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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 15 June  2015

Tamil War Memorial in Sydney

Sri Lanka – One Nation or Three Nations?

Over the weekend, I was referred to the Island Newspaper (Sri Lanka) article  ‘We are one people on a small Island’ by Kanthar P (Nathan) Balanathan – a fellow Australian. The sight of the string of qualifications (DipEE(UK), GradCert(RelEng-Monash), DipBusAdm(Finance-Massey), CEng, MIEE, MIE(Aust), CPEng.  confirmed that this writer was not confident of the substance shared and hence needed his educational certificates to impress the readers. Hence I discounted the message by that rate of confidence-weakness demonstrated by the writer. The writer goes on to provide statistics available to substantiate his claim. This article was given negative rating by members of the Tamil Diaspora while Sinhalese called it an excellent article.

I had similar trend in the feedback about Chief Minister Wigneswaran’s statements in relation to  Drug problem in Northern Sri Lanka. When looking up the above article by Mr. Balanathan I noted another entitled ‘The mind of Wigneswaran’ by Mr. Edward Gunawardene – a Sinhalese on this issue of Drugs in Northern Sri Lanka. In essence they are both about whether Sri Lanka is one country with two nations or one nation?

I asked myself how I would view this if I were UN? - On the basis of Human Body Numbers, Natural Land separation or Culture? At UN level – the whole world is One Nation with internal separations for the purposes of relativity towards harmony leading to self-governance. The proportion in which these criteria are combined would vary as per the already existing natural resources. Towards this, the UN needs to not ‘relate’ directly to any particular part/country. It needs to be a facility through which the respective countries could work-out their structures as per their Truth.  Global laws need to be used to facilitate and not to directly administer to demarcate borders.  If Sri Lanka is that UN at country level, then Tamils and Sinhalese are those internal parts/communities needing specific borders to relate as outsiders.

Dividing only on numbers is confirmation of weak knowledge about  the higher pathways.

Mr. Balanathan highlights his point through the question ‘Can we think of dividing Tamil Nadu into states at the rate of 2.28% per state, in which case Tamil Nadu has to be divided into 44 state administrations? This is not practical.

To my mind the above mentioned ‘number’ order confirms weak knowledge of the higher pathways. It is like saying that when there is more than  5 members in the family – it needs to divide itself. In democracy, one without official portfolio has the responsibility to start with the Truth known to her/himself and not become an alternate unofficial government. One who does speak as if s/he is in that position and uses those statistics instead of her/his Truth – through such a structure – is sowing the seeds of rebellion – such as JVP / LTTE. That is based on pleasure. One who experiences pain without  pleasure has the consolidation Energy. The citizen has the authority of her/his Truth alone. On this basis – JVP/LTTE who took the official position of rebels were giving form to such expressions of Truth. But when expressing – we need to use our own Truth  to interpret the government outcomes published or do our own work to produce independent outcomes. When we go outside our Truth – and we do not have position authority – we are guilty of  disturbing peace. It confirms that we are enjoying pleasure before pain which may end up being no-pain if we run away as irresponsible fathers do.


The natural separations that existed and were accepted by the people over long period is confirmation of ownership. Sri Lanka where by law – prescriptive rights are taken as legal ownership when declaration of belief  is made by the occupier – has the responsibility to accept that areas where national minorities have been in occupation over long periods – they are the natural governors. This natural governance  needs to be facilitated by Central Government. This applies not only to Tamils but also to Muslims who also have specific areas in which they have lived over long periods. Those minorities in turn have to facilitate others within their area to govern themselves as a community in that land space – for example – Muslims and Sinhalese in Tamil areas. Taking over land that belonged to civilians after declaration that the war has ended – needs to be with the agreement of the lawful owners and that too for specific periods. Otherwise in action the Government is confirming that the war is still  not over.


Like the mind this is the most difficult criterion to be used as a measure. It cannot be measured through language alone – because only belief based formation qualifies as culture. There could be differences between how one describes her/his cultural grouping to how an outsider describes her/his cultural grouping.

The Chief Minister of  Northern Province – the Hon Wigneswaran for example would have been considered Sri Lankan at national level until he became Chief Minister of Northern Providence. But now he is seen as an Eelam Tamil. As mentioned above – I received responses from Sinhalese also. My communication with one  in relation to my article ‘Drug Trafficking & People Smuggling’ includes the following:

Dr. Sinhalese: I cannot believe you state that Tamils are marginalized if they do not believe or support the LTTE !! This is the belief of the Economic Tamil refugees in Canada, Australia & a host of other countries, who call themselves the Tamil Diaspora.

Gaja: Through my Truth based knowledge I could not identify that I would have stated that 'Tamils are marginalized if they do not believe or support the LTTE'.    But out of respect for you I went back to the article and searched. There are five places where I have used the word LTTE. The closest from which YOU may have made out that I stated the above is the following:

'Likewise unless LTTE is included as part of the Tamil Political leadership, to the average Armed Officer – Tamils are weaker than the Sinhalese.'

