Saturday 4 February 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
04 February 2017
Skanda has two wives, Valli and Devasena, the latter of whom is sometimes identified with Shashthi’ - Wikipedia 

Hindu Celebration of Independence

Most religions effectively lead to the message that we are not the body but the soul. As per my discovery other names for ‘Soul’ are Truth, Love, God, Absolute and Sovereignty/Independence.

Taking this as Reliable – one could conclude that one who identifies with her/his Soul is a Uniting Power. At National level – the Soul of a Nation is the Independence felt by its People.

On Australia Day, when I wished our  grandchildren Happy Australia Day – the eldest said that according to her Dad – our son – it was Invasion Day – which I interpreted as an expression of his identity with Indigenous Australians. Such identity could be Natural due to experience and/or Intellectual Order to maintain the Balance of Equality needed by Democratic Australia. In our son’s case – I feel it is, to a degree - Natural due to his faith in family which includes me and therefore my identity with Indigenous minorities driven by Natural Powers. I believe that it is also strongly influenced by his intellectual development to maintain the Balance of Powers in his own life.

In Sri Lanka, we celebrate Independence Day, on 04 February. Minorities who respect the Constitution would not be able to sincerely identify with such celebrations as they would intellectually recognize the imbalance of ‘Buddhism Foremost’ – replacing British rule. To therefore appreciate and identify with Independence – today – 04 February 2017, religious minorities would need to ‘free’ ourselves of the Constitution and its messengers and resort to our own religious pathways to balance the inequality in the Constitution. We would need to do this as per our belief that we are Free Sri Lankans.

On Thursday – 02 February,  I had this experience at the Hindu temples in Colombo 6 where devotees celebrated both winners of Global Award for around the world travel– Ganesh the Intellectual winner as well as Murugan – the Democratic merit based winner by actual performance and self-declaration. I was particularly interested in identifying with Murugan celebrations through Shashti Poojah – Prayers of Protection of Divinity – due to my investment in Airlanka / Sri Lankan Airlines which to my mind based on  my experience, is Murugan’s vehicle, confirmed by the Peacock logo. Every Independent person is free to render her/his own form to her/his Belief.

As is my usual way, I went to the temple, without any knowledge-based plans but rather my inner urge to go to the temple on this particular day being special due to family reasons. I prayed especially for my investment in Airlanka – which to my mind is a global example that Sri Lanka needs. I attributed the timing to my feeling of ownership – and hence the Natural merger of my investment in Family, Hinduism and in Sri Lanka’s National carrier.   Natural mergers happen through Commonness we feel even if we are a minority of one (Gandhi). Had I consciously planned – that visit would have been like the Constitution with its Buddhism foremost provision leading to self-governance through Buddhist pathway for politicians. In my case that would have been the Hindu pathway – as in Siva Sena Movement working to protect the Sovereignty of Hindus.

Applying this to the question of War-Crimes inquiry – it is highly likely that those who seek to keep the Buddhism foremost provision in the Constitution would not want International experience but rather the local intellectual inquiry through Buddhist pathway. But how would Tamils – especially those who produced the LTTE members, free themselves of violence -  through such an inquiry?  The latest news reports in this regard present the Northern picture as follows:

The Chief Minister of Sri Lanka Tamil-majority Northern Province C.V.Wigneswaran has suggested that the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) explore the legal possibility of instituting its own independent war crimes accountability mechanism in the absence of an international judicial mechanism recommended by the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in September 2015.
Wigneswaran said this on Monday while speaking at a function in Vattakandaal Tamil Mixed School in Mannar district, where 60 to 70 people including Principal V.Sundaramoorthy and teachers T.Mahendiran and S.Ratnadurai were gunned down by the Sri Lanka Army on January 30, 1985.
The Chief Minister asked the Leader of the Opposition in the NPC, Sinnadurai Thavarajah, who is also a lawyer, to look into the legal aspect of his proposal and report. The memorial function was organized by Thavarajah as his sister’s husband was among those massacred in the school.
Thavarajah told Express later that he would look into the Chief Minister’s proposal  before making his recommendation.’ - The New Indian Express

Even though the Hon Sinnadurai Thavarajah is the Leader of the Opposition in the NPC (Northern Provincial Council), his suffering at family level – has led to experience based merger with the Chief Minister the Hon C.V. Wigneswaran. Neither being Buddhist, to my mind, they  seem to be led to the International pathway during this anniversary of Independence. In effect the war-crimes inquiry is also celebration of Independence from Buddhists. Natural Forces cannot be controlled by even the person of highest authority. One must merge with Natural Forces to manage them and empower ourselves.

If one sets aside emotional attachments to names – the issue is about Common faith and the form we render that Common faith. An international inquiry into the conduct of LTTE during the war would identify the weaknesses in Tamil Governance by Tamils which is now given form through Northern Provincial Council. Where the Constitution fails to satisfy the requirements of Non-Buddhists – those who actively practice their respective religions have the Freedom of choice to include international resources to discover the Truth through global level inquiry. Tamils may not have the power to deliver direct compensation or punishment due to such inquiry. But every unit of Energy will produce global outcomes – especially in terms of global sharing of Tamil Intelligence.

Pleasure and Pain when experienced by the one person/group of one faith – confirms self-governance / Independence. When one experiences pain at the same time another experiences pleasure they do not become One Self Governing group until the roles are reversed at a later time. This reversal is yet to happen in the case of significant portion of Tamils. Given that majority Tamils suffered more pain and enjoyed less  pleasures than the Sinhalese, due to this war – Tamils are less likely than Sinhalese, to fear global inquiry through the secular pathway. The picture is depicted through Murugan philosophy. As per Wikipedia report ‘Skanda has two wives, Valli and Devasena, the latter of whom is sometimes identified with Shashthi’ Devasena means Divine Forces. Lord Muruga is known also as Deva Senathipathi -  the General of Divine Forces. Divine Forces are those who conduct themselves through highest order / law.

Hence the Independence Day celebrations confirm  also the successful merger of Sri Lankan minds with Global Forces through the determination of Tamil Leaders to conduct war-inquiry – with Lord Muruga saying ‘Why Fear When I am Here’. One who is focused on correcting the mental order is already a winner. One driven by outcomes – misses out on the opportunity to be Independent.

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