Thursday 2 March 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
02 March 2017

We want IMF and McKinsey

[It is more than 75 years since Sri Lanka gained her independence. We have capable, and emancipated, citizens.
We may need the IMF money... but we don’t have to blindly accept a proposal which appears to be similar to the one they proposed for Ghana. Sri Lanka is not Ghana. Discuss extensively, and with sincerity, with the key stakeholders before you adopt it for Sri Lanka.
We don’t necessarily need a McKinsey to implement programs when we have public servants who are perfectly capable if they are allowed to operate within broad, and bounded, decision rights. Empower them.
] Daily FT article - IMF, McKinsey not the panacea for our ills; decisiveness, empowerment and selfless politicians are essential

When we are talking at money level accuracy is important; When we are sharing at policy level – special attention to accuracy becomes distracting.

Daily FT – declares itself to be ‘Sri Lanka’s first and only national daily business paper. With its value proposition “Be Empowered”, the Daily FT caters to the new economy of post-war Sri Lanka, with a sectoral focus as well as local and global politics, business, social issues, sports and lifestyle’

When I read the above conclusion by the special correspondent of Daily FT – I worked back to determine the year of Independence – and as per such workings we ought to have become independent during British period. It could have been slip of the word or deeper working of the brain depending on the makeup of the writer. There are some Sri Lankans who would have been self-governing by the time British vacated Sri Lankan Government positions in 1948.  To the extent the British developed self-governing Ceylonese/Sri Lankans – they continue to be part of Sri Lanka’s Governing Energy. Such Sri Lankans and their heirs are naturally British citizens by heritage.  Likewise others influenced through the cultural pathway. Buddhists are effectively Buddhism being Indian Heritage.

More to the point is the role of IMF in postwar development within Sri Lanka, about which the above writer reports as follows :
[We now hear that the legislation of an IMF-drafted Taxation Policy is planned to come into effect from 1 April 2017. Other than discussions, in the past few weeks, at a Chamber level, Sri Lankan businesses, and the public have very little knowledge of the imminent legislation. So much for the Right to Information and Yahapalanaya! It appears that the IMF Tax Draft aims to bring laws which will have serious effects on investment and capital formation. ]

The Public had very little knowledge of  the effects of the LTTE being presented to the world community as Terrorists, not only by the Lankan Government but also a high proportion of educated Sri Lankans of Sinhalese origin. Taken that the Human Resource is of higher value than Money – the pain of Tamils to whom LTTE were/are insiders – was severe. Not many Sri Lankan agencies objected to this.

As per my discovery - a relative who is denied her/his earned official position by the head of the family / institution / nation, accumulates negative Energy against such a head and all others with management responsibility. It is therefore better to facilitate Equal status as the head, through devolution of Power. The war happened due to failure on the part of the Sri Lankan Government to so devolve at the time the British departed. Instead by desiring Unitary status – under the rule of majority race – negative relativity has been developed. The Truth manifested Itself from time to time to confirm the Equal status earned by Tamils – not as relatives of Sinhalese but as self-governing independents. This was strongly contributed to by Sinhalese who did not oppose Customary Laws nor bring the parallel of McKinsey system to include the needs of other cultures under One higher Common CEO structure. Given that this eventually led to seeking global funds to manage Sri Lanka – we have the obligation to accept IMF recommendations and do our best to show only those outcomes that would earn us positive status at global level and keep the rest ‘confidential’ for which the Lankan Government needs the cooperation of minorities – especially those that have declared themselves to be independent.

Recently a Vaddukkoddai worker said to me that he had made good profit out of a job contracted to him. I said that 50% was for his work on Equal basis as any other worker. The other 50% was for his loyalty to our global structure – towards which he demonstrated respect and checked with me as CEO from time to time. That is partly (his respect for me) Human Resource and partly Policy (my investment in Common Global Standards) contribution that Vaddukkoddai is now going global through Australian Management structures.

I explained later during Reporting time – that given that I had developed that structure – my Energies were carried that structure. If he deviated from an interim point (as rebels often tend to do) then the process ceases to include my Energies and the outcomes would be different to the ones produced through my system from start to finish. One who goes into the system as if s/he were the developer of that system – is able to work the deeper Energies of the original founders of that system. One needs to bow to the original developers of the system to recreate the mind of such developers as in virtual reality. That is how that person become that system/nation.

The Sri Lankan Government failed to work the global system because it failed to bow to the structures through which it was able to draw global funds. The clever managers of global system showed the money first and are now taking over Sri Lanka. Those who are self-governing will merge with this global structure. Others and many of them would be from minority races also – would have to accept the global structure to the extent they drew out of  global funds before contributing to them by developing their own branch. The IMF is simply doing what a senior parent would do to a daughter/son who fails to manage her/himself as an independent branch of the big family. If Sri Lankan Government could ‘tell’ minorities as if they were poorer relatives – then it must IMF ‘telling’ as return karma.

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