Tuesday 22 November 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
22 November    2016

Australian Heritage in Sri Lanka

I did not intellectually learn the provisions of the Australian Racial Discrimination Act 1975, until 1999 by which time I had already lived in Australia as an Australian for 14 years. Even today, I do not know many of the provisions of the Australian Constitution. When I studied to become a Chartered Accountant here in Sri Lanka – I learnt many Accounting theories and scored high marks in some sections. But I am yet to use most of them in practice. Hence those theories were,  to my mind, part of our Common cultural order of thought as Accountants. This helps strengthen workplace relationships and extends in many instances to good social order with my Accounting colleagues. It also becomes a block with those who show attachment to their past status by passing those exams and getting into high positions. Like in the case of Sri Lankan Constitution, there is British Value that is included in the Accounting Theories through which today’s Sri Lankan Chartered Accountants come together. The  Consolidated mind that is reflected through those theories is global to one who attributes due credit to those fundamentals. The moment a mind successfully passes the boundary of time and place – it becomes a common heritage.

The Racial Discrimination Act 1975 helped me give global form to my experiences in Australia. By carrying its value and applying it in Sri Lanka – I am confirming Australian heritage in Sri Lanka. That legislation t helped me mark many senior Administrators, including the then Prime Minister, John Howard,  ‘wrong’ in terms of global principles and values and stop allocating higher status to them. In terms of theoretical status those officials  became Equal to me. In terms of earned status – they became my juniors. The work I did and the pain I underwent to take my experience to the Judiciary despite knowing that I would be allocated ‘fail’ grade – helped me eliminate that higher global status of Australian origin. This helps me ‘show’ the real Australian Balance Sheet of my times to next generation and to wider world – as heritage developed in Australia. Like the Accounting theories that were inherited by me – future Australians will inherit that true value. The essence of it is in ‘Naan Australian.’  Tamils as a community celebrate Tamil being accepted as official language in various parts of the world. Naan Australian, celebrates itself by reaching the National Library of Australia without any seen or known intervention on my part. That confirms its heritage value.

Vedas are usually not understood by the current generation. But to the extent we believe in our heritage,  the mind that discovered that Root Connection between cause and effect – empowers us. When I received this morning, a message of appreciation from a high status Hindu Priest – for my article – ‘ The Rights of Children  & Responsibilities of  Leaders’
I felt deeply touched because to my mind, real religious leaders would identify with heritages beyond religious borders. Such identity empowers both/all  disciplines we specialize in.

The Constitution of Sri Lanka, is largely unpracticed theory to majority Sri Lankans. But those who have written it through their own Truth share with us a heritage. Amendment 13 to the Sri Lankan Constitution devolving power to the provinces is such heritage and once accepted by other cultures – it has the power to naturally lead us through the Common path. In fact Amendment 13 is essential to facilitate minorities to balance through additional work and sacrifice, the theoretical imbalance through Article 9 of the Constitution, which affords foremost status to Buddhism and thus restricts the Constitution to local standards – of Sri Lankan Buddhists. Hence the division within the Buddhist leaders which resulted in majority race losing leadership opportunity at National level politics.  Truth has confirmed the Equal leadership earned by Tamils who continue to accept Sri Lanka as their Nation. This negates the value of Article 9 at National level. Any Constitution that upholds Article 9 in its current form or interferes with Amendment 13 – carries the serious risk of internal divisions within the Buddhist Community through sections that claim benefits on the basis of ‘National Sovereignty’. Mr. Howard then the Prime Minister of Australia for example, was driven by White Only power. As per the independent application of the law, I defeated Mr. Howard – and to me that was due to my forbearance until I decided to give up on Australia and return to Sri Lanka – after a spokesperson for Mr. Howard’s group declared White-Only Australia through national TV. From that point onwards Truth took-over and released me from my just but unrealistic expectations of returns as per the Equal Opportunity Laws for my Australian work. By actively using the Tamil heritage expressed through Amendment 13 to the Sri Lankan Constitution – minorities are rejecting in practice – Article 9 and they are naturally promoted to Sri Lankan status instead of remaining at their origins – Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim or Burgher.

The editor of Ceylon Today states ‘Since the island nation is now focused on stabilizing peace and reconciliation in the country, a healthy new Constitution for unity and integrity as well as enhancing the economy, thus paving the way for greater development, remains the need of the hour.

There can be no peace without Truth. The Vedas are not re-written. A Constitution that is being re-written many times in one generation – confirms that it is weak and is not balanced. It would therefore not be the causal force of a balance sheet that confirms ownership harmony. The editor of Ceylon Today states:

[The reports of the six Parliamentary Subcommittees seem to have gone extensively into every aspect in bringing out a new Constitution in the process of creating a peaceful and reconciled nation.
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe told Parliament on Saturday that the reports of the six Parliamentary Subcommittees would be made available to citizens of the country as well through proper channels and there won't be room for any 'hide and seek'.

