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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
23 November    2016

Is Yoga Foreign or Local to Sri Lanka?

It’s early morning here in Sri Lanka and in Thunaivi – I already hear the chanting of Kantha Shashti Kavasam by Seergali Govindarajan filling my ears and comforting my mind. I was reminded of a Colombo relative who complained against the parallel Buddhist chanting near her place at Colombo 6. That was ‘foreign’ to my relative whereas the Thunaivi recital would be ‘domestic’ to her. Both are acceptable to me due to my Common mind.

This was confirmed when I identified with the following message from Harvard Medical School who wrote as follows:

[ Dear Gaja,
Did you know yoga can do more than just strengthen and tone your body? Recent research shows it can have a powerful effect on your health—making it a perfect remedy for everything from heart disease to high blood pressure to anxiety and depression.
For years, yoga was considered a fringe practice embraced mostly by celebrities and "New Agers." But today yoga studios are cropping up all over the country, and millions of people are giving it a try. ]

Is Yoga foreign or local to me? It is part of me – through Hindu religion. To my mind the strongest practice of yoga happens when we renounce ego pleasures. By the same token, the strongest damage to the mind happens through excessive enjoyment of ego pleasures and the residence of such ego finds home in the Academic mind through unpracticed theories. Whether something is foreign or part of us depends on the depth at which we merge with another culture/mind. The more the externals – the more foreign that mind is to us.

Today is the birth anniversary of my Spiritual Guru – Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Last night our lawyer Mr. Manivannan rang to inform me that due to the retirement of one of the judges hearing our Appeal in the Testamentary matter relating to my brother-in-law Subramaniam Yoganathan, the matter may not be heard today. I said I would go to Courts anyway. The reason is to share my Thesawalamai mind with the legal system of Jaffna, through whoever is present at that place at that scheduled time. I practiced Thesawalamai without knowing the provisions of the law of Thesawalamai – the Customary Law applicable to Northern Tamils. The mind carrying Truth – influences others seeking true Justice. To my mind, the Colombo Lawyer commissioned by our Opposition – even though a Tamil of Northern origin,  is a foreigner to the system of Thesawalamai. To me – the matter is about the Consolidated mind of our family. Since the sisters of my husband demonstrated that they were now ‘foreign’ to Thesawalamai – to us they are our Opposition now before the Jaffna Courts. Identifying with the workings of the system of Truth gives me confidence that not even a stroke of my work is getting wasted.  It goes to raise the consolidated mind of the Judicial system of Sri Lanka.

The letter I wrote to the Hon Bob Carr from prison is in the Appendix. That letter reveals that I presented my experience through the minds of all those who were concerned about me. The base is my Truth and the empowerment from within is the self-confidence that Swami Sathya Sai Baba strengthened through miraculous manifestation of holy powder on my picture of Swami – gifted to me by another mother grateful to Swami for bringing her out of her sorrow when she lost her son in 1983. The son was killed by Tamils who mistook him for Sinhalese. Whenever I feel anxious about something – I recall almost instantaneously the strength I derived when I was hurt and upset. Before Swami – I was able to rely on my own experiences of Divinity through various forms but it took time. Now that I have consolidated my mind through the Truth  that God comes even when one is not a devotee of a particular form of leader – the response is instantaneous and from within.  Is Sai Baba who came to me through the Holy Powder manifested in Sydney – Australian? No – He is Global and hence confirmed that I was Global member of the human species.

For my part I need to be driven by my Truth when I am in places where my official status is lower than my earned status. That way my work could be channeled through any good and reliable law. Where nothing in that environment fits my contribution – the Lord comes to confirm to me that my contribution is of Common Service value. Now in turn I share that confidence with others who are part of my society and who consciously demonstrate that I am their senior. Here in Thunaivi – in Northern Sri Lanka, most of the secular laws are like voodoo magic as their habits are to those driven by knowledge of Western systems.

As per the Island report ‘Powers removed from President may be vested in PM – Dayan’ regarding the mind leading the Constitutional process – is Australian and not Sri Lankan:

[ Addressing the public seminar under the theme, ‘Prime Minister’s involvement in the Central Bank bond scam’ at the Public Library Auditorium, Dayan said Prime Minister Wickremesinghe had brought in a Singaporean as the Governor of the Central Bank. Now, he had brought in an Australian friend (Prof. Suri Ratnapala of Queensland University) to head the committee appointed to make the new Constitution, Dr. Jayatilkeka said, noting that the UNP economic policies were based on privatisation and selling family silver to foreigners.]

