Friday 12 June 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 12 June  2015
Tamil Acting Hero Rajnikanth

Counter Terrorism Summit & The Diaspora

Our Prime Minister Abbott warned us yet again through a Counter-Terrorism Summit that Terrorism was a real threat in current Australia. He said it was important for religious leaders and families of young people at risk of radicalization to “convince people that God does not demand death to the infidels.” I believe that God does not demand anything. God’s system is such that we make our own destiny through the god / truth within us. To the extent we are ‘sole operators’ we write that destiny alone – for better or for worse.  When we do so as groups – we participate in the group’s destiny – again for better or for worse.

Recently when I went for a meeting with Immigration Officials regarding new policies I learnt that the security measures there have been strengthened after the Martin Place siege. That tragedy is an example of how a person without family or community support could attach himself to global matters to attract attention. Such powers when we lose control of them would naturally collude with those who give form to it as their policy. This is why we as individuals, families, communities – must always be focused on our Sovereignty and not stretch our hands out to receive or to give.

 The Martin Place siege would have informed us to where our loyalties lay.  The way we FELT during that siege and how we feel even now when we recall that experience tells US who our People are. In my case, once I had knowledge that my immediate family came home early I thanked the ‘system’ – including the employers – for the relief I felt.  I continued to feel anxiety for those who were experiencing fear due to what was happening. That confirms again – that my loyalties are with Australia. Any understanding of why the attacker did what he did – is on humanitarian basis. Knowing the difference is very important – especially for those of us who have emigrated from war-torn countries.

This morning I received an email with details of interview –(headed TNA & GTF on 'GTV NEWS NIGHT' - 8th & 9th June 2015 )- by a group of Tamils regarding the meeting that Global Tamil Forum (UK)  had with Tamil Politician the Hon Sumanthiran and the representative of the Sri Lankan Government. Last night, I received the following message from Father SJ Emmanuel in response to a related email:

[Dear Mr.Param Gajalaxmi, thank you for your mails sent to me as SJE. I could not afford to read all with my Age, limited time and ability, I will request you NOT to send any more of your writings to SJE.
thank you

I responded by saying that I would oblige. That was on the basis as individual. Given that Father Emmanuel is known to be very much part of the leadership of  Global Tamil Forum – I concluded that the leadership of GTF was not able to provide the assistance needed to manage the communications to its leadership.  The simple  and independent way to not have knowledge of such material is to ‘block sender’. That is the respect we show the issue under discussion at a public level. I concluded that this leader felt upset and hence returned it to me to show that disagreement. As a Tamil Father Emmanuel did not know that Gajalakshmi is usually a female. When one does not accept and acknowledge dissent / disagreement – one becomes a negative energy in politics.  That intolerance naturally breeds extremism.

I was further upset when I heard  Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP – the Hon Sumanthiran say that that meeting was NOT about Diaspora Tamils but about Resident Tamils in Sri Lanka. That upset me very much. Just this morning I spoke to Lingam of Pyramid Stores in Homebush area – and advised him to not neglect his health. Lingam had an early start today – and is likely to work more than 12 hours in his business. Lingam said that the problems related to his body will come and go but he must do his work to keep his life healthy. As per my knowledge Lingam does care about his family back in Northern Sri Lanka and is always ready to help when he can in our service work. Hence when Mr. Sumanthiran says – it is not about Diaspora Tamils – it is not inclusive of  the likes of Lingam who does not have the Human Resource support that the Resident Tamils have. This morning came also another request from an outstanding Tamil migrant who is facing unjust discrimination related problems at the workplace and is seeking my guidance.  These are Human Resource issues that migrants face all the time. Not many Resident Tamils have knowledge of these problems through which we migrants have to not only maintain our status in wider society but also pay back our debts to our country of origin including through Tamil areas – but not limited to Tamil areas. If we fail to settle those debts our children would have negative heritage from us. Our debts have to be settled at the highest level of status we had when we left Sri Lanka. If we do not want others to know – we need to do this confidentially.  If we pay too much to ‘show’ we take our debt with us and also leave the liability behind as negative shares - for our children who then have to make stronger contributions than others at global level to liquidate that negative heritage.

Mr. Sumanthiran is not alone in this kind of ‘attitude’ with the Diaspora. They want the money for which they would ‘give’ the donor recognition through name-boards etc. but not ownership shares in the structures developed. The University of Jaffna Academics also showed this attitude in 2010 about development projects. This is acceptable to many members of the Diaspora – but to what destination does this lead us as a Community? It’s when the Diaspora feels common shareholding in the work done in Sri Lanka – that we as a Community would develop global structures  - with the Diaspora naturally being there for Resident Tamils and v.v.  The Resident Tamil Group  in fact has the higher value Human Resource, relative to Diaspora Tamil group.

Yesterday  I received from a member of the Sinhalese Diaspora an email with the following comments:
[ Xxxxx  has circulated an article by Shenali Waduge (given below) on Sri Lanka's "admirable" Buddhist missionary achievements in the West. Before I go into that subject a few words on the new role assumed by Shenali as a writer on Buddhism deserves a comment. Shenali was previously known as a propagandist for the MARA regime. Now that the enormity of the defects and crimes of that regime have been exposed it is good to see Shenali turn her talents to a better cause.]

MARA’s  – the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime’s downfall happened due to its excessive accumulation of money – far beyond its earnings. I associate many current problems in Tamil areas of Sri Lanka as being due to welfare-money including from foreigners who now include the Tamil Diaspora. Every person who ‘gives’ without shareholdings is a ‘foreigner’. As Mr. Sumanthiran highlighted  Diaspora Tamils do FEEL for their kith and kin back in Sri Lanka. When we therefore share with family and village level – it is a natural SHARING. When we ‘donate’ without that feeling – we share with that  organization. That organization in turn must be known to be a part of its parallel  Resident Tamil group. In action this has been shown as TNA for GTF (UK).  If TNA believes this partnership is needed to diffuse the propaganda by the previous President of Sri Lanka – then it must accept that it has erred in principle to follow protocols of Globalization.

Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa has become an extreme example of how money hoarded would defeat us in the minds of  genuine workers. By fearing his comeback – we acknowledge our own parallel desires. When we become like him we would influence our youth to go back home for the wrong reasons. Every member of the Diaspora who claimed war to be the reason for migration – has to complete that experience first – by becoming an independent citizen of  that new nation and by feeling ownership in that nation.  That is when  the monies donated by them would go towards independence/self-governance of the receiver – even if no one is conscious of it.  That I believe is how family  and community leaders could influence young ones – to carry forward as their heritage – our pain and suffering.  If we give easily – then we did not feel much pain enough to warrant fleeing  the country of birth and/or we do not consider our current nations as our ‘home’.  This group is the high-risk group in terms of Islamic Militancy. If we are as educated as we claim to be we would feel the need to prevent  similar within the Tamil Community.

Those who do go back to fight – also would be right provided they FEEL  they are right and they would be if there was no higher pathway available to them in their own local environment. LTTE was such a group. Like in family we need to include them and carry forward their positive values by merging them with our work.  If  LTTE’s work is carried forward beyond their life – then we would be promoting similar and have earned deportation from countries that listed LTTE as Terrorists.   That is the Administrative pathway which is usually avoided by those attached to Political Business and hence the quid-pro-quo – TNA status for GTF money. In terms of outcomes it would produce more like MG Ramachandran – the acting hero who became Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu than K. Balachandar who remained a Director until his death and who is remembered and worshipped for that work – including by actors like Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth is Transparent about his Business / Commercial approach to his work. That honesty is his best attribute. 

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