Tuesday 28 March 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
28 March 2017

Rajinikanth & Jaffna Protestors

[Did Lord Krishna commit the heinous crime of creating the inhuman caste system for the ruling class to abuse and oppress the downtrodden? Definitely not, as he had explained in subsequent verses a person’s personality is governed by the distribution of the three gunas -Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. All human beings are in possession of all the three gunas, but in different proportions. People in whom Sattvic Guna predominates are spiritual, righteous and humane. Rajasic people are prone to violence, greed, action and a tendency to dominate and command. Tamas is born of ignorance and enshrouds the discrimination in man. It leads one to heedlessness, indolence and sleep, rendering him inert. By nature he is purposeless.] India’s Perennial Disease – Disunity, Hatred, Exploitation and Self-interest – Part 2A – by Visvanathan

I was referred to the above in response to my article ‘Pedigree of Lawyers & the Caste system!

The way the Thamas (laidback attitude) works has been highlighted through the proposal and the cancellation of actor Rajinikanth’s visit to Northern Sri Lanka. The proposal as well as the reaction in Jaffna are both Thamasic in nature. I relate to this through the teachings of my Spiritual Guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s who has been accepted by majority Indians and good proportion of Sri Lankans as being Divine. Swami states in this regard:

[Those endowed with pure Sathwic characteristics are Brahmins; those with Rajasic qualities and, as a result, equipped with courage and heroism are Kshatriyas who can protect mankind from harm. Those who have neither valour nor heroism but who are proficient in persuasive talent and the tactics of commerce and eager to use these skills in proper methods are Vaisyas. In this class, Rajoguna and Thamoguna are blended. The others who have no inclination for undergoing asceticism or acquiring scholarship, who do not practise Sadhana, who have no physical stamina and mental courage necessary for battle, who do not possess the special skill needed for trade and commerce, are Thamasic in nature and so engage themselves in Thamasic professions. These are the Sudras. They fulfil themselves by their labour through which they contribute to world prosperity and peace.] Sathya Sai Baba - Sathya Sai Vahini - The Divine Body - Page 149

Actor Mahadevan who speaks for his ‘class’ states :

[Actor R Madhavan spoke to TIMES NOW on the recent political debate that broke out over superstar Rajinikanth’s proposed visit to Sri Lanka and stated that it does not make sense to create a controversy at this point of time and that Rajinikanth, though he has taken a decision to avoid controversy, has made his stand very clear by asking people not to politicise his visit.] Making a controversy over Rajinikanth's visit to Sri Lanka does not make sense: R Madhavan – by Times Now

One could therefore conclude that Rajinikanth is Thamasic in terms of Politics. Actor Madhavan states during his interview:
We must understand that we are very vulnerable as actors. It is unfair that social issues get linked to us before the release of a film. You must understand that when you see a film, you see our face on it, you see Rajini sir’s face on it but 500 families are feeding off of what the outcome of the film is going to be’

The outcome of the film includes ignorance of local social issues in  the minds that are distracted by shortcuts taken by the characters presented through the body of Rajini sir! It’s the characters that majority audience admire.  The minds of Tamils of Jaffna who are taken to have had the experience of war – would be immersed in that social and humanitarian issue. The way we do not see the 500 families being fed from the acting of Rajini sir, these protestors and Rajini sir himself, do not see the work and sacrifice that has gone into maintaining our dignity as a Sovereign Community.  I myself have to often forego basic comforts in life to be with the victims of war and the survivors. If we were truly a Sovereign Community, someone like myself  would have been honored above Rajini and his promoter Subaskaran Allirajah, the Lycamobile owner who is funding the science fiction film 2.0.

The above statement by actor Mahadevan brings to mind the anecdote shared by my generation Jaffna Tamils about senior politicians of our times. The report goes like this:

[Mr. G.G.Ponnambalam – the brilliant politician, when he had knowledge of his opposition paying money to buy votes would go to the same group of voters and say words to the effect ‘they gave you Rs 5 each to vote for them. I will take that back and give you double that amount’

The money to feed the five hundred families comes from the Public – many of whom would neglect their other home-duties to go to the cinema and/or watch TV at home. This kind of easy charity has become the fashion of superstars in Tamil cinema. If the Hon Kamaraj were to have come instead of Rajinikanth – these folks would have gone about their own Thamasic ways.

These protestors through their Thamasic ways are forming coalition with Mr. Namal Rajapaksa against the Tamil Nadu Politicians:

[The latest political figure to weigh in on superstar Rajinikanth’s decision to cancel his Jaffna visit is former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s son Namal.
Taking to Twitter, Namal Rajapaksa hit out at Tamil Nadu’s politicians for opposing Rajinikanth’s visit to the Northern province in Sri Lanka, stating. “True nature of Tamil Nadu politicians is revealed again. They won't allow anyone, even @superstarrajini, to help #SriLanka's Tamil people,” he tweeted.] The news minute

When an issue is brought down to the level of low investors, infiltration by the very minds that caused the problem (of displacement and homelessness in this instance) is facilitated. Tamil Nadu Politicians in Common have always been there for Sri Lankan Tamils. They have greater right than cinema stars and their pro-Rajapaksa bosses like Subaskaran Allirajah who as a Sri Lankan Tamil has failed our Community. It would have been far more meaningful for Subaskaran Allirajah to spend time alone with the victims – just listening to them and sharing in their pain. Without such sharing Subaskaran Allirajah is limited to his own direct pain and loss which as per my assessment have been more than overcome through migration to the UK. One who taught himself to fish would facilitate others to learn to fish.
As per news report Allirajah’s social service arm ‘ The Gnanam Foundation is based on the ethos of "teach a person to fish".  One who was given the fish has the responsibility to be thankful. Otherwise s/he would become dependent on - the giver and the given produce. One who was ‘given’ the knowledge to fish would tend to ‘give’ the knowledge. One who did not pay her/his dues to the structure / mentors who facilitated her/his learning tends to separate from that structure due to distractions from other apparently greener pastures. The point of separation happens at the low level for low investors. In this instance from telecom business  to cinema and from cinema to politics. One who learnt from zero base – would respect the structure that s/he developed. Allirajah ought to have been asked to pay his dues to cinema industry structures before using its resources outside cinema activities. This becomes difficult in a world where cinema actors become politicians – as MGR did under the influence of Karunanithi.

The post-war housing issue is very much a political issue in Sri Lanka and the Politicians have the first right to leadership in related activities. As a Community Leader by action and involvement I expect Allirajah to pay his respects to us and earn his position through due processes and not pollute the minds of Thamasic civilians who neglect home-duties to entertain themselves cheaply. They also contributed to the Displacement problem by neglecting their homes which ought to have  facilitated education and higher thinking as part of Jaffna family life. We owe that to our ancestors. If Rajnikanth was seeking to pay his respects only to those who died in the last battle– then he is yet to earn that opportunity to take leadership position in Northern Sri Lanka where education comes first and those who acted against education are traitors. Without that order of mind – one is NOT a Jaffna Tamil except through physical living and idle application of law – both of which Mr. Rajnikanth does not have.

As an actor Mr. Rajnikanth is most welcome to come to Northern Sri Lanka to say ‘thank you’ to his fans. That’s his earned right. 

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