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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
14 March 2017

The Public - a Feminine and Unconscious force?

"What Sri Lanka will undertake at the current ​34th session (of the UNHRC), is a two-year extension of the timeline for fulfilment of commitments made in Resolution 30/1 (in October 2015)," the ministry said.
The request follows a damning 18-page report that UN human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein unveiled earlier this month, expressing concern over "worringly slow" progress by Colombo.
Zeid recommended that Sri Lanka adopt laws allowing for special hybrid courts to try war criminals, a demand already rejected by Sirisena, who declared he would never prosecute his soldiers.
Sirisena, a member of the majority Sinhalese community, received the support of the Tamil minority after promising accountability for excesses carried out by the largely Sinhalese military.
But Sri Lanka's main opposition Tamil party has accused Sirisena of failing to deliver on accountability.” The New Indian Express

The local promise to Tamils was made in return for votes. If this is belief based – then the promise to Tamils has been made to Mother Lanka. The validity of the need for the Tamil Community to know why they suffered and its connection to the Government of Sri Lanka, was confirmed through the outcomes of the elections which empowered Mr. Sirisena. The connection between Cause and Effect in this instance is not visible through body numbers nor through simple logic. One who values ‘heritage’ – Sri Lankan heritage in this instance – would identify with the connection – as being due to exponential value of the votes – beyond the seen and the known. In Hinduism mothers are called Shakthi/Energy,  due to this unseen and often unknown Power. Minorities who work at equal level or more than majority – accumulate this power in relation to a Nation. 

During my pleasanter experiences at the University of NSW, some academics said that we would ‘Synergize’. I sort of knew that it was merger but did not seek further. Wikipedia presents this as follows:

[The words "synergy" and "synergetic" have been used in the field of physiology since at least the middle of the 19th century:
SYN'ERGY, Synergi'a, Synenergi'a, (F.) Synergie; from συν, 'with,' and εργον, 'work.' A correlation or concourse of action between different organs in health; and, according to some, in disease.
—Dunglison, Robley Medical Lexicon Blanchard and Lea, 1853
In 1896, Henri Mazel applied the term "synergy" to social psychology by writing La synergie sociale, in which he argued that Darwinian theory failed to account for "social synergy" or "social love", a collective evolutionary drive. The highest civilizations were the work not only of the elite but of the masses too; those masses must be led, however, because the crowd, a feminine and unconscious force, cannot distinguish between good and evil.
In 1909, Lester Frank Ward defined synergy as the universal constructive principle of nature:
I have characterized the social struggle as centrifugal and social solidarity as centripetal. Either alone is productive of evil consequences. Struggle is essentially destructive of the social order, while communism removes individual initiative. The one leads to disorder, the other to degeneracy. What is not seen—the truth that has no expounders—is that the wholesome, constructive movement consists in the properly ordered combination and interaction of both these principles. This is social synergy, which is a form of cosmic synergy, the universal constructive principle of nature.
—Ward, Lester F. Glimpses of the Cosmos, volume VI (1897–1912) G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1918, p. 358
Sri Lanka produced the first woman Prime Minister in the world.  If Mr. SWRD Bandaranaike was Centripetal force – Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike would have been Centrifugal force for that marriage to be successful. When Mrs. Bandaranaike was promoted to the top position in Politics after her husband was murdered by a Buddhist monk – the lady was alone and finally fell. The power in that top position had to be developed by that person through that particular institutional structure.  Marriage/Family and Work Institution made up of members of wider public are often different in structures. Family is strongly bound by the intuitive power of Common Faith while large Work institutions need Separation of Powers to protect from external forces and also need Common Laws and Rules through which to discriminate between rights and wrongs. Faith does not  discriminate on the basis of rights and wrongs. Hence Love in family and confidential settlement. The same law would be interpreted differently by independent groups due to this intuitive power  which evolves  as centrifugal force.  The problems in Sri Lankan Sinhalese Politics are due to excessive manifestation of centrifugal forces which promotes ‘attachment’ to the physical eventually leading to Petticoat  Government in Sri Lanka.

Tamils in Politics and Administration, like migrants in Australia,  were/are  the Centrifugal forces of Sri Lanka. By declaring ‘freedom’ as per their own desires – the LTTE became the Centripetal force of Tamils. Prior to and after their manifestation as leaders – Nature / Truth manifested  Itself to confirm the latent force of Tamils – the strength and nature of which could be identified with only through common faith – by one who does not discriminate as right or wrong – evil or good.

