Tuesday 10 October 2023


Thank you,  Hon Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians.


After publicly opposing the Voice policy, I went into it as a yes voter. This made me feel that I was an ‘Advisor’ in my electorate of Coogee. The reason is the core purpose of  the siders ‘Voice’. As per my understanding, it is to offset uncompensated racial discrimination pain. I therefore qualify as a victim due to the same reason as the group referred to as ‘indigenous Australians’ who were unjustly punished by ‘outsiders’. This is the case with all victims of Racial Discrimination by Australian government and its agencies. My painful experiences are in my book Naan ( I am) Australian. This book, travelled via Congress Library found itself a home in the National Library of Australia. This is the way of the Cross / Painful Truth. In Hinduism we call it the way of Karma.


When I merge  my karma with institutions /people/places I believe in, it adds to group karma.  In this instance my highest official position is as a resident of Coogee, whose indigenous community also were evicted to

The Aboriginal population had largely relocated by the mid-19th century after being decimated by disease and violent clashes with early settlers, though some Aboriginal people still live in the area today.’….Unfortunately, Coogee's rough surf damaged the pier and it was demolished in 1934’


To the believer in Coogee, it would have been a case of ‘Man proposes and god/nature disposes’

With this as my base, I went into my ‘advisory’ status in my home block of ‘Coogee View’ whose owners are like family to me. If I became their ‘Advisor’ at my level of depressed status, and its structures, they would not be able to work as per their level of elevated mind structure at the level they are familiar with. This is our common negative heritage and all of us, including later migrants have a share in it, to the extent we came through the European system. If we take only a part, we would begin practicing separatism as some Canadian migrants are doing.

This was the ‘Advice’ my Coogee Elders’ shared with me. So I rejected the ‘Yes’ Voice so majority in Coogee View will be comfortable working their system.

Majority or Minority is about how natural we are with the system. It is not about right or wrong. Rights and wrongs are as per the law. Since majority in my Coogee community are conversant with the existing system, I have decided to vote ‘No’ on intellectual basis, confirming that even though I am part of minority by number, I love the whole, as an Elder


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



From: Jacinta Nampijinpa Price <liberalhq@liberal.org.au>
Sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2023 7:15 AM
To: gajalakshmi_param@bigpond.com
Subject: 5 days to stop Labor’s Voice


Dear Gajalakshmi,

The Yes campaign still can’t outline how the Voice would work. 

However, they’re spending tens of millions of dollars in advertising, trying to pressure Australians into voting Yes. 

Thanks to your generous support the Coalition has been pushing back. 

However in this critical last week, we need to boost our online advertising. 

Can you help with a donation? 

This Voice will be risky, with unknown consequences. It is divisive and permanent. 

We need to stop it. And we can do that with your support. 


Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians

P.S. if you can volunteer for a shift at a polling booth and have not already done so, you enter your details here:



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