Wednesday 24 June 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 24 June 2015

Sinhala State from America to Australia

In response to our Australian Government’s new laws towards blocking terrorism,  I received emails from Sinhalese Diaspora with the subject heading ‘ Please sign this petition and support an Australian lady who was attacked recently by LTTE Supporters’. The incident mentioned in the email came to my attention about a month ago and I did not take it as warranting my special focus. In other words, I was NOT alarmed as an AUSTRALIAN. To me the ceremony was to mourn the death of  those who died during the war and this includes my close relatives also. It is interesting that the issue is being raised now – at a time when the Australian Government is legalizing cancellation of Australian citizenship for those who are suspected of terrorism and  have dual citizenship. As stated in yesterday’s article ‘Islamic State-A Warning to Sri Lankans’ , those principles  must apply also to Governments ‘suspected’ of war-crimes. That is when the law would be a just and democratic law. Our Prime Minister got cross with the ABC for facilitating a person who was accused of Terrorism to be included in the audience of the program  'lefty lynch mob'. To my mind that was the right political decision given that this accused person escaped punishment due to cleverness of his lawyer – through technicality. This needs also to be applied to those who are aiding Terrorism by activating those genes in the opposition.

Given that that lady at the center of the email subject matter -  Ms Diannah Paramour was from Tasmania and the incident happened in Springvale/Geelong Victoria – I took it as an ‘incident’ and did not respond to the communication last month. To my mind, to use belief-based pathway – one must be on ‘home-grounds’. Tamils to whom Victoria is home state had the belief-based right to express their Truth. Hence I did not take it as being against ‘Sri Lanka’ or ‘Australia’. In fact such expressions of Belief enrich  the place where it is made. They are sacred sites due to such belief.

The new laws and the emails they have influenced from foreigner - have given rise to the need to express my feelings on this – especially given that I received requests to sign above mentioned petition.

Tamils raising their homeland flag in Australia is not different to Aborigines raising their homeland flag outside Australia  - including during the Olympics.  It is belief based and to my knowledge there is no Australian law against it.  To my mind, Ms Diannah Paramour seemed to have the genes of those who oppose Aboriginal claim. Whether this is right or wrong – depends on each one’s culture. The Common Measure is the Law. If it was unlawful and if Ms Paramour was serious – she would have brought about legal injunction and would not have played the role of Government irresponsibly to suppress minority rights. One who values Traditional Land Rights would not have disrespected the memorial ceremony. When belief based expressions of loss are suppressed – they would lead to depression in that community and/or invoke rebellion which did happen in Sri Lanka due to suppression of minority rights.

The question I ask our Government is what happens to Australian born citizens with dual citizenship? Will their Australian citizenship also be cancelled for them to be sent forward to the ‘other’ country?  Say for example Ms Paramour who expressed that she cares about Sri Lanka – would Ms Paramour  be sent to Sri Lanka if she had dual citizenship there – as many Westerns do have? In any case – is there a relative punishment for Australians without dual citizenship – when they act to invoke terrorism?

We Australians need to take care not to invoke the negative past and facilitate Aboriginal negatives to join forces with other negatives of other minorities. Likewise White Australian negatives to join forces with other majority races.

We accept the Australian Government’s need to prevent abuse of Australia for Terrorism purposes and hence the passage of this legislation regarding cancellation of Australian Citizenship. We expect mistakes to happen through individuals – just as they happened in Sri Lanka – on both sides of the ethnic border. But the need for the law is accepted by majority known to me.

As an Australian, I feel that we need this Common Measure – as most Australians do NOT know the Truth through people who have had the direct experience.  This above lady – Ms Ms Diannah Paramour, to my mind, is one of them. Ms Shenali Waduge whose article entitled ‘60 year old Australian activist attacked by Tamils at Tamil Genocide event in Australia!(

was referred to me a month ago, and who claims to be a Sri Lankan – did not ever publish any of my contributions to Common Sri Lanka -  nor did Ms Waduge ask me an Australian of Lankan origin as to how I felt about the above . Ms Diannah Paramour – a White Australian is shown to be more Trustworthy to Ms Waduge and the Sinhalese Diaspora who have signed this petition initiated by Sinhalese Diaspora as follows:

[From: Patriots <>
Date: 22 June 2015 00:49:03 GMT-5
To: <>
Subject: Please sign this petition and support an Australian lady who was attacked recently by LTTE Supporters

This is a petition to the Australian Government to disallow the raising of the LTTE Flag.  The lady who is Australian is a genuine supporter of Sri Lanka. She went to a meeting and objected to the LTTE flag. She was attacked and her hand and one rib were broken.  The low life thugs physically assaulted a 60 some year old lady lawyer who was supporting Sri Lanka.  We need to support her.

 Please sign this.

This law has surfaced the Truth – that Sinhalese looking for a fight would stoop to using unethical pathways to rekindle the ethnic war. Based on the principles underpinning this new law, all those signatories must be banned by the Australian Government from entering Australia and those who  already have Australian citizenship and are dual citizens – the new law needs to be applied to cancel their Australian Citizenship.

In democracy – we interpret issues through objective outcomes. The issue is Terrorism by foreigners. If terrorism is surfaced by foreigners the Government has the responsibility  to take action against them irrespective of their ethnic associations. That’s when this new law would have the blessings of Lady Justice who is blind to physical differences.

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