Thursday 3 November 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
03 November    2016

Invoking Minority Power

There it was – the confirmation of Soul Power through a person by the name of Mevan Pieris whose email address came to me (as per my memory) through another departed soul Professor Henry Sathananthan who continues to be with us. The message from Mevan went straight to my heart:

It is always nice to remember one's departed mother. We must be always thankful for their lives and the silent sacrifices they have made for our good. May God grant your dear mother eternal rest in God's heavenly abode.
I read your enlightened writings with much interest. Keep up your good work. May God grant you wisdom and understanding to be a fearless warrior of the truth.

Why do I value it as a Soul message?  The response from within says it is due to the deep feeling of appreciation that I felt when I read the message - not only due to my feelings for my mother being appreciated by another soul but also the generous sharing of status by valuing my work – the work of one who at the physical level in current role - is a stranger to Mevan and who is not a bearer of benefits. To me only Soul Power could touch me so deeply and bring tears due to a force within. I thanked the Lord for confirming this Soul connection yet again. To me it is an example of ‘Knock and It shall open’. Truly  accumulated Reserves are in waiting - for us to knock. The right persons are needed towards this. Mothers who sacrificed silently are the quiet power of good Motherland. Good Mothers usually sacrifice quietly and the value automatically becomes ownership power. The only Tamil parallel who valued my work at the deeper level is Father James of Mankulam. Whenever I need strength – I draw on such Soul-Connections. The fact that one is of Sinhalese origin and the other Tamil origin means also that there is hope for One Sri Lanka – whatever its form and however many fathers may take leading positions.

My mind went to my opposition in the Buddhism Foremost clause – who responded to my article as follows:

1.                   Gaja:   Why should I refer to the document conceding control to the British or anyone else? We are a democracy currently.

Malinda : Because history matters.  

2.                    Gaja:   If Buddhists have not benefited in any way – then why have the clause? 

Malinda :The issue is about making clauses that are meaningful.  

Gaja:   A law must project – cost and benefit in the mind of the user. These would be Equal if time or  place  difference is zero. The higher thinker pictures both at the same time. The more you sacrifice now – the higher the enjoyment and hence we transcend the changes at the physical.  When we enjoy excessively when young – as individuals  and/or government – we feel vacuum in senior government/age. This is why Buddha transcended the physical. I do not see that being reflected in this clause being included as a mandatory clause for Buddhists.  In fact, those who take advantage of this – would tend to be ‘attached’ to the ‘foremost’ status and not seek deep within to find real Buddha. Eventually all these are for each citizen to realise her/his own Sovereignty. Some do not need collective power of politics towards true ‘freedom’ – which is from the benefits/pleasures. Many do. Laws help collective power through ‘Grouping’.  Grouping helps us to  balance inwardly – the strengths and weaknesses within the group and take only the consolidated value to wider world – as in rebirth albeit at the highest level.    Article 9 is cultural groupings’  opportunities as well as responsibilities.  Are you saying that it does not place higher responsibilities on Buddhists? If used against someone – including a Buddhist – who has realized Sovereignty – it would invoke the other side exponentially. I believe this to be the case – through my own experiences here in Australia. 

Malinda :how about sacrificing all the Eelamist mythology, as per the moralizing above?

3.                   Gaja:As for Secular Constitutions – Australia’s is.  Who gave you tuitions? Americans? Which American leader?  The closest to Sri Lanka is Tamil Nadu. As Karunanithi reminded us today – it was 60 years ago on this day that Tamil Nadu’s borders were redefined on the basis of language, through the States Reorganisation  Act. Sri Lanka, like all other countries  will continue to redefine its internal borders. Those that help us feel Independent  with least interference from the Government are positive internal borders. The challenge for Sri Lanka is also – from South India – including from Kerala which culturally is very similar to Jaffna. The Government cannot monitor all this top-down. It needs the cooperation of the People. Like Australia – Sri Lanka is also an Island. The problem of boat arrivals to and from Northern Sri Lanka cannot be effectively monitored by the Government.  That’s the natural protection that Northern Tamils have from interference by other cultures. Eventually all of us contribute to sovereignty of the Land that we live on.   Whether it is called  Sri Lanka, India or Eelam – is secondary. 

