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We form our own Energy circles, as individuals and in groups – starting with family and extending to workplace, community, nation and the globe. The truth discovered within the group forms its own natural structures and naturally supports those who contribute to that truth and/or uphold it.  The difference between costs and benefits become debts and credits. Those who draw more benefits than their contribution to ‘cost’ have the right to settle the debt through respect and those who derive less benefits than costs, have the duty to accept such respect. Anti Discrimination  laws have been developed on this basis. But often the more powerful senior members in a group, usurp their senior positions to enjoy benefits in place of ‘respect’ or in addition to respect. The following example confirms this:


On 25 July, I wrote under the heading ‘MANIPUR & KATHIRGAMAM & MULLIVAIKKAL’ .  Given that I write the Truth I know, I believe that it goes towards the natural structures of my own relationships. On the same day, Dr Nadesan – a Tamil, directed our group’s attention as follows:

A beautiful article by Tissarani that can be appreciated by people who have the brain to think, analyse and understand. Injustices from the word go. Only truth we entirely failed.


Thissarani is of Sinhalese origin, while Dr Nadesan is of Tamil origin. Our common group is Sri Lankan. Hence the truth we identify with needs to be rendered Sri Lankan form.

Below is my response, in conversation form:


Tissarani: ‘Once Gotabaya Rajapaksa became president, the rule of law became replaced again by the law of the rulers’


Gaja: According to my brain, this lady is claiming that the rule of law prevailed prior to Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s presidency. Since you Nada, identify with and admire it, it means, according to your brain, there was rule of law prior to 2019.


Tissarani: ‘Half a century ago, it was higher education, saving universities from Tamil encroachment.’


Gaja: If this is true, then half a century ago, also there was ‘Gotabaya type of leadership’.

When was this a ‘fact’? like the body, a fact needs a beginning and an end. Truth has no beginning nor end.


Tissarani: ‘Weerasekara said, “We cannot be at all satisfied about the orders and decisions of the magistrate in charge of that area… A few days ago, this Tamil magistrate came to Kurundi viharaya on an observational tour. I was also there… We must remind this magistrate that this is a Buddhist country… Not just separatist Tamil politicians but also magistrates with such attitudes are responsible for creating conflict between races and religions.”

Gaja: Weerasekera is protected by ‘Buddhism foremost’ article in the constitution. I wrote against it many times. But not one of you supported me. Ms Tissarani, is not transparent in terms of her contact details. This confirms that she is fearful of direct opposition, but entertains the idle mind that is looking for cheap gossip.


The following observations resulted:

Dr Victor Wimalasingham: Tissaranees articles are weighted with authority and embellished with grace and elegance

A rare and refreshing combination in today’s crumbling muck of Journalism’

Gaja in her mind:  The nuclear power of journalism is truth. Hence the saying ‘Comment is free, but facts are sacred’ Language is the body of the article. You did not contribute to the debate of Equal Opportunity, but are usurping your seniority in the medical circle. You ought to be an official or de facto Senior  Journalist to certify another.

Dr Vickneswaran S. R,:  Hi Prof,

Yes, the article is good reading material for all rational minded people. There are only very few people come forward to express opinion like this. Thank you for sharing it….

I remember reading an article by a famous journalist wrote a news item commenting about the constitution of the first of its  kind in Sri Lanka - Socialist republican constitution realeased by SLFP led government if I remember correct!!


He described it as an obituary notice of Mr.

De Mo Cracy!!!


I reckon Sri Lanka with Modi's idea of connecting it by land with India, who knows; we too would be branded years later as people once upon a time were living on a land called Sri Lanka!!!



Gaja in her mind:  So, to you Sri Lanka is already dead in your mind.  So you made yourself stateless.


Dr Nadesan , the protagonist : As long as there are silent observers there wont be any progress. Many think that if they are safe and sound then why worry. This is the curse that has ruined Sri Lanka. Almost all are silent observers. Yet, luckily there are really patriotic  men and women are in the open expressing the views and boldly call a spade a spade. The silent ones are worse than the violent ones. 👹😭🥵😩

Gaja in her mind:   You who did not respond to my response and articles are by your own measure, a violent person. As you sow, so shall you  reap.

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