I also identify with Professor Suri Ratnapala’s legal mind being ‘Academic Australian’. But then how many times has Dr. Jayatilleke responded to me publicly – as Sri Lankan including when he recommended in 2012  that we follow Myanmar -  reported as follows:
[ Sri Lanka could learn from Myanmar which has radically changed bringing democratic reforms in the country says Sri Lanka Ambassador to France, Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke.] BBC

Myanmar is not any closer to current Sri Lankan mind,  than Australia. Due to job opportunities – the average Sri Lankan would follow the mind of Australian more keenly than the mind of Burmese. The above remark confirms that to Dr. Jayatilleke French culture is foreign – despite the freedom of Diplomatic position that would have facilitated  making true connections towards globalization. As French Ambassador – Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke had the responsibility to merge with the French mind through their discoveries at his level – and bring back French discoveries to Sri Lanka towards true globalization – the way Seergali Govindarajan has come to Sri Lanka through music . Every member of the Diaspora has the duty to bring home only the Truth discovered by their new nations and not the laws as they are. The challenge is greater for Professor Suri Ratnapala due to his Sinhalese origin which manifests Tamil & Muslim opposition through the uncles and aunts  of Burghers – the physical representatives of Western culture in Sri Lanka.

As for the Prime Minister taking over the powers lost by the President – was that not the stated purpose of Amendment 19 to the Constitution? Mr. Sirisena as well as Mr. Rajapaksa are not barred from trying to win time in  that restructured PM poisition and Mr. Wicremesinghe could in turn, become a Governor through President’s position. If he did – Sri Lanka would be able to more naturally access the global mind and succeed where Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke failed. Ultimately yoga is about transcending consciousness of the gross body to live through the mind. The mind strengthened by Truth is pure and strong and transcends theories and laws to Consciousness of its own purity.


I wrote later about this experience in my letter dated 12 May 2005 to Premier Carr as follows:

This morning, I went to the Mulawa Prison to collect my property. I felt really drained after the visit. In the bag, were some memorabilia from my visits to Sri Lanka. One is from International Zen Institute for Yoga with the message ‘Wealth of a Nation is the Health of its Population’. This was given to me when I met the President of Sri Lanka on 24 February this year, over Tsunami Reconstruction Proposals. Present at that meeting was also representatives from Sri Sathya Sai Baba Association. I was allowed to take a photo of Sri Sathya Sai Baba with me when I went to meet the President. The President of Sri Lanka and her brother are devotees of Sri Sahtya Sai Baba.

As written in the attached letter to Human Rights Commission, my religious basis especially of the Principles espoused by Sri Sathya Sai Baba / Krishna was part of the basis on which I was brought under the Mental Health Act by Magistrate Pat O’ Shane. The Court psychiatrist is reported to have said in the report that in the visions of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, He called me His daughter, I touched His Feet in reverence and Holy powder materialized on His picture (given to me by a cousin who lost her son in the war in Sri Lanka and who was helped by Sri Sathya Sai Baba to absorb the pain of loss and become stronger). It is reported also that I had vision that showed a gap in His front teeth which was later proven correct when I saw pictures of Him where His teeth could be seen. I have not yet seen Him physically. I do not have a copy of the report or the notes of our meeting by the Court psychiatric team. I have mine. Like with the evidence given by UNSW Vice Chancellor and his staff in court on 28 January 2005, I do not dispute any of these details. Like in that main matter of Trespass, I am saying that this is NOT  unlawful.

The Court psychiatrist failed to mention our discussions about Hindu Deity at Sydney Murugan Temple, Westmead. I explained  how I had had spiritual realizations, even though I did not formally learn Hindu  religion because I was educated at a Convent. The psychiatrist asked me about the significance of these realizations and I explained to him through Lord Muruga at Sydney Murugan Temple. Amongst the property collected from Mulawa Prison today, was a sheet of paper with message from my cousin Ravi Prkash in Sydney. Ravi says:

Hi Gaja,
I tried to call you @ home. There was no answer. Ambalavanar Mama’s Telephone …….

Thank you for your offer and prayers. I can’t think of anything to be done in Colombo at the moment. I hope you will have a great time in Sri Lanka.
Take Care

Mr. Carr, as you can see, prayer and religion are a daily part of our lives. My cousin Ravi wrote to me the above message, just before I left for the International Commercial Conference by SriLankan Airlines (Formerly Airlanka). On the other side of this paper that was in the property with  Mulawa  officials is the following notes I did during the above Conference:

Air Lanka’s logo is the peackock. As per the Hindu religion, the peacock is the vehicle of Lord Kathragama. The vehicle demotes the animal quality which is Pride. The Deity Lrod Kathragama personifies egoless state. The peacock is the opposite of this egoless state. We therefore have to travel on our pride to become egoless and this helps us keep our minds still and merely observe the simple Truth – in this instance the True needs of the customer at that PRESENT moment. So long as we do what we can naturally and without consciously expecting calculated returns, we will have provided the best possible services which as per experience would be the best anyone can provide – including the richest and the most skillful supplier. OBSERVING with a still mind is most important quality of the Customer Service Staff at the coalface. When service is always on this basis, one would always be successful as a Service Provider. When we think, we do not hear and see very well. Hence the still mind as if we were the customer. Planning / Thinking can happen prior to the Service and must happen to lift service to…..

