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25 July 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





Yesterday, I paid my respects to the victims of July ’83 massacre in Colombo. Today, my attention was drawn to Manipur. The parallel reports are:


Even though Manamperi being stripped naked and humiliated suggest that she might have been raped, there have not been any investigations conducted regarding it and no arrest have been made. – Wikipedia


Sexual violence against Tamils in Sri Lanka has occurred repeatedly during the island's long ethnic conflict. The first instances of rape of Tamil women by Sinhalese mobs were documented during the 1958 anti-Tamil pogrom.[5] This continued in the 1960s with the deployment of the Sri Lankan Army in Jaffna, who were reported to have molested and occasionally raped Tamil women. Further rapes of Tamils were carried out by Sinhalese mobs during the 19771981 and 1983 anti-Tamil pogroms.[7][8][9]

Following the outbreak of war, rape was used by the almost entirely Sinhalese Sri Lankan armed forces, in an attempt to collectively punish the Tamil population, who were often seen as being supportive of the LTTE - Wikipedia



The assault took place on May 4, a day after violence between the two communities broke out in Manipur, according to local media. In a May 18 complaint to the police seen by The Washington Post, the victims said that attackers stormed their village with guns, and the women, along with several others, were rescued by police.

But a Meitei mob intercepted the group and kidnapped the victims, according to the complaint, after which the men sexually assaulted three women and gang-raped one of them…. The video, which is just 26 seconds long, shows a mob of men from the predominantly Hindu Meitei majority parading two women from the mostly Christian Kuki minority naked through a crowd of clothed men who then assault them by groping their breasts and genital Washington Post



The common factor in all three is the group that was considered  to be of mistress status by those who fought in Uniform. It is ‘sledging’ to win cheaply. It also confirms that majority in the communities that these men belong to do not respect their mothers, wives and daughters. Respect elevates  lust to love.


They are all victims of cheap politics. In the case of Manamperi, the political play is confirmed as follows by Wikipedia:


Her murder attracted national attention and was an issue in the 1977 election. UNP candidate J. R. Jayewardene discussed the attack in great detail and condemned Sirimavo Bandaranaike's handling of the crime to discredit his opponent.


In the case of Tamils as per the video released by Tamil community confirms the LTTE leader confirmed the political connection as follows at
#BlackJuly1983 #tamilgenocide #TamilNation #கறுப்புயூலை1983 #கறுப்புயூலை #Eelam #eelamtamil #TamilNadu  

The 1958 riots were limited to political reasons. The government seemed to want to generate so much fear into  Tamil minds, that the Tamils would not dare to protest. But that was before the armed rebellion’ - LTTE leader



Manipur problem is strongly influenced by the current ruling party , led by PM Modi who is reported to be turning a blind eye to the pain of minorities  as Sri Lankan president J. R. Jayewardene did in 1983.


The question therefore arises as to whether, as per Dharma, Mr Modi has the moral right to negotiate with Sri Lankan minority issues. The ‘time’ of Manipur problem confirms that he lacks  this power and is reacting more to China’s 99 year lease of Hambantota port. This is confirmed as follows by a pro Rajapaksa journalist as follows:


‘Little by little India will make sure Northern Province is inhabited by Tamil Nadu Tamils until there is NO SRI LANKAN TAMIL - there ends the "homeland


The above fits the Tamil saying ‘Aadu nanayuthendru Onai Alugirathaam /ஆடு நனைகிறது என்று ஓநாய் அழுகிறதாம் / The wolf is crying that the sheep is getting drenched



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