If it was not the above - but some other statement - I am not able to find it in that article. I would appreciate it very much if you would take me to it by using quotation marks.  I now address YOUR message as delivered through your pathway which is ' Tamils are marginalized if they do not believe or support the LTTE'

Yes, Tamils are marginalized by majority Tamils if they do not support the LTTE. The reason is that majority Tamils affected by war blame the Armed forces for their pain and loss. The way they can guard themselves against the Armed forces is to bring LTTE into them. If the Government could not be trusted then the armed forces could not be trusted. That was the message - not only by Tamils but also by Sinhalese in JVP influenced areas. Once the group opposes the Government - that group would not Trust that Government's armed forces. Hence to the extent they carry the LTTE as their heroes - they become their own Guarding soldiers.

As an educated person - I had the responsibility to use the Common Administrative pathway and hence I did not take either side until there was room for some kind of Civil Management. Many Tamil Diaspora leaders did argue with me but I  kept to the little corner of civil life. Then in 2003 - due to Ceasefire - I was facilitated by a Yoga Swamy devotee to serve in Killinochchi / Vanni through a UNDP project - developing Civil Administrative structures. I did the best I could within what was available and once the 'project' was completed I did my report to UNDP and left.  Thereafter even with LTTE I used the official status they allocated to me within and this was not high. It would not be given they are an armed force and  if your contribution is towards civil administration. But I got to know them as individuals and I included that Truth in me and added it to my work for self-governance - mainly in Australia. So you could say that LTTE members are within me and to the extent of belief in self-governance by those included -  that statement is true.  It is a true political statement which connects me naturally to millions - not only Tamils - who do not have the higher pathways through which to express themselves. That is also the attraction that Indian Tamils feel for the LTTE and Sri Lankan Tamils who seem marginalized. Once that connection is recognized - no Tamil in Sri Lanka is a minority.  But this power cannot be expressed as is through the Common pathway of Administration. Like the empowering wife being Shakthi/Energy - this cultural connection would empower from within. Streamlining it through the Administrative pathway requires skills in  civilian management.  Whether you are a Medical doctor or an academic - your technical skills are the parallel of Army's skills. When you deal with the public you need civil management  skills - so you would bring the patient/student into yourself and then treat/educate them as part of yourself.  If you on the other hand are lacking in that civil management skills it is highly likely that you would 'Administer' like a pharmacist or teach top-down - as the case may be.  Hence the marginalization accusation which fits majority Tamils but not Sri Lankans.  How can Sinhalese marginalize Tamils who have lost consciousness of country borders and have shared with Indians, Singaporeans and Malaysians - and now even Canadians and the British? Some may act to show majority within Sri Lankan borders but that is action of their own desires and fears.  The war and subsequent emigration have confirmed the support Tamil civilians have beyond local borders. A big part of it is through workplace closely supported by Common Community activities.  You call it belief in LTTE. I recognize it as belief in self-governance.  To the extent both are genuine - we would merge at the common destination.

Dr. Sinhalese: Mr. Wigneswaran  as the Chief Minister of the Northern Province does not have to do that. If he as a Supreme Court Judge of Sri Lanka upheld the laws of the country in relation to the LTTTE how has his attitude changed  now?

Gaja: Upholding the law was his job as Supreme Court Judge. Upholding the rights of his electorate is his job as Politician.   Neither need be Truth.  Both are duties and unless the positions are true for the people in whose name they exist – duties will not lead to Truth. But to the extent we do our duties genuinely – our contributions will go to the place where that law leads to Truth. This may be the UK in terms of Judiciary in Sri Lanka and India in terms of Politics in Tamil areas of Sri Lanka.

 On the other hand a citizen without portfolio - upholding the Truth through those laws would work the true investments of all concerned in that group.  The judgments delivered by Mr. Wigneswaran may have been 'right' as per the law but would not have necessarily upheld the Truth in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Edward Gunawardena – the author of the Island article mentioned about states along similar mind-order:

‘It is apparent that the mind of Wigneswaran is working in a crafty and diabolical manner to please the diaspora and the LTTE dregs.’

Both of these responders are of Sinhalese origin and they are not yet Sri Lankan.  During my legal battles here in Australia,  I was allocated a pro bono lawyer in relation to the matter relating to my complaint of racial-discrimination.  When I stated that the proof was also in the recorded fact that I was referred to as ‘Sri Lankan’ despite my strong protests that I was ‘Australian’ – that lawyer stated – he saw nothing wrong with that description. He said he would call a Croatian a Croatian. And this was a lawyer advising me in relation to a legal matter!!! When we are within legal boundaries we need to use strictly legal language. The wigs and gowns are towards this discipline to raise the consciousness. Often discrimination happens at workplaces and in provision of public service – due to us resorting to natural language expressed through our true mind-orders. Then the Truth comes out where there is no time to use legal formulas or when higher status is taken as if one has no supervisor.

