Thursday 17 August 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 August 2017

LTTE Honoured Posthumously

[The design of the provincial councils was a result of the quest for a political solution to the ethnic conflict and was meant to ensure political autonomy and self rule on a limited basis to the provinces.  The provincial council system was originally established in 1987 to deal with the escalating war against the Tamil militancy led by the LTTE.  The democratic Tamil parties have sought to utilize it to as a building block to progress to a greater sharing of power while functioning within the existing unitary constitutional framework.]  Media Release by National Peace Council

The above confirms that if not for the LTTE supported by the Tamil Community – intuitively and / or expressly Sri Lanka would not have the Provincial Council system. Yet, the LTTE are referred to as Terrorists. Those who consider the LTTE to be Terrorists – have the moral DUTY to fight against the Provincial Council system. When they don’t – but continue to call them Terrorists – they are USING someone else’s downfall to boost their own opportunities in a corrupt system.
I see some of them here in Thunaivi Vaddukoddai – who confirm that they want / desire the fruits of my work but not the hardship I put myself through to establish this system. All those who actively support the Provincial Council system owe thanksgiving to the LTTE.
Basically, to my mind, Sri Lankan Provincial Council System confirms the picture that the Sri Lankan Government, left to itself would not devolve power. In Truth – this lack of devolution may be appropriate if the ordinary citizen lacks the ability to govern her/himself. As per the Sydney Morning Herald article No outstanding leader in the free world, says Bob Hawke at event with John Howard’ Mr. Hawke said:
"I just detest the seeing a young bloke or lady go into a trade union office or a politician's office organising their time in the branches, that's not the way in this world, that's not how you prepare people to represent you," .
"My advice consistently to every young person who comes and asks me about this is make a life first," Mr Hawke said.
 The above advice when taken, would lead one to democracy. But the same Mr. Hawk is reported to have stated:
["Let's remember that nowhere in the world's democracies today is there an outstanding world leader, This is the first time since the end of the Second World War so we're not talking some peculiarly Australian factors, this is a more global thing," Mr Hawke told the audience in Canberra.
"This is at a time when we have never, ever needed more outstanding leaders," he said.]
The two naturally oppose each other. The more self-governing we are, the less we need an external outstanding leader
If Australia needs an outstanding leader, then Australia only desires Democracy for its popularity and other cash benefits. In Truth the speaker is declaring her/his  Dismissal from the system of Democracy. The following experts are examples that I identify with as an Australian:
1.      Prime Minister Bob Hawke was forced to apologise after labelling a heckler on the campaign trail in Whyalla in South Australia a “silly old bugger”. The 74-year-old pensioner yelled at him that “you get more a week than I do in a year”. “I don’t know what you are talking about, you silly old bugger,” Mr Hawke replied.
2.      1998: Pauline Hanson’s One Nation gained 9 per cent of the vote at the 1998 election, but then fell into decline. Ms Hanson blamed John Howard. “It has been widely recognised by all, including the media, that John Howard sailed home on One Nation policies. In short, if we were not around, John Howard would not have made the decisions he did.” – published by The New Daily
We usually remember events that are important to us. The way we receive a manifestation is made up of:
(i)                 Hearsay and/or the Observed
(ii)               Discriminative thinking using common rule
(iii)             Realised values.
The deeper the experience through which we receive information, the truer it is. When our mind is active with desires and their projected outcomes, Realised-value based reception is weak. Hence to Mr. Hawk the 74 years old citizen was ‘silly old bugger and not his employer’. To me on the other hand, when Ms Hanson ordered through the ABC program - for migrants who did not ‘assimilate’ to leave – it applied to me. In that ‘political mode’ Ms Hanson was in a position higher than myself, due to her seniority as an Australian. I reacted to it and resigned the following morning from my position at the University of NSW, through the following letter, addressed to the then Dean of Medicine:
Dear Bruce,

This morning, in consultation with my husband, I made up my mind to return to Sri Lanka as soon as possible – to a place where I can perform as a Professional in all my creativity.

I heard Pauline Hanson on the 4 Corners Programme last night. Ms Hanson suggests that we go back to our countries of origin if we cannot be like them. It hurts that we even have to hear such things. In the name of ‘Freedom of Speech’ we – the new Australians are being made to lose our freedom to live as individuals. If the leadership of Australia is unable to turn it around – to make up for their negligence in failing to hear the cries of the new Australians – One has to wonder whether Ms Hanson is expressing what these leaders (and employers) feel themselves in their heart of hearts. This is the million dollar question to which I have been seeking a favourable answer – that the leaders of the country to which we brought our children and made them call it their ‘home’ would ensure that it is ‘home’ for our children. But my experience during the past 13 years has failed to deliver the answer that I have been seeking so desperately. When an education institution such as the University of New South Wales also demonstrated that it was no different – I do not wish to waste any more time – hoping.

