were sown in 1976, through the Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976. That eventually resulted in the victory of Tamil Politicians in the 1977 Parliamentary elections through which Tamils became the Equal Opposition in Parliament, despite being minority at physical level.
That is the way Natural Justice works. The Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 invoked natural powers through politicians. It’s like Gandhi’s power of personal Truth. The LTTE hijacked the agenda and spoilt it all for those seeking the lawful pathway to realising Independence from unjust suppression. The other night when stones were thrown at our cottage due to me going to the Police to report Trespass to establish which I had evidence – through CCTV camera, our neighbour who has studied Mahabharatham through his own avenues, said to me that someone shot Gandhi dead. The ‘place’ where he said it was within the field of the altar of our temple.  The time was when I stood alone – in this community that uses physical power first to express emotions. Others have likewise said that I was like Gandhi. This includes Australian Dr. Peter Vaugh with whom also I had the Gandhi experience:
[Dr. Peter Vaux – who was the senior Registrar of the psychiatric unit of Prince of Wales Hospital to which Magistrate Gilmour sent me  on 01 November 2004, wrote to the Courts – that the matter needed to be resolved legally and that I was mentally stable. Dr. Vaux said to Jodi who was interviewed as a family member – that I was like Gandhi.  During the interview I shared with Dr. Vaux my experience with Sathya Sai Baba and how the holy powder had materialized on my picture of  Him.  Dr. Vaux smiled and said he had knowledge of such materializations.  Dr. Vaux asked me also ‘So, what did you do when you went to see the Vice Chancellor? Just sat there and waited?’  I smiled and said I sat there and read the books I had taken with me.  To me at that time – this was the value of my work for the Hospital system when I was Revenue Manager of South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service.  It was because I had invested in that system by doing more than what I was getting paid for – that I was able to share as a common owner with Dr. Vaux who to me was also an owner and not mere employee. An owner is higher than an employer who is higher than an employee. At the UNSW – the Chancellors were owners but the Vice Chancellors were mere employers. An employee contributing more than is required by her/his position is likely to become an owner more quickly than an employer who does less than her/his duties.  Hence they were the ones who required my approval to enter the area that I was occupying as an owner in that University. 

Months later when searching through Google – I came across my response to Justice C. G. Weeramantry, former Vice President of the International Court of Justice, published by the Daily News (Sri Lanka) on 01 November 2004 – the day Dr. Peter Vaux above stated that I was like Gandhi.  I wrote the response in October when I went to Sri Lanka at the invitation of Airlanka and was accommodated at Galadari Hotel. Their vehicle was sent to pick me up and I included my conversations with the driver (a Buddhist) also in my response.  To me that is the way to share Gandhi’s values.  I was able to, through my interpretations of the message of a Judge of International standards, take Non-Violence message to the ordinary folks.  To me this is also what I was doing in terms of workplace and laws to the common Australian.  Sri Lanka honored me  and Australia punished me on the same day. How can Australian Government therefore lead Sri Lanka in any way to eliminate Racial Inequality?  Without actual practice of it – whatever knowledge and / or money that is paid by Australia is a handout. Ultimately the law is for the people to bring their minds together.  To the extent it does not reach society – these are for merely for employment and business purposes. ] Chapter 25 – Naan Australian book.

I believe that through my integrated mind as Sri Lankan-Australian I have the power to influence one through my investment in the other. To me it is no coincidence that Mr. Ravi Karunanayake resigned at this point in time – i.e. - soon after the visit of our Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs listened to Tamil leadership to whom the Tamil Opposition appealed for support in the issue of Constitutional reforms.

If there was no consolidated power backing the Tamil Opposition, their appeal to the Australian Foreign Minister would have been to a Foreigner with no jurisdiction in Sri Lanka. But whether Ms Bishop was conscious of  it or not – her position was supported by this consolidated power – by those of us who are truly Australian and Sri Lankan at that level as per the standards of our contribution to Common Policy through our experience. Neither Mr. Sampanthan nor Mr. Sumanthiran have had the ‘Australian Experience’ – to be able to invoke this consolidated power. I have and I am currently in Sri Lanka, experiencing opposition to my development work here in Vaddukoddai through those who joined the LTTE to express their unregulated expressions of physical powers. Ms Bishop failed in her duty to show support for fellow Australian, one way or the other. But because I included the current Australian Government in my work – Ms Bishop became my ‘Facility’ and as per her own personality – Ms Bishop does not block that Democratic pathway through which minorities work the system within the lawful boundaries, to derive their own needs. The TNA members who also are sent my email communications of Policy value, have thus far shown no consciousness of my work to prevent future wars. Hence without a power like mine, their appeals would have been inappropriate – and have the parallel of ‘hearsay’ value.

As per my belief – merged powers often produce manifestations beyond the ‘seen’ and the ‘known’.  The unknown in common manifestations happen through belief in merged powers. Resigning when shamed is more Australian than Sri Lankan. Likewise when I made up my mind to not cut short my stay here in Thunaivi-Vaddukoddai, I thought of my Australian ancestors who fought against negative powers – especially of their own race – to make Australia more law abiding than it was. It’s that Australia that is attractive to most of us. I am sharing that value here in Thunaivi – where some negative forces want me ‘out’ now that I have gone to the Police in addition to blocking their unlawful entry into my premises. 

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