Saturday 24 January 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 24 January 2015

Sculpture depicting the churning of the ocean at 
Suvarnabhumi (Golden Land) airport in Bangkok, Thailand

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 24 January 2015
Cronyism KPI of  Racism?

A true seeker  is able to identify with the evolution of cronyism into racism. They are different names of the Common trait of subjectivity.  Subjectivity unites  when based on common faith and it leads to chaos and separation when it is without faith. The groups affected by cronyism would be local community and they evolve as parts of  society with least status allocation by the subjective power.

As per Tamil Guardian news:

The brother of Sri Lanka's new president, Kumarasinghe Sirisena, has been appointed as the new chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom, reported  Ceylon Today .

Mr Sirisena, has served in state institutions previously, including being the CEO of the State Timber Corporation from 2006 till last month, when he was sacked from his post after his brother and the newly elected president, Maithripala Sirisena, defected from the ruling Rajapaksa regime and launched his own presidential campaign.

President Sirisena won the presidency pledging a new era of good governance and an end to the corruption and nepotism by the previous government

Given the accusation that the Rajapakse regime was guilty of cronyism and - that being shown by the current President as  part of the causes of  his defection– one would have expected the new President to practice affirmative action  to prevent such an appointment.

In his Daily Mirror article ‘Expose the Old Regime or Risk its Return’ Ranga Jayasuriya states ‘Mahinda Rajapaksa may return with a vengeance. Exiled journalists and dissidents that the new government is courting back would have to defend themselves from marauding white vans, hired thugs and military intelligence units.’

This then means that at the subjective level – through common faith – Mr. Jayasuriya does not feel that the new President has enough strength to prevent a comeback by Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa. The election outcomes have confirmed this on the basis of majority votes of Sinhalese going to Mr. Rajapaksa. As highlighted by Mr. Ranga Jayasuriya, a  move towards the old Parliamentary structure – is likely  to result in favor of Mr. Rajapaksa. The Presidential system was introduced by majority race to benefit majority race through subjective power enjoyed by monarchs. This is necessary where majority citizens are subjective at their family and community levels. Tamil Community also qualifies to be grouped under this category. The general opinion expressed privately in Northern Sri Lanka is that there was more law and order under LTTE than post LTTE. The reason attributed for the deterioration is – ‘too much foreign money through the Diaspora’. Under LTTE,  funds were channeled through LTTE but now they go direct to the beneficiaries – at ‘something for something’ level. This risk is now greater for Sinhalese also, under the new regime.

Democracy is the goal for Sri Lankans seeking global opportunities. In countries where there is acceptance of democracy by majority – the goal is Truth. Sri Lankans who seek the Truth about their leaders need to use their own Truth and/or the Subjective path practiced by majority Sri Lankan leaders. The Democratic path through which Sri Lankan subjective outcomes are measured – would lead to lesser order of thought. Hence the confusion within the Sri Lankan Defence Forces.

Tamils who were close to LTTE attribute also credit to the Tamil Diaspora for the change in Sri Lankan leadership which is already benefiting them in common at the economic level. The parallel of this for Sinhalese is the global leadership. Mr. Ranil Wicremesinghe who has demonstrated greater investment in common global principles and values than Mr. Sirisena,  is the balancing force that is needed for the development of democracy.

Politics/Emotions are one way streets. Administration / Knowledge is two way. Without the seat of knowledge – one cannot picture the Truth. If the current regime is not able to prevent cronyism Tamils have to practice affirmative action and reach out and influence more Sinhalese minds through Administration and find the Truth. Tamils may be the demons of Sinhalese and v.v. The emotional person attributes blame on the least powerful  person seen to be disagreeing.

Mr. Ranga Jayaduriya states ‘This servile adulation is not uniquely Sri Lankan. Rajapaksa reminds me of Thaksin Shinawatra, the former Thai Prime Minister, who nurtured a personality cult among the country’s rural poor, through the provision of generous government subsidies, while dismantling democracy in one of the few practising democracies in Asia. Even after he was forced out in a bloodless military coup, after the rich and the elite rose up against his regime, Thaskin’s party continued to win every election held since then.’

I am able to identify with this in Tamils also – as proven in the recent elections where Tamils voted for Mr. Sirisena as per TNA (Tamil National Alliance) leadership. Hence the conclusion is that servitude has become the Piravi Kunam / Genetic Trait of both Tamils as well as Sinhalese. Hence neither side can use the one way path of politics to discover the Truth during one generation. Democracy promotes independent expressions at local levels – so we have the use of two way street to discover Truth both ways – from cause to effect for planners and through effect to cause for analyzers.

Genetic problems are those that have gone past the point of no return. The Hindu Legend about the churning of the ocean of milk (Chapter 10 Naan Australian – Freedom of Thought) which is depicted through the  Sculpture at Suvarnabhumi (Golden Land) airport in Bangkok, Thailand   indicates  the key to this problem. The intellectual forces (represented by gods) and the physical forces (represented by the asuras using physical forces) are asked to churn the ocean / society to discover Truth – the Nectar of Immortality. The two sides have lived so far apart from each other – that both became one way streets – like majority  Sinhalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka have become. To each side – the other is the asura. As per Divine advice  - the two had to come together from opposite directions to discover the Truth.

As per the above legend, the nectar of immortality that came out through the churning was taken away by the Asuras / Demons.  Lord Vishnu took  the form of an attractive damsel and released  the nectar from the Demons. 

The nectar that came out of the Sri Lankan ocean is self-governance through global path instead of  local one way path. If  hijacked by the asuras – we would have wider one-way highways without return paths. The Tamil Highway would be regional through Tamil Nadu.

The side that hijacks the value of election outcomes in Sri Lanka is the asura side – the physically driven side. The current regime is indicating this tendency towards cronyism by failing to prevent relatives of leaders to Public Positions.

Mr. Rajapaksa was highly subjective. To the extent this is supported by specialization needed by majority – he would continue to influence the minds of majority race one way or the other and would remain the opposition of his parallels in the Tamil community. The specialty of Mr Rajapaksa was Defence through coalition of  willing foreigners. The specialty of Mr. Sirisena seems to be Farming. Until this special strength or some other specialty is demonstrated – the current regime needs to consciously prevent such appointments even though on merit basis their relatives seem to be deserving of those positions.   This government was not elected to compensate the victims of the previous government. It’s duty is to consciously override the effects of genetic problems by forming partnerships with their strongest oppositions recognized at global level - which is Tamil Community for Sri Lankan Leaders as Muslims are to American Leaders.

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