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02 October 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



‘There is a difference between ‘mother India’ and ‘other India’. ‘Mother India’ led by New Delhi is following the US/UK axis and is no more a friend of the Tamil struggle, but ‘other India’ is.’ -      Dr. Jude Lal Fernando in interview published in Canada by Tamil Mirror.


Today is the birth anniversary of Mahatma /Great soul Gandhi. Let us celebrate the Gandhi by seeking Truth.


Below is a response to one of my readers of the Tamil Diaspora(MTD) who responded to my article ‘SRI LANKAN JUDICIARY LACKS INDEPENDENCE’

MTD :  You state "I sued two judges, as follows:"


You are living in Australia. Mr Sumanthiran is talking about a judge in Sri Lanka.

Gajalakshmi: Thank you for your response.


At experience level, they are the same. Hence the Tamil saying - that the pain of the boy crying about lack of sugar in his milk, is the same as the one crying about lack of salt in his kanji/rice-soup. Otherwise, if we use only our measure. we can never be global. Like Sinhala only leaders, we would stagnate at local level.

This is also why, in Hindu religion, ‘attachment’ to outcomes is actively discouraged.  Pure experience  is Energy, which is without form. Mine was without form and hence ended up in global libraries in the form of book , ‘Naan Australian’. Those who genuinely feel the pain of Jaffna Library being ‘burnt’ would consider the likes of my book to be rebirth of that library in global form.


MTD :This is a good site to learn about Sri Lankan situation that exited before 2009 

As far as I know situation has not improved since 2009

This is from a Sinhalease journalist  Tisaranee Gunasegara who is living Sri Lanka "Without the Sinhala Only, the Tiger may have remained unborn. Without the Black July, the Tiger may not have grown exponentially. If the B-C Pact and the D-C Pact did not miscarry (thanks to the midwifery of Sinhala extremism), the LTTE, even if it was born, would have remained a fringe group"]



Gajalakshmi:  The cause is often invisible in common outcomes. But once a fact is born, we need to work through it to know the Truth in that fact. Sinhala-only is a fact produced by the parliament of Ceylon. Likewise, the others above. If one goes into the issue the without the facts, it is either philosophy or imaginary. A senior academic who expressly stated that I had insight about him described the conflict between me and the Central Administrators of the University of NSW to be due to philosophical differences. This was because no facts were produced at that stage and the academic knew I was experiencing genuine pain.


As per my discovery, through facts, JVP as well as LTTE were born due to abuse of the caste system. In the case of JVP it remained local, due to it being Sinhalese v Sinhalese. But in the case of LTTE India got involved. This became a regional issue and with emigration of Tamils, especially to Western countries, it became global. Like Covid, sins become pandemics when they go outside the sovereign circles in which they are born. So I reject Tisaranee Gunasegara’s writings as fiction.


MTD Regarding Tamil genocide you mentioned in your previous email..........refer to interview  in 2012 with  Prof Jude Lal Fernando  


Gajalakshmi:  As per that interview, with Dr. Jude Lal Fernando, published in Canada :

Canada is a country of so many nationalities, ethnic and indigenous groups. It’s a microcosm of how our world is. We can see the Tamil people as part of the bigger panorama of colours in Canada. There are struggles within Canada for justice and freedom. A good number of these groups who arrived in Canada as refugees now share Canadian identity and have their struggles in their home lands too.’

This applies also to Sikhs who are fighting for separate state in India. This confirms philosophical differences between Indian / Sri Lankan governments opposed to separatism and Canadian government’s policy of accepting formation of global identities. In 2012, it was philosophical difference. But now that Canada’s Prime Minister has accused India of interference with its sovereignty, Canada goes local and is no longer global in this issue. It is like going to earth – only system from the solar system.  Through the Genocide Memorial in Brampton, & Genocide  Education week Act 2021, Canadians imported ‘separatism philosophy. This manifested as facts. The purpose is to please new migrants who migrate in large numbers. A good proportion of Tamil Canadians are victims of this system.

As per that interview Dr. Jude Lal Fernando stated:
As you know there are two India’s, the ‘Mother India’ which is heavily militarized and ‘Other India’ which is progressive. Even though it is the 6th Industrial nation in the world, it is also one of the poorest nations in the world

There is a difference between ‘mother India’ and ‘other India’. ‘Mother India’ led by New Delhi is following the US/UK axis and is no more a friend of the Tamil struggle, butother India’ is

This American alliance is important for India to face China.

Mother India is global not due to militarization but due to the promotion of its Soul power of Sovereignty.


Feelings do not have form. Thoughts have form. Thoughts born out of the physical have form. Hence Indian Saint Manickavasagar recommends:


ஊனினை உருக்கி உள்ளொளி பெருக்கி/ Melt the body and let the insight become bright.


This could be presented as melt the solid and feel the Energy or melt the ‘fact’ and feel the Truth.

When we Research with an open mind, the body of fact melts.

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