I am sorry if this causes you any inconvenience, but I am quite happy to hand-over to your satisfaction – to a person of your choice. I am not arrogant to think that I am indispensable – there are so many excellent Accountants in the market (might even ease the unemployment problem!) and I sincerely wish you the very best – for you are a good leader.”

It was during the 1998 festival of Nallur that Ms Hanson made the above statement on National TV. Majority listeners would have received this at the surface level – especially given that Ms Hanson was not their leader. But I was already hurting at the root/belief level and had been pushed to the ‘unwanted bottom level’ – of Ms Hanson’s class and  hence my expression through my resignation. I believe that away from that disorderly administration at the University – and focused on Lord Nallur Murugan – representing  Global Consciousness, I sowed the seeds for the manifestation of Bruce Hall matter which cost the University dearly. I did not know the ‘other side’ back then. But because I submitted y contribution  to the Truth – Natural Powers consolidated themselves to produce that outcome. Each investor will receive a manifestation as per her/his investment. They would all merge at the root level of belief .
Ms Hanson subconsciously joined her Energy with Mr. Howard’s opposition of all forms. That defeated Mr. Howard – at electoral level, where belief including through common habits – reigns over merit. Similarly, Sri Lankan Tamils who are a minority in Sri Lanka and who suffered due to the Racially Discriminatory policies of the National Government – sowed the seeds of Separation which eventually transformed as National level Opposition – Equal to that of the Government. Separation was prevented by the Equal Opposition manifestation.
When we are ‘free’ and are without the protection of our own boundaries – we become victims of the diseases carried by those whom we see as ‘leaders’ or ‘followers’. Back in 1998, I did not know the value of my pain. But now I know that my pain is the seed being sewn to prevent the manifestations of disorder from infiltrating into the minds of younger and newer migrants – especially those of my community whom I lead Naturally through my Truth.
One who raises her/his contribution to Energy level – already has the solutions to the problems experienced by her/his community. The rest is temporary due to excessive use of what happened. Those of us who are humble enough to think of the lower ranks as part of ourselves – are able to work the other’s Energy also. In National Parliament for example, majority vote keeps us at Primary level (i) – mentioned above. But those who override such consciousness become global participants.
As per latest  news report:
After suggesting she would find it hard to work with a NZ Labour government, Ms Bishop on Wednesday intensified her attack on the opposition over its alleged involvement in revealing Barnaby Joyce’s dual citizenship.
To my mind, any Government that is yet to say ‘sorry’ for listing me as Sri Lankan despite my claim that I was Australian for legal purposes, carries that wrong, on its shoulders – which eventually becomes sin when it is taken past the correctable period and therefore out of the control of person on whose shoulders it is sitting. The terminology ‘Foreign Judgment’ – would have come to the mind of the reporter through Ms Bishop’s mind, that carries the ‘Freedom’ desire including through Senior officials in Sri Lanka who have also rejected ‘Foreign’ judges in the tragedy of Lankans who died in the war. Had Ms Bishop rejected it – Ms Bishop would have protected herself by consciously overriding such ‘freedom’ enjoyed by militants led by the LTTE.  These are the wonderful ways of Karma which looks-after us anytime, anywhere through our god within.
Here in Sri Lanka, by failing to take good care of those who are likely to be leaders (socially) – the environment is cheating itself of the value of Truth of the ‘other side’ which Tamils have become in Nation level politics. The Provincial Government structure is a later development due to LTTE. 
Escalating a conflict to that Energy level leads to us becoming  operators  of that Energy. One who listens to that inner energy is always a winner. The risk in Democracy is premature expressions of Freedom which produces its opposition at the primary level. Hence war is declared, leaving very little, if any – to be escalated. One who operates at Energy level –cannot be defeated even by her/himself. To my mind, neither Mr. Hawke nor Mr. Howard have elevated themselves to that level. The presence of Mr. Howard with the American President during 9/11 attack confirms the return of his own karma to the migrant community in Australia.

Once we follow Due Process of our environment  and publish the Truth at the highest level available to us – Natural forces join forces to manifest outcomes. At that time of manifestation we need  to be independent of our  contributions at the lower level, to be able to ‘observe’ and confirm that we have completed the experience. Then there is no fear of disorder. Just Peace of Mind. 

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