Wednesday 16 November 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
16 November    2016

Lessons Learnt – in Nallur about American Elections

We heard much about Lessons Learnt & Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) set up by the then President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa. The mandate of this Commission was:

 The commission was mandated to investigate the facts and circumstances which led to the failure of the ceasefire agreement made operational on 27 February 2002– Wikipedia

The Lessons we needed to learn was as to how Natural Justice delivers Its own independent verdicts. I was part of the UN team that was officially mandated to help the Tamil Tiger Administration structure democratic systems. The Lesson I Learnt through my genuine work, was that the Tamil Tigers wanted to fight and were least interested in Civil Administration. I wrote and sent my reports to the UN, the Sri Lankan Government and the Tamil Tiger Leadership. That helped me complete my job and essentially place each group as per its true commitment to Civil Administration – in my own mind-structure, as per my conscience. I left the war-zone once I realized that I could not help them any more.

But later in 2009 the above Lesson Learnt helped me appreciate the reality of war situation more deeply than most others known to me. I wrote a public letter – published through the internet, for the LTTE leader to surrender to Nallur Murugan. I doubt that any LTTE Official heard me – but I believe that Lord Murugan did. If we truly feel part of a group – and we act and/or recommend on behalf – we are heard on behalf of the whole. To my mind therefore the Tamil National Alliance - TNA becoming the Leading Opposition in National Parliament  happened due to that surrender back in 2009. One could not have predicted this outcome on merit basis because TNA represents a minority group.

In turn, Mr. Rajapaksa delivered through  the LLRC  the obvious:

[The commission concluded that the Sri Lankan military didn't deliberately target civilians but the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) repeatedly violated international humanitarian law. According to the commission the military gave the "highest priority" to protecting civilians whereas the Tamil Tigers had had "no respect for human life"]

Since Nallur Murugan was by now the Custodian of  my investment in Tamil Public Administration – I was able to read the TNA victory which is the verdict that the LLRC ought to have delivered. The Opposition of Politicians is NOT the Armed forces. To claim that the LTTE repeatedly violated international humanitarian law was to place the LTTE as the Equal Opposition of Sri Lankan Forces – which also means that the Political party that included LTTE supporters – is the true opposition in the mind of the Government. Even one seeker of Truth – would identify with this Karmic Lesson.

The parallel of stating the obvious happened again at Nallur, Jaffna during the recent American Presidential campaign which confirmed  Lesson I Learnt - that the LTTE were surface readers:
[The Northern Province Tamil National Alliance councilors M.K.Shivajilingham and Ananthi Sasitharan participated in special poojas at Nallur Kandasamy Temple, Jaffna, held for the victory of Hillary Clinton in the forthcoming US Presidential Election.
Both the Northern Provincial Council Members sought the blessings of Lord Nallur Kandasamy for the election victory of Hillary Clinton. Also during the special poojas, organizers broke 1008 coconuts and lit camphor as part of their prayers to appease the God for Hillary Clinton's victory.
According to a source, the special Pooja was organized by the Tamils for Hillary Organization on behalf of the Tamils of Sri Lank.] Special Pooja at Nallur Kandasamy Temple for the victory of Hillary Clinton – Asian Tribune
As per the election results Mrs. Clinton did get majority votes but not the position. Like Mr. Rajapaksa – the above LTTE members – calculated on the ‘surface’. Left to them – the ‘seen’ results would have meant victory for Mrs. Clinton. But there are other factors  such as law based merit and beyond law inheritance – as Americans - that also invoke  manifestations. These cannot be influenced by the LTTE supporters unless they become global through common investment and/or Truth which is a Universal Power.  The local example that comes to mind is that of a lady who said she prayed at Kathirgamam – in Southern Sri Lanka – to have a tall daughter – so she could reach above others’ heads to get the holy food from the priest. This mother said to me later that she did get that daughter but that it was becoming more and more difficult to find her a tall husband!  These are the hearsay parallels which show us who real foreigners are. LTTE failed due to becoming subservient to foreign politicians – including MG Ramachandran – the Tamil parallel of Ronald Reagan.

LTTE were clever in use of weapons. But without foreign money they would not have had the weapons to use. This was my declaration in Batticaloa – when a young member of the LTTE said during the above UN mission, that if they did not get the Administration they wanted – they would pick up arms again. Back then  I could not understand why he was saying that. He was actually saying it to others in the group – who were seen largely as Eastern LTTE – close to Karuna Amman. This young guy was from North.  The others left the table but were listening in. It was after this declaration that they said to me through a Diaspora leader – that they were wondering whether I was Krishna or Gandhi ?  To my mind – they would not have listened to either Krishna or Gandhi - because as one of them said later – they did not know Administration; all they knew was to fight. Learning Civil Administration meant not only lowering their status  but also learning the Vedas / Laws of a ‘foreign discipline’. Likewise, majority Lankan Politicians in terms of global resource management.  

During this week’s tutoring class in Geometry – I said to a grade 10 student here in Thunaivi - to first state the theorem. The student kept gambling due to lack of connection to the root – of the subject. But to the extent the young student is respectful of my authority – she is able to follow my thought structure. It was her father Mr. Shanmugalingam who said just last week that if not for me they would not have had Electricity supply to their village. He was one of the applicants who sought a land-donation towards a pathway to the main road so they would qualify to have supply of electricity.  They had the need and hence he remembered. That appreciation / gratitude helps his child to connect to my mind in Geometry also.

