Friday 2 June 2023


02 June 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam






As per the communication from Liberal Party, ‘the Albanese Government wants to go much further – enshrining a Voice in the Constitution, with few limits to its scope and few details……..Australia’s Constitution is our most important legal document. Every word can be open to interpretation.

Enshrining in our Constitution a body for only one group of Australians, means permanently dividing Australians by race.


As per the above, ‘Buddhism foremost’ article in the Sri Lankan Constitution was also divisive. Likewise the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution which rendered Tamil also equal status.


This mess happens when we begin tinkering with something that needs to be venerated. The Constitution that has served us well has now become an Elder.  Any change to the thought-structure of an Elder, would cause pain to that Elder. We need to respect Elders and ‘share’ with them through submissions but not ‘give’ them benefits.


Each Time period and each land block carries its own Energy. This means, we write our own karma/fate within those boundaries. If written as per our truth within the time or place boundaries, those laws become our Elders. Indigenous folks wrote their own constitution and have been acknowledged as Elders by the government, on behalf of all Australians. If Indigenous Australians are rendered ‘special voice ’ then all migrant groups also would need to be facilitated by the government of Australia, out of current funds, to practice their own indigenous culture.


Time based vote v Place based vote

Autocracy is Time based vote.  It has vertical hierarchy, as per the length of time one has been in one place. In Democracy  time is ‘stilled’ and the numbers at that place determine who is first amongst equals. The group that uses ‘Time based seniority would not be empowered by Democracy and v.v.


One who truly owns does not need relative measures. The measures are merely for reference purposes. Elders are true owners. In Australia, such true owners include migrants who became true Australians by absorbing discrimination pain without profiting from it.


As bliss is causeless happiness, ownership is formless feeling.


When Elders are brought into the voting system, it renders them ‘form’ and hence amounts to separatism. That is the lesson learnt by Sri Lankan Sinhalese & Tamils. It is a lesson that if learnt, would protect Australian Governments from living in the past and causing conflict in the present. Let us respect the past as a Sovereign entity with its own powers.

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