When I was at the funeral of Dr. David Garlick – the founding Director of Sports Medicine at the University of NSW – I first learnt about the ‘Scientific Fraud’ scandal  in relation to Professor Bruce Hall’s activities:

[The fight erupted at the University of NSW in 2001 when Professor Hall was accused of scientific misconduct, including misrepresentation of scientific data, fabrication of experimental results and misuse of research grants.
Several inquiries, a reference to the Independent Commission Against Corruption and the resignation of the vice-chancellor, Professor Rory Hume, followed.
On April 13, 2002, Professor Hall, whose research focused on kidney transplants, was featured on ABC Radio's The Science Show, hosted by Dr Norman Swan.
In the 40-minute broadcast, Professor Hall was attacked by colleagues and students.
Days later, the university, which had conducted a six-month internal inquiry, cleared Professor Hall of serious fraud but he was ordered to apologise to his colleagues at Liverpool Hospital, where he was based, for unethical behaviour.
The university council called for an independent inquiry. A panel headed by the former High Court judge Gerard Brennan reported in August 2003 that Professor Hall had breached the university's code of conduct and had published material "with a deliberate intent to deceive or in reckless disregard for the truth".
In late 2003, the then university vice-chancellor, Professor Hume, said Professor Hall would continue in the university's employment because his misconduct was unintentional and a result of illness and workplace stress. The university council disagreed and Professor Hume left his post.] Sydney Morning Herald of 15 February 2009.]

Migrant Academics named it ‘Scientific Fraud’ and Administrators like myself who were / are centrifugal forces classified it as Racial Discrimination by both sides. It was during Professor Hume’s leadership that I was unlawfully arrested for Trespass. I cleared myself in Courts but my complaint on the basis of  Racial Discrimination failed in Courts. Given that I was genuine and true and had accumulated ownership Energy relative to my supervisors – including those who were rewarded highly for their American training – the value of my work relative to the other side – went into ‘Reserves’ to support other victims and against all those who failed in their duty to uphold Equal Opportunity principles despite holding higher position than I.  This went towards dismissal of the Vice Chancellor. Would not have happened if the Vice Chancellor had genuinely heard me.

 I believe that I heard/received the news about the above scandal   where David’s mind-network was strongest – even though David was not physically present there. David’s body had become lifeless  and  the mind  became inert power stronger due to the focus of all concerned. That’s the hidden value that develops naturally where relatives in a family/ institution / nation get lesser benefits than is due to them as per the core mandate of the institution.  It’s the Common Faith that makes the power exponential.  The ‘ gap’ between our work value and benefit value becomes faith for the one who is paid lesser benefits of money and status and makes the persons who failed in their duty – ‘outsiders’ who lack the power to influence true manifestations.  

Those who insist on benefits on merit basis  – do not develop this Mother’s intuitive force which becomes ownership Energy and works silently to keep the Institution / Nation together. If LTTE minds lead Tamils then we would lose this Mother’s intuitive force. When Victims of war who have not been compensated for their pain due to excesses  by the Opposition  submit their pain to Higher Powers – they are supported by  Divine Powers of Exponential value, which work naturally and as silently as Love. Those of us who include LTTE as well as the erring Lankan soldiers are the Mothers of Postwar Sri Lanka. Those who have the DUTY to follow the law will develop this power only after they have done their duty as per the position through which they become members of an institution/government.

In the current  Sri Lankan Government leadership – the President has the duty to find ‘internal solutions’ through this Mother power.  The more rights and wrongs the President finds – the weaker this power. The Prime Minister on the other hand has the responsibility to satisfy the requirements of Accountability – but only to the extent the government is not transparent. Once the Government becomes transparent – each group needs to come to its own conclusions as per its own common faith. Whether LTTE for example are/were  Terrorists or Rebels – would vary as per this Common faith.

Once the President develops Common faith with Tamils – the need for ‘external judgment’ would cease to exist, unless there is specific agreement with victims’ community.  Until then the Government needs to be accountable on the basis of relative duties. To the extent the Government fails to discipline its own soldiers  in a transparent manner but punishes the LTTE for similar actions but as per their own belief – Tamils affected by such Terrorism labels would accumulate this latent power – so long as they do not take an eye for an eye. If Tamils include Sinhalese as part of themselves – including as Equal Opposition – then they become deeper owners of Sri Lanka – with the power to work the system intuitively.

One does not need to ‘wait’ for the Senior  to act first. One who does so wait is lacking in Democratic force.

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