I drew parallel with the Hon Mano Ganeshan’s reported outburst in Parliament, in relation to a Buddhist Priest - reported by Colombo Telegraph under the subject heading ‘Buddhist Monk In Batticalao Abusing Officials, I’m Silenced – Minister Mano Ganesan Tells Civil Society:

“If I demand action it will be easily twisted as a Tamil against Sinhala Buddhists. But if the right thinking Sinhalese are going to maintain silence we will have no option. When Respectful Ven. Sobitha Thera formed his organization National Movement for Social Justice (NMSJ), and announced it at a media conference at the library services hall, I was seated on his right. I translated the name title of his organization in Tamil. Now we are not there as we are engaged in other activities. But I am glad you gentlemen are carrying his flag steadily.”

When I raised on many occasions my concerns regarding Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution no member of the Government – including the Hon Mano Ganeshan expressed support or argued against my presentation - on the basis of  the Theory of Democracy. Like the LTTE these politicians want to fight verbally. The Hon Mano Ganeshan reveals also that the hidden purpose of the verbal attack is the passage of Counter-Communalism Act:

While opposing and campaigning against corruption, why don’t NMSJ also campaign against the racism and in this case here filthy racism? Let us face the fact. BBS general secretary was taken to courts some time before, when it occurred in the south between Sinhala based political and social forces. But when such hate speech and communal action of such kinds occur against the Non-Sinhala Buddhist, they are tolerated. It is an indirect license to communalism against minorities. Hooligans are given informal nod to continue with their hate campaign. “Jathiwadaya Walakweeme Panatha” (Counter-Communalism Act), is the sensible idea.
But we need to push for it. We need acts to counter terrorism as well as counter communalism too. Weeks before, an innocent Tamil family was manhandled and threatened by the mob led by a monk in Rathmalana.’

Counter-Communalism Act or any law to eliminate racial discrimination cannot legitimately exist in the same Constitution that has ‘Buddhism foremost’ provision. Where a Buddhist clergy makes a claim that is not-unlawful – it needs to be taken as Buddha Sasana unless we can specifically identify with that part of the Buddha Sasana that says otherwise. Where there is no rule / formula – the word of the highest ranking official becomes the law.

As per the above report:
The minister in an open letter to the Sadharana Samajayak (National Movement for Social Justice), Professor Sarath Wijesooriya, Sisira Jayamaha, Palitha Lihiniyakumara, R.S.Jayarathna, J.C. Waliamuna,  Rev.Father Ried Shelton Fernando, Lal Wijenayake, Dr. Jayantha Dhanapala, Saman Rathnapriya, Gamunu Wijerathne, Richard Thanippuliarachchi and Wasantha Kulathunge, urged to have look a at the 2.23 minute video where the monk is abusing the government servant.

I recognize two names – Mr.  J.C. Waliamuna and Dr. Jayantha Dhanapala  of persons with whom I interacted through their published reports/status in relation to Common issues. The former was through my investment in Air Lanka and the latter through my investment in the UN. Both are of ownership value due to surrendering the gap between my earned benefits and the received benefits. That’s when we invoke the power of Dharma / Pathway of Truth. Neither engaged with me – and hence my ‘ gap ’ merged – with  the system of Dharma when I accepted my lower position – after doing my best to uphold my true position. This system of Dharma keeps account through our conscience, of every genuine stroke of work and sacrifice which is connected to the conscience of others when we are in Natural mode. It’s this unseen power – that delivers the unexpected. Dharma cannot be limited to majority numbers at physical level. The power of Nallur for example cannot be limited to the poojas or number of devotees physically present. Every person who Believes adds universal power to the Land that is ‘homeland’ to that person. Such a person would not waste it away on ‘foreigners’ as the LTTE supporters did – at Nallur and Mr. Waliamuna and Dr. Dhanapala did in the case of Sri Lankan Airlines and the UN respectively to whom those who commissioned them are ‘foreigners’.

I could not invoke Mr. Ganeshan’s support in relation to elimination of Buddhism foremost article. But in my own mind – I  repaired the flaw – by working more to strengthen my investment in Sri Lanka through the Hindu pathway – and the result is that  Article 9 has become the parallel of Mrs. Clinton getting more votes and not the position.

A Tamil Diaspora leader forwarded to me the Colombo Telegraph article :

“You Tamil Dog, I Will Kill You” Buddhist Monk Tells Grama Sevaka In Batticaloa

November 12, 2016
A Buddhist Monk from Batticaloa has threatened to kill a grama sevaka for filing several court cases against Sinhalese living in the district.
Using absolute filth in Sinhala, Ampitiye Sumana, a monk from the Batticaloa Mangalarama said, “You are a bloody tiger. My blood boils when I see you. You are a bloody dog. You are a Tamil Grama Sevaka. You have been filing case after case against our Sinhalese. Stop filing cases against the Sinhalese. Go and take action against what is happening in Wilpattu and Siripada. If you even send out one Sinhalese from their lands, I will end the rule by the Thambiyas and the Demalas. I will smash you. This is my last warning to all of you,” the monk said.]

Given that Mr. Ganeshan waited until he ‘saw’ to react – I conclude that my ‘ gap ’ has become part of the Structure of Dharma of the Sri Lankan Government. We can now learn through National leaders – how this beautiful system of Dharma works and delivers as per the Total value of Service accumulated beyond time and place borders. The entry is through our own Conscience – available to all of us.  The pathway is the Soul Connection. 

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