At this point, I must have used another page. Mr. Carr, the essence of what I said to the psychiatrist is the same as the above notes for my Air Lanka conference. Lord Muruga at Sydney is Lord Muruga at Kathragama, in Sri Lanka Sinhalese Buddhists claim deep ownership on the basis of their direct experiences. I have used Kathragam (Kathirgamam in Tamil) as an example, below is my recent contribution to Peace in Sri Lanka through, which includes religion through Lord Muruga:

The 50:50 that the brilliant minded Tamil, GG Ponnambalam suggested was based on Equal Opportunity. As per Reporter Dayan Jayatilleka, democracy means ?Every citizen of Sri Lanka must have equal rights.? This is precisely why GG Ponnambalam asked for 50:50, because that hard-working Tamil recognized that Democracy was about Equal Opportunity and not equality at the physical level or automatic equal rights at the mental level. According to GGP?s assessment of the work done in Government Administration, Tamils by working harder for lesser pay and by absorbing their discrimination pain created more opportunities, instead of making money out of their pain as Americans tend to do. Hence the 50:50 recognition at Policy level.

The three tiered representation is to facilitate separation of powers. Tigers are better at physical level control than the Government is. Hence their higher physical level representation is a realistic one with which the people would identify. Good government will facilitate all people to recognize the value of their work through physical representation or intellectual laws with which we identify and / or calculate the value of our work. Physically driven Tamils need this physical representation as much as Sinhalese do. I was for example, deeply hurt when I saw a Buddhist temple right in front of the Hindu temple on top of Kathirgamam hill. That to me was a violation of the basic rights of Hindus who discovered Lord Muruga and who continue to work to maintain that particular Form which is considered the Form of Kali Yuga, where the system of Democracy dominates. The government allowed this violation to be carried out, by not exercising its Administrative powers.

It must be appreciated that majority Tamils have chosen to contribute to Governance through the Tigers and the value of their contribution to Public Administration has diminished considerably since the beginning of the war. Those who needed an institution through which to contribute, are now seeking avenues in Tiger Administration. Others who ‘owned’  their work took their wisdom with them and they will benefit everyone who interacts with them.

The three basic tiers are -  body, mind and soul. Those who are driven by majority vote are still at body stage and belong at the district level. They are who others think they are. Those who are driven by Public Administration are revealing that they are at the mind stage, which is a combination of the intellect and the physical senses -  Law and Practice. They belong at the regional level. They are who they think they are. Those who are driven by Truth are free spirited and their expressions are new policy. They belong at the National level and in fact they are the Nation. They are who they really are ? One soul.

If we can successfully identify the level at which each politician belongs, on the basis of their work, we will be the most progressive country in the world.

Americans are beginning to realize that their money has not bought them opportunities but that the Goodwill work done by other countries has attracted genuine opportunities for those countries. May be the Sri Lankan government is also beginning to recognize this. It’s time for the media to do likewise, starting with itself.

Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam from Australia


I agree with you that the current make up of the Public Administration may not uphold the 50 : 50 power sharing. But you have revealed that you have connected to the core thinking of this principle on merit basis.

As per my experience and wisdom, I believe that any smart ruler would engage the person who works hard, to manage Public Administration and at the physical level, take the side of the group that discovers Truth at the highest level. The former is based on Truth and the latter is based on Love. The former is the structured path and the latter is acceptance of reality. The former is Public Administration and the latter is physical representation of our feelings. When you find Truth you find Love and v.v.

I believe that the deeper victims of this war are the Public Administrators and the Law abiding citizen who genuinely practiced the law. This is neither the government nor the LTTE who have both gained from the theory of these laws without genuinely practicing them.

At the emotional level through the love path, the victims I feel with are the mothers who lost children to both sides, without getting the goodwill benefits for it.

Let?s take magha?s response as the medium through which to share my wisdom in Public Administration as well is Spirituality which is a conscious part of majority Sri Lankans.

