Tuesday 20 December 2022



All completed experiences are stored as positive Energy. Deeper the experience, stronger the positive Energy. Belief is positive Energy

Once I disconnect with the issue, my truth walks away and leaves the legal system to deal with itself, as per the remaining members’ truth. When judgments are delivered to suppress the truth of a positive contributor to law and order, the law is neglected to such an extent that it becomes a sin. Sins, like the Corona virus are autonomous and spread exponentially. Believers in the system of secular law need to therefore continue to remain within the system to prevent the spread of wrongs that have gone past the point of no-return, to become sins.  

In Sri Lankan Parliament, the opposition was weak.  Hence it tended towards autocracy -  as if the opposition was ‘junior’.

The following illustrates how the system change works:


Every place where one realises and/or practices Independence is the home of Sovereignty itself.  We need laws and official endorsements for others to beware – so as not to hurt themselves by lessening the value of such persons. Such Independent persons have the support of Natural Forces in maintaining balance of  the system of karma. Hence the system of respecting such elders who are taken as being more independent than juniors, until known otherwise.

The sacrifices I made to purchase that land, deepened my ownership. As per my knowledge, to Mr Benedict it was business investment and his investment was calculated through linear measures. Mine was strongly protected by belief.

To my mind, where our base is strong, we would use the law that flows from that Truth, as  causal Energy  and would belong in Management. Where our belief in the base is weak, we would tend to be driven by outcomes/effects and hence belong in the group being ‘Managed’ by the above group driven by causal forces. When the two forces are equal at that place within a particular period, that group becomes self-managing Sovereign group. To my mind therefore, it is understandable that Tamils of Sri Lanka, with such a strong management force within themselves,  would reject  laws that they did not identify with as being measures through which their / our contribution to the Land is confirmed and if such laws were accepted, would have diluted the Sovereign value of Tamils as a community and therefore the Sovereign value of any country or region that this land is taken to be a part of.

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