The question is whether the Constitution when translated into reality would show a Balanced Balance Sheet which reflects the true state of affairs of Sri Lanka as a Nation? With Article 9 – as the driving force – a balanced balance sheet is possible for the Buddhist Community but not for Sri Lanka as a nation. The above report brings to mind the question highlighted by the Public Prosecutor in Australia,  who was effectively representing the University of New South Wales and was seen openly colluding with the University lawyer – about which my colleague Ms Gwen Harrigan complained to the Magistrate – only to be set-aside by the Judge joining the University group through the claim that the University lawyer was helping the Public Prosecutor understand a point or two. But that sharing was NOT transparent. During cross examination the Public Prosecutor asked me whether to me the letter written by Professor Mark Wainwright – then the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW – asking me not to come to see him was mere piece of paper ? I said – it had no lawful basis. By this time I had learnt about the Governance structure of the University and was empowered by the indirect express support of  two Chancellors of my time – one of whom – Sir Anthony Mason – carried high status as an expert in the theory of Law. The other – Dr. John Yu – openly supported my spirit of ownership. Both of them thus included me as part of their position of Governors General of the University. This gave me the confidence to express my Truth in the form of law  understandable by the lowest common member of the University Community.  I successfully defeated the Public Prosecutor and through him the Vice Chancellor of the University who avoided by using an expensive barrister - the Subpoena to appear in person at the court hearing the matter. The Police issuing such a subpoena was confirmation of my success.  But the Governing Council dismissed the Vice Chancellor – and to-date – not many know the logical reason why? It’s in the ‘superstition’ basket of the University. That dismissal came through the scientific pathway of the type claimed by some in terms of CERN - The European Organization for Nuclear Research.

The Buddhism foremost article in the Constitution would also continue show such dismissals through the system of Natural Justice – where even one member of  minority religious community loses value of her/his practice as Sri Lankan and is not allocated ‘foremost’ position in secular world. When an article allocates status through religious label – in a multi-religious society – that religion is brought within the power of  apparent custodians of power of the whole. By progressing to realize the Truth – at National level – despite this handicap – such member of minority group – invokes the other side to complete the real Constitution of that Nation. It is this part that works the Nation naturally with least influence from high powered leaders. By failing to Balance article 9 – which in theory is in breach of Equal Opportunity Laws – the leaders are confirming that they are not yet truly Sri Lankan even intellectually. Due to Article 9, not only Tamils but any religious minority which becomes a religious majority within a certain land space covered by the Constitution, is entitled to their own space of sovereignty through devolution if they establish that Sovereignty through Declaration of Belief via their  Political Leadership – as happened through Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976. Developing and maintaining that internal unity is essential towards such declaration.

Tamil Nationalists of Sri Lanka who tend to copy the Sinhalese Nationalists – have their own parallels of Article 9. I received today an email from such a Tamil directing me to the link
https://youtu.be/6EAGv8BMYBY  . This video is about the interpretation of Natraj (Dancing Shiva) at CERN - The European Organization for Nuclear Research. I myself had realizations of this form of Natraj during my University experiences. The explanation that came to me was in the form of my limited but thorough knowledge of physics – that the Form represented all 5 forms of   Energy in active form. To me the realization was confirmation that even though I was not ritualistic in practicing Hinduism – the Lord came to me due to my true  belief in God – and my genuine commitment to sharing my experiences at MY level of realization. The above video promotes Hindu form of Natraj and makes certain claims of ancient Tamil civilization. When I searched  as an independent member of the Public – I came across an alleged inside account of CERN at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ckvs5HHUl4k  which was the parallel of those who complained against White Australian Medical Academic – claiming he had committed Scientific Fraud – an accusation that eventually resulted in the dismissal of the Vice Chancellor. I saw my own contribution to this force of dismissal through claim of Equal Opportunity rights.  Likewise another video about Lord Murugan empowering LTTE leader Prabhakaran - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7UNTM6xLz4&t=510s  at 4:08
I believe through my own experience that Prabhakaran was not a Murugan devotee. In terms of outsiders – he did not represent Hindus of Sri Lanka and this has been confirmed through his own representation of himself as a Christian – an internal separation of pathways within his family.

The Sri Lankan chapter of  Buddhism is a separation from its origin – Buddha of India. It is a separation because it does not show connection to the known origin. That limits the Sri Lankan chapter to its own powers of true practice in Sri Lanka. When this is codified as the source of Sovereign power – it ‘shrinks’ the space covered by such power. Thus Truth can fill the gap to balance the Balance Sheet through a true Sri Lankan who has no knowledge of Article 9 or has knowledge but has eliminated its imbalance. The first duty of such a Sri Lankan is to mark Article 9 wrong due to placement within National Sasana/Scripture. By such inclusion the leaders are robbing Buddhism of its heritage value which spreads itself naturally and needs no external instrument. Amendment 13 happened due to all religions of Sri Lankan including Buddhism and Hinduism being of heritage value due to their origins being outside Sri Lankan borders. Amendment 13 happened through Tamils due to Vaddukoddai Resolution not through Buddhists to whom they are the highest power in Sri Lankan Buddhism due to Article 9 with no connection to known origin of Buddhism.

The Government can amend the Constitution as per its desires. But every Sri Lankan carrying Sri Lankan heritage value will naturally dilute the powers of those provisions through natural sharing with those who are marginalized through the Constitution itself. To the extent Sri Lanka has been a democracy – one carrying heritage in the form of Equal Opportunity values – will reverse the effects on the law-makers. It’s like in voodoo magic which does not work with those who believe in God within – as part of themselves. 

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