Magha asks why it is wrong to have a Buddhist temple in front of a Hindu one. I did not feel upset by Kiri Vihara which was there the first time I went to Kathirgamam. Kiri Vihara also does not ?block? the path of the main Hindu shrine. I in fact visited Kiri Vihara and paid my respects to Lord Buddha even though I did not visit every Hindu shrine within the complex.

Each religion and culture, finds the Truth through its own specific path. Lord Muruga, the Presiding Deity at Kathirgamam is a family Deity with two Wives and personifies the Truth in a different form to Lord Buddha. At the highest level of personification, every person following that path needs to be able to identify with the Deity, through the Truth he himself has discovered. If therefore someone who strongly practices celibacy and expressly advocates it to others were to come to Lord Muruga with two Wives, that person would have difficulty relating to Lord Muruga?s physical Form at Kathirgamam. Likewise the laws that were born directly out of our experience. G G Ponnambalam might have artificially enhanced it to a degree, but he successfully challenged the Truth of direct physical level representation in parliament and therefore in Public Administration.

Tamils in Sri Lanka, are like the British migrants here in Australia. Both brought to their new homes the laws that were practiced in their countries of origin ? India for Tamils and Britain for the English. To the extent they actually practiced those laws themselves and therefore had wisdom in those issues, they added immense value to their new homes. The rest should have been raised to the higher common level and not enforced as it was. To the extent Tamils enforced it through their parliamentary influence, they were harming all Sri Lankans for their personal gain. Likewise the current Sri Lankan government.

I believe that the first responsibility of the Government and the Tigers is to express genuinely the Truth they have discovered through the war. Where they are common, they must form the basis for our new laws at National level. The rest must be handed over to an independent panel of experts with a view to lifting them to the higher common level and merging the two and what cannot be merged must be returned to the two sides for their personal areas which should not influence the Common areas that are used by followers of both sides. To the extent Muslims and other minorities participated in the war, they must also be facilitated to express their own findings through the war but this must be done not directly but through one side or the other. They cannot sit on the fence and then claim a role at highest level of governance.

Every leader who expresses the Truth towards this exercise must give a genuine declaration that s/he expresses the Truth and nothing but the Truth. Followers who cannot identify with that Truth will automatically be facilitated to choose the logical secular path. This applies also to our religious paths. Temples, statues and other physical forms must express the work we have done and the pain we have suffered to maintain the values and laws depictured by those physical representations. Laws helps us measure ourselves independent of personalities. Such independent people belong in Public Administration. Those who follow a particular leader / physical representation must always speak through that leader and not independent of the leader. Kathirgamam represents ancient Hindu values and has taken Its place in Hindu prayers. Disrespect for the Hindu shrine by blocking it with a Buddhist temple in front is disrespect for the work done by all those people who developed those values and to all those devotees who identify with those values through Lord Muruga at the top of the Hill. It truly hurt me to tears. I rarely criticize the work of followers of other religions. Mine is usually limited to the Logical path ? through Public Administration. I should not have been asked to even explain logically. I would not have been by a genuine Buddhist who would know intuitively that it is wrong to block the path of another?s Deity / Truth. If magha is referring to Buddha visiting Adam?s peak, that is the personification of the believers who need some physical representation to identify with their work. Lord Hanuman is said to have crossed the sea when he went from India to Sri Lanka, in search of Sita. I believe that he was able to by chanting the name of Rama. I have had similar experiences at the lower level and hence I know. Recently I learnt that a quadriplegic is using his mind power to operate his computer. But magha may not believe that Hanuman would have flown across the sea through sheer mind power. But magha is likely to believe what is certified by the Western Scientists. That shows that magha does not feel much goodwill for religious followers. Those who have the direct experience do not need logical proof. Much of our inner enjoyment is based on our identification with the other and not through the logical analytical path. That is how Samanj identified with what I said. There is perfect logic to the Truth but it is not always necessary to give it a logical form. Deeper connections do not need words. We just know. When Sri Lankans vote through this deeper connection, Sri Lanka will be the most beautiful country in the world.

If we do not adjust our laws to include our own discoveries, we would continue to use other people?s laws which is intellectual slavery.

Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam from Australia
………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Mr. Carr, Truth is God and the paths of Law and Medicine are two religions that lead to that Truth / God. Had you staff actually practiced their respective religions at the physical level without mixing and matching to suit their convenience, I would not have been listed as an insane person by Magistrate Pat O’Shane. After my horrible experiences on Friday night at CARITAS, I have gone off food and feel very tired. My brother from Canada asked me why  I refused food – whether I feared that they would force the medication through the food. I said yes. I said, whilst sitting there with people who were not using their intellectual powers, I had to come down to their level, as I did with the UNSW Vice Chancellor also.

