Monday 8 May 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
08 May 2017

The Price of Inner Freedom

It is Vesak time in Sri Lanka. The way I have registered the importance of Vesak is that it is the day when Lord Buddha attained Nirvana – which is the parallel of Easter Sunday. 10th May 2017 also is special for Hindus who celebrate the Divine Accountant Chithra Gupthan. One could therefore conclude that it is the Day of Accountability. Colombo Telegraph has published a news report – headed ‘How Come Mahinda Rajapaksa Needs More Security Than I Do? – CBK’. During this sacred period, we need to try to look at the issue in the same way Lord Buddha would have. Nirvana to my mind is ‘freedom’ from attachment to matter.

To my mind, the reason why Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa thinks he needs more security  is the debt of excessive form given to Terrorism. Relatively speaking, Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga showed lesser degree of violence in terms of her interpretation of the LTTE:

[I retired in November 2005, while the civil war between the State of Sri Lanka and the LTTE was going on. The LTTE issued several formal statements announcing that they would attempt to assassinate Chandrika even after her retirement, giving the main reason for this as the take-over of Jaffna from the LTTE by the Kumaratunga Government and clearing Jaffna of the LTTE, compelling the LTTE to limit themselves to the smaller areas of Killinochchi and Mullativu]

As a citizen of Jaffna, I identify with the above reasoning. Deeper thinking leads my mind to conclude that the reason why Jaffna was redeemed is the investment by Jaffna in higher education which naturally would produce the tendency to reject the leadership of those who show lesser educational achievements. In times of humanitarian need – our ancestors would awaken to protect our real investments.

When the LTTE forces were killed in 2009 – most of the deaths happened in areas that invested less in formal education than Jaffna. Given that Mr. Rajapaksa ‘took’ credit for the demise – one could conclude that he became the ‘other side’ for better or for worse. Likewise, anyone who shares in that credit of having killed the LTTE for good. As per Chithra Gupthan’s Balance Sheet – of the individuals, whose bodies died that place was entitled to birth of new bodies in that area in such a manner as to carry the net value of those whose bodies perished in that area. In Democracy an Electorate is taken to be Sovereign, self-governing unit of land. If any part of the formula during restructure of this Natural  Power, is taken to another electorate, the mind that carries that credit, carries also the debit that created that credit and v.v.  One who takes unearned credit to another part of the Nation, takes also the debit through which the opportunity to ‘show’ credit was taken.

It is to prevent such carryovers that Lord Buddha recommends to transcend desires. Benefits towards which we have paid the due costs – do not carry this risk. Those who ‘imagine’ credits by reducing the status of the other side without belief and/or evidence – are in the high risk category in this regard. Our ‘home-environment’ would keep us informed of the real risks from those in that area. Towards this one needs the higher mind. I say to the folks here in Thunaivi, that my expenses in public lighting and security are my investments in ‘security’ as per my mind. I do my best and then when I leave it to Nature, the ‘right-order’ happens. Common Belief is also Nature. The more we consider others to be part of us and v.v. – the more Naturally we are informed of the risks from that other person. To the extent Madam Kumaratunga invested in educated Tamils – for example the Hon Neelan Thiruchelvam, who led the restructuring of the Constitution to suit Federalism – Madam Kumaratunga carried those minds with her. To the extent the murder of the Hon Neelan Thiruchelvam was unjust – the negative karma would have returned to the killers. The mind that is continuously connected to Truth – never dies. Neelan Thiruchelvam lives through many of us and I attribute that to be one of the reasons why Madam Kumaratunga represented the Government that received my Tsunami Reconstruction proposal, while Mr. Rajapaksa and I never met while Mr. Rajapaksa represented the Government.

Today, a fellow Sri Lankan shared with me an email from Canada which included the following:

[The reality of the so called GOOD GOVERNANCE, is shown clear, that NONE of these KILLINGS have been addressed by Sri Lankan State Law enforcement agencies  or the Independent (??) Judicial system so far.
The killers are still FREE and enjoy the support of the RULING parties of Sri lanka, which shows the REAL RESPECT for LAW & ORDER and JUDICIAL System, even after the Murderous Ruling family of Mahinda Rajapakse lost the power.]

The subject matter  of the email was stated as:
Tamil journalists and media workers protested in Jaffna today to mark World Press Freedom Day.

The above mentioned email was copied to:
Canadians for Peace; Prime minister; Thomas Mulcair; Canadian Human Rights Voice; Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research; Humanitarian Law and Policy Forum; Geneva Summit; Mayor Tory;; Gaja Param;

Notably missing are the members of  Parliament representing Jaffna. Free and Independent Jaffna will find its own solutions – with or without ‘foreigners’. Those who seek National level Political and / or Judicial services must first contribute enough to the development of that system to override the existing picture that Jaffna is entitled to Separation. If at the point of Separation claim our investments in the National system is less than it is in the local system then any redemption comes with its own debts. The likes of me who have invested at global level freedom of the mind, will continue to empower our homelands. Once so empowered, we will find our own solutions to free the mind of unearned expectations at individual and community levels.

Lest we forget - Jaffna’s Press Freedom was suppressed more strongly by the LTTE than by the National Government. The protest effectively is against LTTE minds also. 

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