Thursday 13 April 2023

13 April 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





In Hindu culture, it is customary for those within the Energy circle of a deceased person to pray for the soul to merge with Universal Energy. When we commemorate  ANZAC day next Tuesday, we commemorate all Australians and New Zealanders who died fighting in wars. When we so participate, in turn we inherit their virtues and protect ourselves from their negatives. One such negative is the use of drugs in schools revealed highlighted by a Tamil the group at


The communication came to my attention, when I opened the following link forwarded by a Tamil diaspora leader - 


In essence, Tamil MP Rasamanickam Shanakiyan was confirming that he had failed to pay his respects to Tamil soldiers and hence had inherited their negatives.  One such negative is lack of respect for Political elders in the Tamil Community who identified with and gave form to the discrimination by Sinhala politicians. This was inherited by Tamil militants to whom only their physical surroundings was ‘home’. Unless they were mentally connected to the politicians, they did not have the moral authority to represent those outside their physical environments. Even a spouse is eligible to represent the other through laws common to both or through Love which is the end of marriage laws. Those who disrespect marriage laws (customary or theoretical) fail to reach that destination.

I found that the way Tamil MP Rasamanickam Shanakiyan presented his argument in National Parliament was offensive.  Despite being censured by the speaker, Tamil MP Rasamanickam Shanakiyan kept on ridiculing the Sinhala MP – a racist. The number of steps / processes between Political statement and Belief based logic confirm the depth of our culture. Some are made by us and some are inherited. Tamil MP Rasamanickam Shanakiyan was wearing British attire but speaking like a villager in sarong.


As per my reception, Shanakiyan was complaining about the takeover of traditional Hindu lands by Buddhist priests.  Recently I said to one of my loyalists that our temple land in Northern Sri Lanka would have been ‘taken over’ by Thunaivi villagers if not for its heritage value. The reason is ‘caste’ based reverse discrimination after the armed war. Armed militants who were discriminated against on the basis of caste, connected to the Universal power of truth which led to mind-merger with those who from the same community genuinely suffered due to Racism. I believe that I was such a victim here in Australia. The book through which I shared my pain found its way to National Library of Australia, via Congress library through its own power. That is the way of truth. Even if one does not read the book but respects the pain in it, the person would have the courage to live as per her/his truth.

One of my main focus areas was the prevention of Land takeovers by locals, influenced by Tamil Diaspora money. The team above are standing on land abandoned by Tamils who emigrated before the war. A building on those grounds was inaugurated by Mr  C V Wigneswaran when he was chief minister of Northern province. I concluded that Mr  C V Wigneswaran lacked the intuitive intelligence of ‘ownership’ to prevent this takeover. Our organisation promotes the group named ‘Senstar’ which according to the founders was named by the LTTE.

Interestingly, Senstar presents itself as follows:


‘The company was established in 1981 with the objective of bringing technologies originally targeted for military applications to the commercial security market. With just seven employees, Senstar introduced its first product, Sentrax, a buried cable perimeter security technology, in September 1982. Early adopters included Correctional Service Canada, the British Home Office and Western Australia Corrections.’


I was therefore not surprised that LTTE named them. As per the locals, LTTE  ‘allocated’  land that did not belong to them, to this club. Eventually there was internal frictions within the sports clubs. We contribute only to their sports activities and use our own donated property to train them in ethics. To me, it was no coincidence that Mr  C V Wigneswaran who referred to the LTTE leader as ‘brother’ inherited this land takeover mentality as his heritage. I opposed such takeovers by donating our own land towards post-war development.


A heritage  - be it positive or negative, has its own mind. If used for political benefits in Parliament, the MP so doing will become the medium of the revolutionaries in that parliament. If the MP has developed his own governance power in an issue, s/he would become the medium of angels in Parliament.

The current President who does wear Western suit and is open about his alliance with Western values demonstrated just that during the 2018 constitutional crisis.  The governance value of this was confirmed yet again through our Institute of Chartered Accountants through whon the president delivered the following message:

“Whether we are the politicians, whether we are the business community, whether we are the professionals, whether we are the trade unions, whether we are the civil society and more than others, whether we are the media or we are the Government administrators, we cannot run away from that responsibility. We must all bear that. If you still continue pointing fingers at each other, we will not succeed. But what matters to us is not merely the IMF program, but also what comes beyond that.

I contribute through media as well as Public Administration groups, including by genuinely opposing through my alternate belief based logic. The first copy of my latest book – Different Logics was sent to the President towards common power-sharing.

The president mentioned also the two ‘E’ problems – the ethnic problem and the economic problem. They are two sides of the same coin – the global membership coin.

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