Unless the Sri Lankan armed officers are highly disciplined – more disciplined than the above lawyer or the writers mentioned above – to them a Tamil is not likely to be Sri Lankan. Whatever we write in our brain is what comes out. Hence if we write ‘Tamil’ everyday in our brain – ‘Sri Lankan’ would not come out when we are on duty – especially when we are not supervised.  Often I get mail from those with high educational certifications – asking me to go to India where I belonged! In other words – any land where I am is India to them. That is how they separated in their minds.  Their parallels in Tamils called that land Eelam Tamil Nation. It’s the same destination that Sinhalese pushed Tamils to. Tamils did not do it on their own.  If the separation is in mind only for natural governance – then we would respect each other as equals. Where one seeks to show it as is to the world – then they become two countries – whether there is acknowledgment of it or not. Every time a Sinhalese said so to me – a Tamil – s/he isolated and disenfranchised her/his group. This is because I am true Sri Lankan and that Truth reverses the separation power to the sender. Tamils who are hasty to show separation would act to confirm this and fail to use the quiet pathway of Truth. If there is no more war in my lifetime  – I would conclude that Tamil wisdom through forbearance which includes mine – has prevailed. This force has to be stronger force than that of clever Tamils who seek to ‘show’.

Once during heavy checking in Northern Sri Lanka – and I was on my way to Nallur Temple to participate in the festivities – I was stopped at the Main Bus Stand  and asked by a junior armed officer to produce my identity documents.  Before I went to Jaffna - I had a bad experience in Colombo where a female pickpocket tried to get my purse while I was busy praying – in a crowd at Mayura Amman Temple. I grabbed the hand and said to the woman that Amman/Mother would take the hand that stole. I did not report the matter but warned others around to take care. I did not lose anything material and in fact felt grateful that I was saved that pain due to my belief.  But as advised by my cousin – I took only photocopy of ID document when going to such places. But the junior armed officers on the way to Nallur Temple refused to accept those photocopies. I said  I had the original at home. I asked them to come home with me. Then a senior officer joined the group, had one look at the document and cleared me. I believe that not only I but Nallur Murugan Himself was blessing that senior officer.

Yesterday, at a meeting of a Tamil Diaspora group – one elder asked a service provider whether he now experiences difficulties such as the above – when he went to Sri Lanka. The participant said no not now. The elder said one of his friends had complained that he was visited three times by the armed officers during his recent visit to Northern Sri Lanka. Then others in the group said that it depended on the commander/officer in charge at that point.

As per my experience – it depends also on the person being checked. Once when I was going with a group to Kathirgamam from Colombo – and we were approached by a young officer – one lady from within our group started commenting that the officer looked like a child-soldier!   I said to her words to the effect ‘You brought me with you for safety – and if you keep your mind active – you would dilute my energies’. Through my wisdom in Administration,  I invoke the ‘officer’ in the person and there is a silent communication – mind to mind – when I speak to such officers. This ultimately communicates my Sri Lankanism to the officer – if one is available at that point. One has to be conscious of being Sri Lankan to be able to do this. Mr. Wigneswaran also would have invoked this in an officer  – even if he were not holding the high position he does.

But when it comes to leadership – we need to take into account the reality of the most junior member of the group we are responsible for.   As per the conduct of the officers during war-time – most Tamil civilians would be carrying messages of fear or  distrust in their minds. It would be better for Tamil civilians  to complete that relationship with Tamil armed officers and for the completed wholesome value to be merged through the Provincial Council as well as the Central Administration’s branch in Northern Sri Lanka to the Top Governance Facility in Colombo. To the extent the Government has its troops in Tamil Areas to prevent war – they must stay within their areas of operation and not get involved in civil administration. There needs to be regular feedback to the Civilian Government – i.e. – Provincial Government from this group through appropriate structures.

When we read another’s expressions or actions – our decisions are often on the basis of our own expectations also. When such expectations are based on our Truth we would read others’ Truth through our Truth and decisions/conclusions expressed on that basis are healthy for the environment. Where we are driven more by our desires – and we think we have higher status than the other, including through the high status of the side/group  we belong to – we receive the seen and the heard through those desires. Where there is common belief – we tend to submit or take responsibility as the case may be – for each other. Then we do not need proof to accuse and highlight faults. We merely cure and get cured  through common life.

Hence  I believe that the Sri Lankan Government must facilitate both Sinhala Nationalism as well as Tamil Nationalism and even Islamic Nationalism to the extent of demonstrated Truth by that community. It has to be Truth and not mere principles. Developing structures that confirm this is the right of that Community and needs to be facilitated and not interfered with.  

If UN can do it – why can’t Sri Lanka? If Sri Lanka fails – then UN has failed Sri Lanka.

I was taken to the Tamil War Memorial here in Sydney and my heart went out to all those who Believed that they were fighting for self-governance and lost their lives. There was evidence of quiet prayers by their loved ones. It was thought that this would not be possible in Sri Lanka. Australia got the honors by facilitating that Truth from its community. Truth is Universal Power and the whole globe  is Its Land. One who desires and is possessive – would fear such expressions of Truth. 

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