Saturday 20 May 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
20  May 2017

Mr. Australian Border Force,
Stay within your position borders please!

As per latest Hindu report headed - Australia exploring options to rehabilitate Lankan Tamils, Australian Border Force is representing Australian Government in relation to Tamil Refugees. The position taken by any official needs to be within the borders of her/his position. Does Mr. Roman Quaedvlieg APM, Commissioner, Australian Border Force, have the authority to discuss refugee issues relating to a  Community which includes the LTTE who have been labeled as Global Terrorists as per the influence of the Sri Lankan Government, with the Chief Secretary of  India’s Tamil Nadu – as if we Tamils are Stateless orphans. To the extent LTTE were judged through International laws, we Tamils who include them as part of our Community – are entitled to global status including as refugees.

Yesterday, in response to my article ‘One Indian Doesn’t  Sri Lanka-Indian State Make’ a  leader who to my mind is Sinhalese loyalist wrote:

The unpalatable truth is
* Indians were imported by colonials to work as slave labor on Sri Lanka’s plantations.
*  They were granted ‘stateless persons’ citizenship by Sri Lanka after independence.
* India does not officially recognize Sri Lankan Tamils as Persons of Indian Origin inspite of being originally born in South India. 
* Sri Lankan Tamils are granted asylum under ‘strategic, political & humanitarian grounds’ not because they originated from India. 
* Sri Lankan Tamils are NOT entitled to residence permits in India.
* Sri Lankan Tamil refugees CANNOT own land, houses or vehicles in India. 
* Even a request by Tamil Nadu in 2009 to grant Sri Lankan Tamil refugees Indian citizenship was turned down by the Indian Centre.
so what is India upto?

Tamil Nadu leaders are likely due to their emotional and cultural commonness to push their Central Government to accept Tamils of Sri Lanka. To the extent these moves are Belief based – it is healthy for India even if the requests are officially refused. But such is not the case with Australian Administrators. Did Mr. Modi who is the leader of that Central Government earn the credit of Stateless Tamils of Indian origin residing in Sri Lanka after the Central Government declined parallel status to Sri Lankan Tamils who fled Sri Lanka due to the war? We earn credits through our positions when we forego immediate benefits. Those who enjoy status benefits beyond their position borders are demoting the issue to lower levels – depriving those affected of their rights at global level until proven otherwise through those very global measures.

Tamils of Sri Lanka whose militants have been judged as Terrorists by the custodians of Global Power – are entitled to the same treatment as their opposition – the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. Since we were listed as Terrorists first – the opposition also needs to be ruled through the same measure. A mistress  becomes a wife only due to her commitment to her position which is part of the big picture of Sovereignty. A wife by name becomes a mistress by enjoying immediate pleasures through activities where she is the boss. By naming the LTTE Terrorist through International laws and principles – the LTTE has been elevated to the official position – albeit as a terrorizing wife. In turn, the Sri Lankan Armed forces have been neglected and allowed to deteriorate to their individual positions as mistresses.

The natural authority to be wife /  official comes from our commitment to the position in its current form  and/or  those who originated that position and its big institutional picture. The example that comes to mind is as per the following report:

[UPFA Parliamentarian Dullas Alahapperuma today charged that thousands of disabled war heroes are suffering in the country and that none of the current Cabinet Ministers remembered to even offer an almsgiving on their behalf. 
However, they very eagerly gave the opportunity for the people in the North to remember their dead relatives, he said, speaking at a press conference held at the Abhayaramaya Temple, Narahenpita]

 Mr. Alahapperuma is a former Minister confirms that he did not use that opportunity to develop higher thinking of Common Minister. As per the system of Democracy, a politician is entitled to articulate as per her/his elected position on behalf of that part of the whole. To earn the ‘right’ to express on behalf of the whole nation, the Politician needs to include all People as part of her/himself. In this instance, Northern Sri Lankans are alienated by Mr. Alahapperuma. Hence Mr. Alahapperuma needed merit based measurement to express rights and wrongs. Otherwise, the group on whose behalf he expressed earns the debits through the system of Natural Justice. Expressions of alleged belief when used hastily – invoke the other side when the person who so expresses invades the space that the other side is entitled to.

The Commissioner, Australian Border Force, did not have the authority to discuss Tamil Refugee issues with Indian Tamils. By doing so – the Australian Official has confirmed that in his mind Tamils are all Indians. After all, that was how I was listed by the Australian Police when I was arrested for exercising my lawful rights as Australian, to speak to the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW about the work I had done as per the position for which I was recruited.

When Australian officials stay within their earned borders – as per the laws that gives them the higher status at international  level, Australian borders would be protected by Natural Forces of true Australians to whom that part of the world is ‘Home’ including by the Truth they / we surfaced about our own failures to govern justly. If  Mr. Roman Quaedvlieg admired Mr. Malcolm Turnbull the individual and Mr. Turnbull in turn admired Mr. Modi – then the official borders are diffused – to make the areas ‘free’ – as if we are all children of One World. At primary level such ‘freedom’ causes disorder unless we all have equal status. At tertiary level – such ‘freedom’ comes perfect order because someone has sacrificed earned benefits to become Common. Gandhi earned British benefits but sacrificed them to become Common to both nations. One who invokes Gandhi with belief – will naturally be global. To such a person matter / visible outcome would rank last – certainly below mind / Due Process common to all. 

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