Friday 17 February 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
17 February 2017

Who Developed Australia-Sri Lanka Partnership?

The ‘protests’ by Diaspora Tamils and Sinhalese respectively in Australia during the visit of Sri Lankan Prime Minister highlights similarity on the outside and commonness in wanting their own territories. The Ceylon Today news report headed ‘Protests in Melbourne Against PM’ states ‘what happened’ as follows:

Media observed that two groups of protesters were present at the venue peacefully demonstrating against two different topics.
The Sinhala Diaspora in Melbourne, Australia, who had occupied the road connecting to the Deakin Hall protested against the current government's plans to bring about a federalist system through a supposed new Constitution.
Meanwhile, the Tamil Diaspora group in Melbourne protested against the Premier, as well as the Deakin University. One slogan read, "Deakin University, do not award war criminals." Reporters also observed an individual wielding the red flag of the Liberation Tamil Tigers Eelam among the protesters.

Using the common language of the average human -  the word expressed is the  body and the core purpose is the nuclear soul  that influences the expression of words. It’s the soul connection that comes with universal connection – even though we may not consciously recognize it. The above demonstrations by Australians of Sri Lankan origin at the soul level – confirm the common message – that the two groups cannot live under one leadership – without Separation of  Powers. 

Sinhalese, as the majority race in Sri Lanka – are part of the group that forms Government and its Opposition in National Parliament. The  question one needs to raise therefore is ‘whether Sinhalese as a race have the moral authority to object to the elected Government outside Government process and that when they do so protest – whether they are saying that they made  a big  mistake in electing the current Government?’.

A citizen has to use her/his Truth to effectively diminish the status of an elected government. Truth/Soul of the citizen takes the place of  majority rule/body  of the government.  The government has the duty to listen to a citizen who has followed the official pathway more than the Government and that is when the nation is ready for a ‘user-pays’ system in relation to that facility.  The entitlement comes from practicing  the rule of the government more than the government itself. A citizen who is yet to reach this level through the official pathway, especially one living outside the affected country– has the duty to use her/his Truth and declare her/his independence of the parent.  Practice of rule leads to Administrative majority.

In the alternative, one could use Truth because  Truth is universal and hence such a person is supported by natural forces to uphold that person’s discovery including at lower levels of the structure. The closer we get to the Soul – the stronger our mental power and the less we rely on physical powers – including majority vote.  William Wordsworth shared with us his great discovery that the child was father of the man:
          My heart leaps up when I behold
              A rainbow in the sky:
          So was it when my life began;
          So is it now I am a man;
          So be it when I shall grow old,
              Or let me die!
          The Child is father of the Man;
              I could wish my days to be
          Bound each to each by natural piety.

The parallel of the above in relation to Politics is - the citizen being the father of the Government. Hence if the above group elected Government in Sri Lanka, then by protesting they are blaming themselves, except when they had protested against that government, through due processes and are dissatisfied and hence are indicating a change of government by protesting.

When Tamils on the other hand protest on the basis of their true experience – for example the experience that they went through during the war  as citizens and not as alternate government as LTTE did – the value is exponential due to the loss endured by civilians who did not have the authority to arm themselves and hence had to endure attacks by both sides. The citizen who fulfills her/his position role / duty – becomes a natural governor. I interpret the great poet’s words ‘Bound each to each by natural piety’, as confirmation of the above pathway, leading to Governance through Truth.

When I as a child was recipient of Truth by those in my environment through various relationships, I become the consolidated version of those values which prepare me to be eligible to give birth to another child an heir – of that very system. A project thus is the consolidated value of all projects that form a program. When a part of me is sick therefore it is the child of the person in whom I invested over the years. If I focus only on the sickness, without separating it from the main person I have invested in, my mind which sees only the sickness is not separate from the sickness. Intelligence which is Common Consolidated form of information – needs to be separated from the part about which we receive current information. When that current information is processed through that structure that represents the Consolidated Value – it becomes manageable and contributes towards maintenance of the big picture.

Australia-Sri Lanka relationship has been developed over many years and is a larger program than the current happenings through the two governments. The claim of Sinhalese Diaspora – is distinctly different in form to the claim by the Tamil Diaspora – confirming through this grouping,  the need for separation of powers as per this Natural Diversity. The words "Deakin University, do not award war criminals." confirms to me that my message of 14 February – also finding fault with Deakin University - has been commonly received by fellow Tamils – even though we may not recognize that we are connected through this true common purpose. Truth is natural and hence It connects naturally – with or without our recognition.

On the basis of Truth – Tamils and Sinhalese at group level – are Equal Governors of Sri Lanka. Hence Tamils became the official opposition in National Parliament due to natural forces. It is therefore no longer necessary for us to ask for Separation so long as the Government demonstrates respect for this Equal position. It’s when the Government fails to so demonstrate that we must continue to work for Separation of Powers. If for example – there was a war-crimes inquiry with 50% leadership made up of minorities – that would confirm our Sovereignty.  The Premier needs to give more thought to integrating the past experience into its current work practices – and not ignore the past when it comes to victims and recognize it when it comes to Terrorism. When the government continues to do that – it is the duty of the Tamil Opposition to highlight the ‘other’ side as Government’s Opposition – facilitated by Dharma Itself.

Those of us who through our true feelings  have been developing and maintaining the relationships between the two nations well before the two governments – are the soul power of the current  relationship. 

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