Friday 29 March 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 March 2019

Indian Karma in Australia

[Hanson characterised One Nation as a party that would never “sell its vote”. “Perhaps that’s why big organisations and big business don’t give us donations,” she said.
Except they do, as a cursory look at One Nation’s donation disclosures reveals.
One of the most recent donations listed on the federal register is from the coal mining giant Adani. It gave the party $15,000 in May last year.] - the Guardian article  –‘ Fact or fiction? Pauline Hanson's defence of the One Nation scandal’

The above reporting work  happened due to Australians looking for the true reason why the Christchurch massacre happened. Those who are seeking through their Truth would find the Truth. The Truth may be different to reality. Pualine Hanson through her Truth helped me become Common Australian through my identity with Indigenous Australians whom she demoted in status. There is a Pauline in majority custodians of Australian Government power. I now realize that in 1998, I experienced at the University of NSW, the parallel of the demotion pain that Indigenous Australians who resisted ‘White Only government power’ experienced. Without the actual experience, it’s difficult to identify with the commonness of  the pain of one who complains that the milk lacked sugar on the one hand and the pain of lack of salt in the rice-soup by the other. Likewise, the pain of Muslims in Christian society vs the pain of  White Australians who live off their White only heritage.

This problem prevails in Sri Lanka also with Tamil only and Sinhala only groups. This was  observed through the different interpretations by the media and the Governor of Northern Province of the picture presented by the UNHRC:

[A member of the Government delegation, Northern Province Governor Dr. Suren Raghaven, claimed in Colombo that the High Commissioner “admitted that certain facts incorporated in the UNHRC report against Sri Lanka could not be condoned whatsoever.” He also claimed Bachelet had advised two of her senior officials who attended the meeting “to be more responsible and cautious hereafter.”
The comments by the governor made at a press conference in Colombo was widely reported in the local media.
‘A fair reflection’
“Neither of these claims are true,” Bachelet said. “Either the newspaper misunderstood the Governor, or the Governor misunderstood – or misquoted – me.” The high commissioner said she stands fully behind the report and the oral statement she made when presenting it to the Human Rights Council, and that she believes it fairly and objectively reflects the situation in Sri Lanka.] -

The question is whether the UNHRC compiled the ‘facts’ as per its own interpretations or as per the experience of the victims raised to the global level? The pain of law-abiding citizen who is denied the due outcomes– as per her/his interpretation of  the law is the same as the pain of one driven by the supervisor who represents the government in a subjective system. I myself had to step out of that system to identify with the Truth about racism at the University of NSW – as per my interpretation of the law. This now helps me interpret more commonly unjust discrimination anywhere - including due to race and not limited to race only.

 As per that Truth – the pain of a parent of a Sri Lankan government employee who follows the express and/or implied orders of her/his supervisor and dies in combat  is the same as the pain of a parent who supported militancy expressly and/or by quiet acceptance. The ‘innocent-citizen’ would not belong in either group. The government is answerable to them. Others have to find their own answers through the choices they made.

The true citizen is one who is common through experience or is independent of both systems and their measures. One driven by Truth will make the karmic connection. The Adani group was disrespectful of Indigenous feelings and Mr Turnbull to a degree became their medium and lost his status. This often happens when one is not true to her/his culture – but relates indiscriminately by mixing other cultures. Money often becomes the reward for such conduct. Ms Hanson is distancing herself from  her White-only ancestry and therefore White-only policy which alienated Indians also. Likewise, the Sinhalese only and Tamils only groups in Sri Lanka.  Sri Lankans with common experience would identify with this alienation by our ancestors who are a truly common power with passage of time. They are accessible to anyone to whom that land is ‘home’.

We are globally & universally connected to each other through our Truth – even though we may not consciously know it. One who seeks this oneness identifies with the Truth without the frills of reality. 

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