Friday 18 November 2022

18 November 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



‘Based on his findings, Eliot Higgins believes the events of 2014 and 2022 are inextricably linked.

"People were just turning a blind eye to it, policymakers just weren't comfortable with calling out Russia in a way they really should have done. And they didn't react in the way that could have prevented the invasion in 2022’ - MH17: Three guilty as court finds Russia-controlled group downed airliner -



About the source:

Bellingcat’s innovative approaches to using publicly available data and citizen journalist analysis have been particularly significant for advancing narratives of conflict, crime, and human rights abuses. We have produced investigations on these issues in coordination with partners and allies and expanded our training so that a growing corps of citizen journalists is poised to pursue these stories alongside us.  


Back to BBC report:

[Eliot Higgins, founder of the investigative platform Bellingcat, delved into the open source evidence. His team identified links with Russia's 53rd Anti Aircraft Missile Brigade, and trawled through 200 soldiers' social media posts to confirm the identity and role of many members of the unit based at a Russian military barracks in Kursk. Bellingcat shared their findings with Dutch prosecutors. He believes the trial has laid bare indisputable proof of Russia's involvement.

"I think at this point, and especially with a guilty verdict," Eliot told us, "anyone who would claim that Russia wasn't involved with this shoot down is really a ridiculous person".]


Value identified with : Genuine investigative / Research work becomes valuable to one in need. Towards this’ the Service Provider needs to NOT take any benefits – even in thought,  from the outcomes.


The link to Sri Lanka:  I wrote the summary of my investigative work as follows recently:

[I believed in Singapore Airlines, due to their training when I joined Air Lanka – then (in 1979), the  newly forming National carrier of Sri Lanka. While I was waiting to be called for an interview,  a holy elder said to me in the ‘home’ of my aunt Padma, in Colombo – words to the effect ‘Like Murugan, you are going to fly’.  Lord Muruga’s ‘vehicle’ is the peacock.

Muruga represents ‘beauty’ that pleases the eyes of others, but without any pride. Aunt Padma was such a person and hence the sage spoke to me at her home The peacock represents pride in its looks – as in ‘proud as a peacock’. In Hindu temples, the Divine power is in the altar and the corresponding animal depiction which promotes desire-based frivolous opposition is outside the altar.……….. Air Lanka called me for an interview and I had a job offer. Majority in the interview panel were Singaporeans from Singapore Airlines. Air Lanka’s  logo was peacock. Eventually, I went to Papua New Guinea, due to my performance at Air Lanka.


Interestingly, Wikipedia information on this is a mix of Ravana – the Opposition of Hindu Avatar Rama Buddhist theory:


The Air Lanka logo (1979-1998).

The initial livery consisted of red stripes on a white fuselage. The tail was solid red and sported the corporate logo, a stylized vimana locally known as "Dandu Monara" (Flying Peacock Aircraft) of King Ravana of ancient "Lanka", Ravana. as per the famous "Ramayana" mythology. The five 'tail feathers' represent the "Five Precepts" (Pancha Seela) of Buddhism and the three 'crown feathers' represent the "Triple Gem" (Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha) of Buddhism. Red colour reflects the predominant colour in the Sri Lankan national flag which represent the majority race in the country, Sinhalese. This meaningful logo was designed by Mr Shantha Saparamadu, formerly of Ceylinco advertising. This was the sole livery of the airline for nearly two decades, from January 1979 to October 1998.’


The above presentation confirms the reason why there was/is an ethnic war in Sri Lanka and why some parts of the Tamil community fought for physical separation.  To me the presentation ‘majority race in the country, Sinhalese’ meant  that is the peacock attitude of pride and Murugan followers would comfortably ride on the peacock to be a governing force in Sri Lanka. I believe I am in Sri Lanka.

Ramayana would be mythology to the non-beliver. To believers like me, it is a legend. As per ‘what happened’ Rama was the winner and Ravana was the loser. The winner has the moral authority to lead after the war.

As per Rama’s Avatar – Sri Sathya Sai Baba – the Pancha Seela  / five precepts are

 Ahimsa (Noninjury), Sathya (Truth), Soucham (Purity), Daya (Compassion) and Asthikyam (Faith in God).

As per Wikipedia:

The Five Principles, as stated in the Sino–Indian Agreement 1954, are listed as:

1.  mutual respect for each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty,

2.  mutual non-aggression,

3.  mutual non-interference in each other's internal affairs,

4.  equality and co-operation for mutual benefit, and

5.  peaceful co-existence

These principles are a strict interpretation of the Westphalian   norms of state sovereignty.

.. Westphalian sovereignty, or state sovereignty, is a principle in international law that each state has exclusive sovereignty over its territory. The principle underlies the modern international system of sovereign states and is enshrined in the United Nations Charter, which states that "nothing ... shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state. According to the idea, every state, no matter how large or small, has an equal right to sovereignty.’


The above presentation of Air Lanka is confirmation ‘Buddhism foremost’ article in the Sri Lankan constitution and its predecessor ‘Sinhala only’ language policy. The parallel of the United Nations is the Sri Lankan government and the parallel of UN charter is the Sri Lankan constitution. The Sri Lankan parallel of member states are the communities of diverse cultures in Sri Lanka. As per the above presentation of Air Lanka, it was Buddhist airline. Buddhism promotes begging by spiritual leaders. Hence a Buddhist airline would need to beg.

In contrast I am a believer in Nallur Muruga who is presented as Alangara Kanthan / Ornamentally Decorated Kanthan (Murugan). When led by believers in Nallur, Air Lanka was commercially successful.

The Lord rewards each one as per their belief.


If the UN looks into the ‘Buddhism Foremost’ policy, it would prevent the Sri Lankan war genes spreading to regional and global levels. Every completed experience goes towards prevention.

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