Malinda :Australia:  You live there?  It's formally a monarchy.  If it is so secular, why are there only Christian holidays (Easter, Good Friday, Christmas and all the non-Easter Sundays too!)?  Note:  only 61% of Australians are Christians.  
Tamil Nadu / India are different geopolitical entities with different histories and different needs.  Can't compare apples with oranges or dried fish with mallum.  

 Does History Matter?
Yes, history matters to give form to our past. It is therefore important when we relate to our current values through our own past. But in Democracy – the merit based value of other nations is more important than history. In fact, to my mind, repeated reference to the past is one of the reasons why ethnic communities in Sri Lanka are not able to integrate. The higher mind integrates. In history we focus more on what happened rather than why it happened. To learn why – we need to go into the culture of those times. Where this is positive we preserve those values privately – through religious and cultural space-based privacy. Hence Equal Opportunity principles in Democratic systems.

Every beneficiary of Democracy has the DUTY to fight back where there is a threat to this privacy through interference. Those who are elders in the system of Democracy would know this intuitively and hence when they protest,  the effects happen at Policy level – directly and/or through others in their home-group. That is also Soul-Power.  I started realizing this connection – after my own Australian experiences – including through our former Prime Minister the Hon John Howard. I sued Mr. Howard on the basis of my own pain at the University of NSW – escalated to the top level.  Had Mr. Howard been truly democratic – he would have identified with the weaknesses of others like him in University Administration. That is the way of Soul Power. I exhausted all internal avenues available to me and then continued to take legal action against Mr. Howard. I did not use any external example but only my Truth as the basis. Unlike Mr. Wigneswaran who is reported to have taken the issue of ‘Interference by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces in the Management of Education in Northern Province’ to the EU – I had no media power. I did report to the UN as the ultimate human authority - but they do not have a system to manage such complaints. But I believe that the god in all those officers on the way and all those who identified with my experience at least in part – contributed to the matter being given global form. Mr. Howard’s Waterloo was the ‘Children Overboard’ matter described as follows by Wikipedia:

[The Children Overboard affair was an Australian political controversy involving public allegations by Howard Government ministers in October 2001, in the lead-up to a federal election, that seafaring asylum seekers had thrown children overboard in a presumed ploy to secure rescue and passage to Australia.
The government's handling of this and other events involving unauthorised arrivals worked to its advantage. The Tampa affair had led the government to adopt stricter border protection measures to prevent unauthorised arrivals from reaching Australia by boat. Polls indicated the measures had public support. The government was able to portray itself as "strong" on border protection measures and its opponents as "weak". In November 2001, the Liberal-National coalition was re-elected with an increased majority.
The Australian Senate Select Committee for an inquiry into a certain maritime incident later found that no children had been at risk of being thrown overboard and that the government had known this prior to the election. The government was criticised  for misleading the public and cynically "(exploiting) voters' fears of a wave of illegal immigrants by demonising asylum-seekers".
Although reports indicated that the strain of being towed was the proximate cause of the asylum seeker boat eventually sinking, in 2007, Australian Prime Minister John Howard asserted that the asylum seekers "irresponsibly sank the damn boat, which put their children in the water".]

Our Experiences of the Government would determine the regular and natural vote we allocate to them. Eventually their own satisfaction is strengthened or diluted by our experiences. Like Buddhism foremost being in the Constitution for Political purposes – Equal Opportunity laws were/are  neglected here in Australia – for political purposes of the majority race. But what these leaders often do not know is that even one person without the support (– by law such as Article 9 of Sri Lankan Constitution and/or the support of the Executive and the Judiciary –) who actually PRACTICES the law despite losses – has the power to  invoke Natural Powers to reverse the karma exponentially. Hence we had Bali Bombing in 2002 and finally the dismissal of Mr. Howard by voters. If Mr. Howard’s electorate had also been against Asylum seekers – especially those of Muslim origin – Mr. Howard would have continued to retain his seat. In contrast the Hon Philip Ruddock who was also with Mr. Howard, did not lose his seat and continued to be part of our Government group. Mr. Ruddock responded to my communications regularly and was accessible to many Community leaders. When elections are fair and just – we would be able to identify with our contributions to democracy – through the leaders elected. We would feel as if we are in those positions and/or that we dismissed the side that was not fair and just to us and/or our home-group. Given that I am of Sri Lankan origin – and the above Asylum seekers were from Afghanistan – my power would have worked for the Asylum seekers than for Mr. Howard’s group. The power happened because I did not at any time even think against the Government or the Law. Gandhi is the best example I can think of in terms of such Soul Power applied in Politics..

