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28 July 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





On 28 August 2022, a Sri Lankan of Sinhalese origin concluded his response to my article ‘THE RICH MIDDLE CLASS & RANIL with the following note:

Hi,  I liked the article in the link you cited (class analysis) and will copy it’.


That reference was as follows:

K. Balachander: The Middle-Class Maestro by S Srinivasan at

Yesterday, in response to my article headed  CONVERSATION WITHIN TAMIL DIASPORA’ also the above mentioned Sri Lankan responded in support of the doctors mentioned therein. The commonness in both instances is the keenness to learn from Tamils who by culture are diverse to him. In Sri Lanka, Sri Lankans are the middleclass. In Australia, Migrant Australians are the middleclass . On 26 July 2023, this was confirmed at political level in Canada, by Sathiyasangaree "Gary" Anandasangaree of Tamil origin becoming Minister of Crown–Indigenous Relations


It is interesting that this is connected to economics as follows:

For decades, the United States boasted the honor of having the richest middle-class. However, since 2019 Canada has the wealthiest middle class of any country in the world. According to the most recent numbers in 2021 from Credit Suisse's annual global wealth report, Canadians’ middle class or median wealth of $125,688 outranks the same median income figure of $79,274 for AmericansInvestopedia



This morning, a member of this group (Australian of Sri Lankan origin) forwarded to me an email headed ‘2nd Voice - pass on?’ The actual message was claimed to have been written by Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price. As per the email mentioned in this message published by Cairns News:


[Secret government documents the National Indigenous Australians Agency was forced to release under freedom of information laws say that “any Voice to Parliament should be designed so that it could support and promote a treaty-making process

 And what’s in the treaty?

According to these secret documents, it must include a “fixed percentage of Gross National Product. Rates/land tax/royalties”

“Australia got a whole country for nothing, they haven’t even begun to pay for it.”]


The  theory of this is ‘one who pays owns’ But true ownership is as per sacrifice of earned benefits as real parents do. The sacrifice is foundation of the new structure. Those who sacrifice more than their own inheritance, become Elders. Elders are never wrong. They have invisible intuitive intelligence that comes with long term undisturbed occupation based ownership.


By paying our respects to ‘traditional owners’ of this country, we inherit their intuitive intelligence of the elders. If money is paid, then they lose the status of elders and more importantly, the intuitive intelligence that confirms belief-based ownership. That is how Natural Justice balances the ownership equation.


Knowledge that their earnings are going towards the past debts of Anglo Australians, the motivation to earn and save, would diminish in later migrants. This in turn would promote welfare mentality. If Indigenous Australians owned the land first, migrants owned the economic ownership that connects us to the current world. Both are heritages like different religious heritages. They exist and work naturally in their  own Energy circles. It is the citizen’s right to choose the circle s/he seeks to be part of. If taxes are paid for past wrongs the present and future economies are bound to suffer.


As professional accountants would confirm, past must be separated and should not be mixed current items.  Our PM seems to lack wisdom in Accrual Accounting.

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