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01 June 2024

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam






Recently, Professor Sarveswara of the University of Jaffna presented the view that the University entrance exam was competitive due to limited places. Hence questions were made tougher to limit the numbers! The  more I thought about it the  deeper I realised that the policy of standardization was a clever policy! Wikipedia introduces it as follows:

 The policy of standardization was a policy implemented by the Sri Lankan government in 1971 to curtail the number of Tamil students selected for certain faculties in the universities. In 1972, the government added a district quota as a parameter within each language.

Now when I think of it, I realise that it was a clever policy! Later,  in 1990, when the LTTE which had taken over government in Northern Province mind, expelled Muslims from North, they used the same policy of district quota! To the extent Tamils failed to oppose it in their minds, Tamils were no longer victims of Racial Discrimination. That is the way of Truth. To deserve natural compensation of Intelligence one needs to not react nor inherit.  Both are confirmed by the community that benefited by the policy of standardization :

Yesterday’s Daily Mirror report  Propaganda to insult Buddhist philosophy, Buddha’s character: Parliamentary Committee reveals’ includes the following:

‘Those who carry out propaganda insulting the Buddhist philosophy and the Buddha's character are engaged in various businesses in this country as well as in other foreign countries and spend a lot of money to carry out such work, a Parliamentary Committee has revealed.’

To my mind, the above is false. In 1972, the then government, included in the first republican constitution, the Buddhism foremost article. This confirms relative value. The current constitution carries it. This means that it is not of absolute value. The value of Heritage is absolute. Hence every Sri Lankan believer in her/his religion including Buddhists, is  more powerful than the government. The reason is belief is absolute. Hence the requirement of Beyond reasonable doubt to punish criminals. Belief needs to pass the test of ‘No doubt’.  Reasoning is intellectual and hence is relative. To the extent we use laws made by others, there is bound to be lack of belief. Hence reasonable doubt is permitted. To that extent it is relative.

Then one needs to ask why one needs absolute value instead of relative value? Absolute value is independent and works on its own. The best example is the Sun. The parallel example of Relative value is the earth which operates due to Sun’s Energy.

When the Sri Lankan government decided in 1971, to  apply the rule ‘district quota as a parameter within each language’ it played a political game. It separated on the basis of language. Language  is the most visible form of any culture. That which is visible is most relative.  Absolute power is invisible/infinite. Hence, one who seeks the visible, above the Absolute, was confirming drop in intelligence/independence.

The attachment to language was revealed in 1956, through  the Sinhala only language policy . The standardisation policy confirmed attachment to it.

Hence the drop in intelligence from the absolute to the relative which effectively is ‘self-harm’.

The implementation of standardisation policy began in 1972 – the same year Buddhism foremost was introduced as a fundamental value through the constitution. So long as Buddhism foremost is in the constitution, those responsible /parliamentarians, will be less intelligent than the independent citizen. This has been confirmed by the Parliamentary Committee  that blames Propaganda as the reason to insult Buddhist philosophy, Buddha’s character.

One who believes in Buddha, will know from within that one who trades in policy, with profit motive laid the foundation to trade in Buddhism. That is self-inflicted Sooniyam/ Black magic.



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