Wednesday 16 August 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

16 August 2017

Invoke KalaBairavar

[An exhumation and a fresh post-mortem examination in 2015 showed that Thajudeen was repeatedly hit on the head, his teeth and pelvic bones broken, his ribs fractured and the thighs slashed using a broken glass bottle indicating sadistic torture. There were also signs that he had been repeatedly assaulted with a blunt instrument and then put inside his own Toyota Vitz car which was then set ablaze at Park Road, Colombo.]  Daily News Report – ‘I don’t know: Shiranthi’

Park Road was my ‘home-street’ when my first two children were born. It is due to my life in that area that I bought the land at Narahenpita which was unlawfully occupied by an illiterate person and was sold to another – eventually going to Mr. Gamini Wiamlsiri Wickramasinghe. Last year when we went to our land – the tuk-tuk driver said ‘this is our Wickramasinghe sir’s land’. That said to me that Mr. Wickramasinghe was practitioner of his own form of  administration and justice. Had he been law-abiding he would have not bought land that was claimed by an illiterate person through prescriptive title. That was the heritage that came with that land. If I did not appeal the primary decision in favour of the illiterate acquirer the land would have been cursed. As if both women in whose names the land was written by the purchasers passed away.
Park Road and Narahenpita area have become weaker than before in terms of cohesive values. This happens when money rules over belief.
Yesterday – 15 August 2017 – the anniversary of India’s Independence -  I felt the blessings of Goddess of Independence. I have been going to the Vaddukoddai Police station due to the stone-throwing by those who are resisting my moves to maintain law and order at our temple premises here. The Police are limited in their powers. Hence I kept submitting most of the problem to the Higher Powers here – Lord Kala Bairavar and Bairavi described as follows by Wikpedia:
[  In all Hindu temples, there will be a Bhairava idol. This Bhairava is the protector of the temple. In Shiva temples, when the temple is closed, the keys are placed before Bhairava. Bhairava is also described as the protector of women. He is described as the protector of the timid and in general women who are timid in nature.] Wikipedia
When I took charge of the Management of the temple in 2006 – one of my first tasks was to change the altar door – so devotees could ‘see’ and pray from outside. I took the key of the old door to Australia which to me represents the essence of the contribution by my ancestors – to the temple. As indicated through the explanation  above, that was based on Confidentiality and the belief that the good Energy revives Itself – especially at midnight. Somehow or the other, I seem to have invoked this Energy through my night vigil while staying at the temple-cottage.
The temple fence was cut by those who knew the structure of the temple. They did not use any torch-light to cut the wire at the entrance to the temple. Our lighting was enough to capture the inside fence but not the outside. I kept playing the camera footage over and over again – but failed to get the needed evidence to support my complaint to the police. But the following morning ‘the goddess of transparency’ blessed me with the evidence needed to prove the hostility and therefore the danger to me as a person if I insisted on law and order. I discovered the real powers of the Police and for the rest – I invested more in the CCTV camera system – so it would give us 360 degree view – as transparency leads to globalization. I know by now that I am driven by my inner urge to do or not to do something in this part of the world. This time it was to improve the CCTV coverage.
Our next door neighbour’s mother in law – Pavan soon paid me a visit. I asked Pavan why she had not come to participate in the Sunday meeting regarding safety of Thunaivi village and the contribution we make to it as owners. Pavan said she was not feeling well. We got talking and eventually Pavan asked about the new camera facing her place. I asked her what her problem was and she said that it was facing their well-side and external toilet area. Pavan said that in the nights they used open area and hence if the camera was on – that was an intrusion in their privacy. I then felt  that Lord Vairavar / Kala Bairavar had influenced this outcome from Pavan, through the CCTV camera. Pavan’s family had been aloof when our cottage was being stoned for complaining to the Police. The CCTV guys did the work as per their assessment of my needs in that area. The outcome was perfect – Pavan was anxious about losing her family’s privacy. I did not have to be anxious about intruders entering through the roof in the night. Pavan’s family was now anxious! In fact the CCTV guys said to me that when they were installing the one on top of the roof – Pavan’s son-in-law Senthil who is openly disrespectful of others’ rights – had asked whether the camera would cover their home-area. I said to Pavan that if they thought that I was monitoring them unlawfully they ought to complain to the Police – as Senthil had done in 2015 on the claim that I had not paid him for his work. As per my statement to the Police – Senthil did not complete his work and hence I refused to pay the last instalment. They withdrew the complaint but Senthil was hostile for a long time. He has expressed his intention of occupying our cottage. The Police failed to register the seriousness of it. But Lord Kala Bairavar did.
The Common habit in this area is to occupy areas that are not occupied by the rightful owners or their agents. One such area is the land next door with our temple land as one side border and the boundary of President’s Counsel Mr. Kanageeswaran on the other side. During Police inquiry last week – I said that I did not want Senthil and his cousin sitting in front of our temple in that neighbour’s land. Senthil said he sat there because it got hot during the day. Despite my protests that majority stayed within their own compounds, the Police accepted this explanation – which condoned trespass as per the law. In terms of Natural Justice one becomes ineligible to enjoy out of other people’s investment – if one’s actions had already damaged a rightful owner’s enjoyment in that part of the world.  The Australian example that comes to mind is the Bruce Hall scandal that erupted after I left the University of NSW due to harassment for doing the right thing – i.e. – investing towards Democratic Resource Management systems. There also I took it to the highest possible authority – though Due Process and then left it to the Lord. The Lord delivered the Judgment against the Vice Chancellor at the Council level.
The folks here are mostly illiterate and are of the type recruited by militant leaders like Velupillai Prabhakaran.  They have different names for ailments. Pavan said that she was now suffering from aches and allergies. Pavan’s father said this morning that ‘Kolli Karuppan’ had come to him yesterday. I asked him and he explained the rash and swelling of body that he was suffering from. I said to him – in his own language – that having worked in Health Service – I carried natural Energy to cure such ailments. Pavan’s father asked me to forgive him for his part in covering up his family’s interference with my privacy. I touched his hands and said that I believed that Lord Kala-Bairavar was already awake and guarding us including through the cameras. I urged the old man to do his allocated tasks as his duty and not expect favours outside those boundaries. The old man who was fearful of losing his job with us – tearfully thanked me.
The authorities investigating former first lady Mrs Shiranthi Rajapaksa like the Police, are limited in their scope. Only those with natural powers to invoke the Energies they have invested in, well beyond their duties – can invoke such powers. All of us who  add our Energies through them would contribute to such manifestation or prevention as the case may be.

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