Tuesday 20 June 2023


20 June 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





Energy circles are formed when we discover  truth, and/or believe, by ourselves or as a group. When it is by ourselves, we call it the power of one.  In this instance,  at the relative level, we become both sides.  When it is in a ‘group’ we need to be conscious of how others would take our words and actions. We could know this through our own truth or through laws and rules common to both sides. Then we use institutional values. Reliable relationships are formed through laws that are born out of truth and / or belief. The confirmation of belief comes through the test of ‘beyond doubt’. In institutions,  reasonable doubt  is allowed due to laws outside law-makers’ truth and/or belief. An example, is the 1978 constitution of Sri Lanka, through which ‘Fundamental Rights’ of every citizen were recognized. Given that the makers of the previous constitution made out that they believed they were Buddhists, the new section became ‘relative’ in the case of Buddhists. The more they relied on Buddhism, the less global they would have been.


To the extent of relativity, the test of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ is needed, as in criminal cases. Where an elected person is sued as per civil law, in the name of the whole,  the greater the need for this test, even in civil cases. The part that is ‘reasonable’ is relative. Where this component is greater than the component of belief, independent evidence is essential to satisfy the relative part of the law.


From time to time when I think that I may be  wasting my time with a group/institution, someone shares their truth with me. Then I change my mind and continue the relationship. Below is such a discussion with  a Medical Elder(ME) when I was thinking of leaving that particular group:


ME: Thank you Gaja, for dissecting my thoughts in my text with your interpretation.

Gaja: Thank you for responding. I believe that every completed work adds to the nuclear power of this group as well as the community.

ME: I note your legal flavour being blended in your response. I appreciate it.

Gaja: Thank you. The legal flavour is from my own court experiences here in Australia, where my professional qualifications were not recognised even after I proved myself and therefore the standard of Sri Lankan qualifications. I studied the law for this purpose and the pain helped me connect to the minds of law-makers. Hence the ‘legal flavour’. You must be a balanced person to appreciate this flavour.

ME: People to had fled from our motherland has many reasons and I agree and my view was that continued war was the main reason for the people to consider relocation. That was my point.


Gaja: I appreciate it. Thank you

ME: I blame our elders for the caste system and its thriving trends in the past. But sad to say even now many follow this knowingly or unknowingly and to be honest, I am looking for a girl for my second son and when I want to register in the matrimonial website and  I am compelled to give details to see my fingers goes on punching " Jaffna Vellalar" in the caption provided.

Gaja: The caste system was based on work. But with time we, the Vellalar abused it to suit our convenience.  Likewise, racism by majority. In  both instances, the system is disconnected with merit base . The closer we operate at visible effects level, the shallower the system becomes. This leads to bipolarism.

ME: I am sure you or our Professor would do that or the rest in the forum would do the same.

Gaja: Proposed marriages have strong institutional values. We have three children, Two are married and the other one is single. But because I married (Twice) on my own, but remained true to my first marriage, the system of truth elevated my structure and my second marriage happened, as if arranged by Truth itself. My first husband was not professionally qualified and we did not have dowry. I arranged the marriage of my elder sister. I undertook to settle the loan taken for marriage expenses. Later, I arranged my younger brother’s marriage  too, without any dowry.  My marriage to Param happened because of his legitimate expectations of investment in higher education, which was not fulfilled by his older siblings . In essence, I  have learnt that when we are true to a structure, we become that structure. Then we produce reliable outcomes through the structure we have developed. When outcomes are reliable, there is harmony in the members of the structure.

ME: Then my question is why is that we are talking of reforms, equality, reasoning, rationalising and changing world etc.

Gaja: All reforms through our restructured system become the new norms for our particular home group. If you live in a Western country, it is important that there is either separation of power structures of family and workplace. The alternate is to learn from children about the reliable parts of the Western system and merge the two within you. When we know the Truth in the unreliable parts, we need to stay within that truth. Then our truth will merge naturally with theirs.


ME: Let me tell you that we are all soaked in this system followed by generation after generation and once we came to a different soil especially the western man behaviours


Gaja: As in rebirth, we need to take only our truth when we migrate from one generation/place to another. This is not so easy for those who are attached to their past.


ME: and their system fascinated us physically with the our usual utterance to demonstrate that we have changed  but mentally we are still the Jaffna men's products with no manufacturing defects!!

Gaja: There is a degree of pretence to please our new seniors, largely due to effective ‘welfare money and status’ Anything ‘free’ becomes a source of dependence and servitude. Status taken without respect becomes the source of abuse of power, followed by militancy. The vaccine against is our own truth when we had pain in a previous system. Truth is the panacea. In the manufacturing example, the invisible truth is the experience with the active lifetime of the machine (Jaffna system) When we take this experience into making a new system, it will empower the new system if m through you. But if we take the visible products of the system and the system itself then the old and the new will oppose each other and progress towards separation of the group

ME: This is the reality madam and that's all from my side, you are honourable.


Gaja: Thank you

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