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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
29 March 2017

How Sovereign are Australia’s Borders?

 My attention was drawn to the news report headed ‘Nadarajah Raviraj Murder: CID to assist AG’ by news radio.

One of the reports on this matter reveals the mind-order  of the victim that I am able to identify with:

[On Tuesday (January 10), Ms. Raviraj’s lawyer will appeal against the Colombo High Court’s order. “Not because I have high expectations of my husband’s murderers being brought to justice. But it is to express our deep disappointment at the judgment,” Ms. Raviraj said, adding that the government need not have opened the case if it was not committed to a just outcome. “Why did they?” she asked, raising her voice.
Echoing her disillusionment and anger, Praviinaa said: “If you do take it up, do something right about it... not having him around to see me graduate, or to pick me up late from a party all these years... it feels terrible.”] The Hindu article Tamil MP’s family awaits justice but hopes fade.

I believe that each one of us can vote through the system of Natural Justice towards a just outcome not only for this family but all Sri Lankans affected by the mess that the Sri Lankan Justice system has become. Unlike in the Man-made system of Democracy – the Divine system works as per the real value of our contribution to the ownership in the issue through many pathways, and held in many structures including  family, profession and common land. In addition to my contribution to the legal system of Sri Lanka, I have credits as a common owner of land in Narahenpita which is the home-suburb of this family. The mind is the higher common structure of the senses. Likewise, oneness with the structure  is the higher common value of physical elements of ownership including custody and biological relationships. Electorate based ownership in democracy is land based.

The Hon Nadarajah Raviraj  lived in Narahenpita and was also killed in that electorate. I lived in Narahenpita and purchased land in Narahenpita. To the extent I gained benefits less than my contribution by living in that area – I have real ownership rights. One who believes is an owner and an owner has the power to work the system through Natural forces.

A Government that collects Taxes and exercises authority over citizens but fails in its duty to deliver Common Public Service becomes a dependent on such owners and becomes indebted to the land that the Government has undertaken to manage.   Such Governments do not have the capability of delivering the just verdict. But when we citizens go through the internal common processes available to us and go beyond through that pathway with feeling of ownership, we discover the Truth about the Government and invoke the power of  Nature / Truth / Ownership, to reward or punish the Government through itself. Through that discovery of Truth the cycle is completed and the roles are reversed where the citizen discovers the Truth before the Government. Such rewards and punishment happen through the natural structures developed by the persons concerned and are often indirect. Hence the recommendation to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. The Tamil parallel is ‘our own sins burn us’.

Separation is necessary to identify with the return where a system is not common to the perpetrator and the victim. Attachment to the primary structures often blocks this pathway of Nature. Successful passing on to Nature which accumulates the contributions of all victims is the parallel of leaders getting back to the voters to form Government.

I believe it is ‘ownership’ connection that led me to read the above report deeper and I learnt that one of the accused had taken refuge in Australia. The Sri Lankan Justice system is so very messy that one has to rely on one’s own Truth to know the importance and validity to exercise one’s natural vote one way or the other. Voting through the mind as per our Truth has exponential value. Wikipedia reports as follows:

[On 3 November 2015 six people – three navy personnel (Pradeep Chaminda (Chandane) alias Vajira, Lieutenant Commander Hettiarachchi and Petty Officer Seneviratne), two Karuna Group/TMVP paramilitaries (Palanasami Suresh alias Sami and Sivakanthan Vivekanandan) and a police officer (Fabian Royston Toussaint) – were charged with Raviraj's murder.  A fourth navy personnel, Lieutenant Commander Munasinghe Arachchige Nilantha Sampath Munasinghe alias Navy Sampath, was charged in December 2015.  Three of the seven charged, Suresh, Toussaint and Vivekanandan, are not in custody.  Toussaint is believed to be running an eco-consultancy business, Eco Support Consulting, in Australia.  Vivekanandan is believed to be in Switzerland.]

As per my reading of the system of Karma, by accepting  Fabian Royston Toussaint as a lawful entrant at a time like this when boat refugees who undergo much more difficulty to come to Australia, are being denied entry into Australia, Australian Government is losing the natural votes of genuine Australian owners and would be owners. In January this year for example, News Radio reported as follows:

Australia’s Operation Sovereign Border

Australia’s Operation Sovereign Border has been actively working to fend away migrant boats from the Southeast Asian region especially Sri Lanka. Commander of the Operation Sovereign Border Major General Andrew Bottrell who visited Sri Lanka last year, sat down with NewsRadio Sri Lanka’s Hazari Mohamed for a chat on Operation Sovereign Border

The actions by the Australian Government to block the path of refugees is largely as per primary level knowledge. That may stop the boats but not prevent violence and disorderliness that the likes of this policeman bring.

We approached the Narahenpita Police through a lawyer friend to check on our land in Narahenpita after we heard from our Attorney that someone had started occupying it while we were overseas. The report we received was that the Police did not act. The guy who occupied filed a case against the Police Officer – one Fabian Mitchell and another S.Periyasamy. Our side application to subpoena the Officer was unsuccessful. But I learnt through my detailed study of the evidence before the Court that S.Periyasamy’s address ws given by the unlawful occupier Piyadasa as that of the land under dispute. That Truth surfaced to support me. I have submitted this to Court and await to observe the Judgment. My vote for the Sri Lankan Judiciary would be allocated or denied accordingly.

Today I found out that the above officer was involved in the arrest of the Hon Vasudeva Nanayakkara for distributing pamphlets to University students. Mr. Nanayakkara’s daughter married the son of the Hon Wigneswaran – now the Chief Minister of Northern Province who has been accused of supporting LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran. Mr. Nanayakka’s coalition with the Sinhalese  parallel of the LTTE is indicated as follows:

[Nanayakkara later left the LSSP and in 1977 joined with other former members of the LSSP, including Vikramabahu Karunaratne, to form the Nava Sama Samaja Party (NSSP). He was the NSSP's candidate in Ehaliyagoda at 1977 parliamentary election but failed to get elected. He was the NSSP's candidate at the 1982 presidential election. He came fifth and last after receiving only 17,005 votes (0.26%).
The Sri Lankan government proscribed the NSSP, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and Communist Party of Sri Lanka (CP) after the Black July anti-Tamil riots of 1983. Nanayakkara, Karunaratne, Rohana Wijeweera and other left-wing politicians went into hiding until 1985 when the proscription was lifted.]

Currently, there are investigations into ‘Insider trading’ accusations in relation to Central Bank bonds issue. Where the environment is ‘free’ our minds share freely and this would disadvantage the general public. The question we need to ask is whether the family relationship between Mr. Nanayakkara and Mr. Wigneswaran influenced the JVP in the mind of former to infect the mind of the latter and hence the latter’s praise of LTTE Leadership.

These are natural coalitions which happen through our gunas/traits  – in free environments. On that basis, the police officer accused  in the above murder case came by air to Australia and not by boat. Ultimately we are judged by our own inner Truth / Conscience. Those with clear conscience would strengthen the system of justice through which the slain politician’s family would live because  the mind of the just politician continues to live.

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