Going back to Buddhism foremost Article – and the response from Malinda that it is a meaningful clause – the birth of Siva Sena is confirmation of this Soul-Power needed to protect non-Buddhists. Malinda himself is confirmation that status would be taken through that clause by those who are driven by the one way path of Politics. Any Law has to be two way path. To balance the advantage – the Constitution needs to have parallel clauses – that in provinces where majority are  of a particular religion – that religion has foremost status. THAT is effectively what Tamils are asking for – but on Language basis – because by its very nature – Hinduism is Multicultural. After LTTE , Tamil leaders  need to show to prevent reactions at the lower level.

As citizens belonging to minority communities - we do accumulate power with the Lord – with each sacrifice we make in the interest of our nation. This is Sri Lanka for me but to majority it is their home villages and provinces. If we are denied our share at Sri Lankan level – our Soul Power would be naturally shared by those to whom we are home-leaders and not those to whom we are dispensable or at best obedient citizens who could be ‘told’ – as Malinda is telling me without common principle. Buddhism Foremost would empower such political minds to invoke more wars to damage the investment by civilians in intellectual pursuits.

Malinda, as per Wikipedia report owes America:

[Malinda's father Gamini Seneviratne was a civil servant while his mother Lakshmi was a teacher in Royal College, Colombo. Malinda attended the same school and in 1983 selected for University of Peradeniya in Arts stream. While studying at the University, Malinda was offered a scholarship from Harvard University USA in sociology. He graduated in 1993 and enrolled in Cornell University to do the post graduate studies……. Like his father Malinda was initially a Marxist. But due influence of Jathika Chinthanaya stalwarts like Professor Nalin de Silva and Dr Gunadasa Amarasekara gravitated towards leftwing nationalism. He began by that time to question unfailability of Western science as well as the concepts of "moderneity" . In 1992 Malinda, along with former leader of JVP (a Marxist nationalist party that led the 1987-1989 insurrection against the Government) affiliated Inter University Student Federation Patali Champika Ranawaka and others participated in a discussion to form first ever left wing nationalist green political movement in Sri Lanka called "Janatha Mithuro" ( Friends of People) at a temple in Wadduwa, Sri Lanka. The meeting was broke up by Police, probably because of Champika's connection and Malinda along with others were put in to remand custody. Malinda was reportedly hit during the interrogation. After this incident Malinda returned to the USA.]

Even though I contributed more to Australia than the returns I enjoyed, to me Australia is home. This would not be possible if I received more from Australia than I contributed and was ‘ungrateful’. Despite little express returns – I share my work continuously with Australians at various levels and refuse to take ‘orders’ from anyone. Even recently a lady who called herself Carla asked me to have our car removed from the car-park and to have it parked outside on the streets. I first tried to explain to her that we were not aware of any such need by other users nor any corporate rule that we had broken. When the lady kept ‘telling’ me that she would have our car towed away – I finally said to go ahead and do that. Our car continues to be parked in that particular spot and I feel that the Natural system had worked to punish / educate or Discipline Carla through the higher minds in the Body Corporate who know of my power to invoke the law and order authorities.  

As per that Natural system – those who owe would carry the debt as a sin and invoke negative powers that would eventually damage them and their own home-group. Idle laws fill weak minds with status ego – Soorapathman’s / Devil’s weapon. Even one true devotee of Democracy would be enough to invoke the Power of Murugan – the Lord of Democracy -  to eliminate that weapon. So long as I feel Australian – Australia is a Democracy. We do not need the certificates of outsiders – especially outsiders who owe our Allies in Democracy - Americans. 

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