Tuesday 5 March 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

05 March 2019

Maha Shiva Raathri

Maha Shiva Raathri / Great Shiva Night was observed last night. As per my realisation, Lord Shiva is the Lord of the Mind. This special night falls on no moon night. This means that when the mind is without external knowledge, the mind identifies with the Great Wisdom of Truth within,  to empower us with our own intrinsic Absolute power. In his special Maha Shiva Raathri message, the president of Sri Lanka, highlights mental depression as a consequence of ‘fast-tracking social pleasures’. One who has no knowledge of pleasures, will have  no knowledge of depression pain. Maha Shiva Raathri power is invoked to cure the mind, excited by pleasure of unearned benefits, by eliminating all external knowledge, so the inner illumination is realised towards enjoying absolute Soul-power.

This connection was yet again reinforced in me during my interaction with the Governor of Northern Province – Dr Suren Raghavan who identified with my ability to meet the needs of Jaffna Jaipur Centre for Disability Rehabilitation. I believe I carry positive Energy in regards to Prosthetics & Orthotics due to my contribution through University of NSW – Sports Medicine which contribution was provided without benefits of money and status. This later helped me assist Professor Henry Sathananathan of Monash University who was assisting war victims in 2009, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka. But as per my knowledge, Dr Suren Raghavan had no direct knowledge of my experience in this field. Yet- this was the area of need in which he sought my services.

To my mind, this was confirmation of that mind power that transcends not only the seen and the heard but also the known. Later I learnt from the staff of Jaffna Jaipur Centre for Disability Rehabilitation that Dr Raghavan had in fact visited their Centre.  To the extent Dr Raghavan had identified with the needs of the Centre, he would have subconsciously matched my ability to provide the services to meet those needs. I believe that that is how soul power works. Hence the depressed mind that is nurtured by one with deep understanding of the issue that caused the depression would naturally cure the depression when they are connected. To my mind, this is the deepest service I provide when I am in Sri Lanka.

I believe that each time we provide genuine service, and take less returns than others in that institution, we make contribution to ownership powers. Natural ownership comes with us and serves the needy to the extent we identify with their need as ours. Once this connection is made – the rest ‘happens’ naturally to expand our world to include all true contributors.

Oneness of mind is thus developed by eliminating all discriminative thinking including through allocation of rights and wrongs. This happens by losing body consciousness. Consciousness of the body is ‘lost’ when we forego physical pleasures including food and sleep. The higher mind works mentally and beyond. Lord Shiva is recognised by Hindus to be that Absolute power whose beginning (head) and end (feet) cannot be found. Hence "Adi, Mudi kaanaa Sivan" at Thiruvannamalai Rock temple in South India.

The value of our contributions could be measured vertically through one-mindedness of a common group or laterally through independent outcomes produced by Equal status / no status individuals bound by common purpose. The value of the whole is greater than the sum of the individuals due to this invisible Absolute/Soul  power which the Lankan president refers to as the source of exceptional human ability to naturally unite us as One group.  When we do what we can, to develop ourselves to identify with this power, the rest happens through the system of God/Truth/Love.

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