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16 June 2024

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam




It is five years  since the Easter bombings happened in Sri Lanka. On 31 July  2019, I shared my feelings through the article - ‘Easter Bombings in Sri Lanka – Déjà vu?’. I included the following in the article:

Yesterday I learnt about the Japanese suicide bombers who attacked Ceylon on Easter Sunday – 5 April 1942. Because Sri Lanka is my homeland, and because Easter is about resurrection, I felt a deeper connection between the 2019 Easter bombings and the 1942 Easter bombings.’

How did I ‘find’ the twin? The indicator is in the following in the article:

‘Time and place influence natural changes to the forms in which truth is manifested. Truth that happens at a particular place is naturally invoked positively or negatively by current generation when the mind is passive. Those living in the past usually have passive minds in terms of the present.’ 

Majority Sri Lankans follow the system of ‘karma’. I believe in the system of karma, which is the pathway through which the truth, travels with us. Thus,  whenever we feel, it is part of our truth. Thinking may lead us to feel, but until we feel, it does not become our truth. As per my discovery when we feel, we become the media of positive karma, and when we idle,  we become the media of negative karma. Thus, I became  the medium  to publish the connection with Easter Sunday – 5 April 1942 karma , due to my belief in St Anthony's Shrine, Kochchikade.

Positive or negative, our truth /karma is inalienable part of us. When positive it has stills our mind to form positive structure, to accumulate more positive Energy. When negative, it disturbs the mind and invites  the devil to use it as his workshop.

On 13 June,  the anniversary of the feast of St Anthony, Daily Mirror published  its findings under the heading ‘Easter Attack could have easily been avoided if SIS and DMI hadn’t misled CID - Senior DIG Ravi Seneviratne’ .

Neither the State Intelligence Service, nor the Directorate of Military Intelligence, would have gone to 1942. As per the Daily Mirror, their minds were very local and tended to use current measures. LTTE has been mentioned many times.  While one cannot ignore that possibility, one needs to also consider the global influence – especially due to the Tamil Diaspora’s influence at global level and the risk of foreign powers using Sri Lanka’s ethnic divisions  to their advantage.

Rights & wrongs are valid as per current laws valid only to the extent there is no unjust discrimination.  Beyond that, the issue is governed by Truth of the genuine seeker.


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