As I said to the lady doctor who was silent - like majority UNSW Medical Faculty staff except the likes of Professor Dowton, Dr. Garlick, Professor Thomas and Ms Gwen Harrigan -  when I openly allow others to get into my mind, I also get into theirs to that extent. I know this through my religion and not through any study of Medicine. Professor Dowton the then Dean of Medicine at UNSW says in his reference ‘Ms Paramasivam has an excellent repertoire of management accounting skills. She came to UNSW with considerable experience in the hospital / health sector in Sydney as well as a number of private sector enterprises. In the space of several months she developed a new approach to budgeting for the Faculty of Medicine. She developed all the spreadsheet support for this purpose and spent a considerable amount of time working with administrative officers and senior academic staff in the Schools in developing the procedures for supporting the detailed content within the budgets. She has an excellent orientation towards client service. Her focus was on development of an activity based budgeting system which began to move us away from an inappropriate emphasis on cash management to a modified accrual system. Ms Paramasivam quickly engendered the confidence and support of many of the administrative officers and academic leadership in this Faculty. She was always sensitive to their situations in matters related to administration and management of finances. She always indicated a preference to deliver strong client service by regularly visiting the Schools and affiliated organizations. She demonstrated patience in working with them to help them understand the rationale behind new systems and approaches to managing finances. In her dealings with centralized agencies in the organization she was always forthright and determined in her quest to improve service and improve systems used to support resource management in the faculty. She achieved remarkable success in a short period of time with the University.’

But the Court psychiatrist said to me that the Vice Chancellor of UNSW did not want me there. Based on that my husband was informed that I had an obsession. Magistrate Gilmour of Waverley Local Court also said that before sending me to Prince of Wales Hospital psychiatrist on 01 November 2004 to be tested for mental illness. My husband said to the Court psychiatrist that Professor Dowton said to him when he first met him that I was a star. I said to the court psychiatrists that no one who had genuinely worked with me would say I am insane. They would say I am passionate about helping the needy and that I live close to Truth.

Even as I write this to you, I am concerned that Magistrate Pat O’ Shane could find fault with me for not starting off on the psychological assessment with Prince of Wales hospital. My husband said not to rush it if I were feeling tired. It’s like living in a dictatorship.

I said to my Canadian brother that even as I sat there with Dr. Charles Hayes and his team, I felt powerless. They were exerting mere physical power and even at that moment I did not think of physically hurting them to save myself or escaping. Had I done anything like that I would have been charged with resisting Police and obstructing the path of Justice. I was fearful of complaining that I was upset, lest that is used against me as further confirmation that I am mentally ill.

My Canadian  brother asked me why I had not taken a lawyer with me when I went to see the Vice Chancellor? I said it was in institution for Higher Education. If I bring lawyers into that institution, I would be limiting that institution to the outcomes of the legal system. I could do that if I had thought that the legal system was higher than the Higher Education system here in Australia. Due to the Medical Faculty led by Professor Dowton, I am not able to conclude that the legal system is higher. By calling the Police in, the Vice Chancellor allowed the UNSW to be brought down to the level of the Police. Likewise, by using the details given by the Police which include that I am a Sri Lankan and not Australian, Magistrate Pat O’ Shane allowed the Court to come down to the level of the Police. Magistrate Pat O’ Shane’s Section 11 Bond, by her own admission to Ms Michelle Goodwin, the Legal Aid Lawyer, is based on the Bail prepared by the Police who took instructions from the UNSW Vice Chancellor. Magistrate Pat O’ Shane said in court that I had said to her that I did NOT sign those bail conditions and therefore she had brought it into the Section 11 Bond. In other words, Magistrate Pat O’ Shane abused her powers to deliver the wishes of the UNSW Vice Chancellor.

The Court psychiatrist said to me that I had said in my letter to the Registrar of   Waverley Local Court that the UNSW, the Police and the Courts were colluding. I said that the Police were ‘waiting’ for me with a caged wagon and that they did not allow me to give my side of the story. The court delivered what the Police wanted, often through the Police Prosecutor who works closely with Registrars. That was how my letter addressed to the Registrar of Waverley Local Court and to the Police Prosecutor expressing my pain after I was jailed for the first time in my life, ended up with Magistrate Pat O’ Shane who gave it to the Court psychiatrist. If this is not collsion I do not know what is.

Mr. Carr, the Court psychiatrist mentioned also that I identified with Gandhi. Since that was used as  the basis to bring me under the Mental Health Act, it follows that here in Australia, all Gandhi followers are considered mentally ill. Likewise all Hindus who follow Sai Baba and Lord Muruga.

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