Saturday 16 March 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

16 March 2019

An eye for an eye?

Gandhi stated that an ‘eye for an eye’ would end up making the whole world blind. Yet, that is what happened in Sri Lanka resulting in civil war. To my mind, that is what happened in Christchurch – yesterday – 15 March.

On Thursday, members of the Tamil Diaspora raised the question in relation to War Crimes – asking as to who would carry Kannagi’s anklet ? – with specific reference to the recent call by the Sri Lankan Prime Minister for closure of war chapter and new beginning.    

Did they also contribute to the manifestation of Terror against Muslims in New Zealand, yesterday?
Mother Kannagi was a dutiful wife who supported her husband even after he took a mistress and abandoned wife Kannagi. Mother Kannagi related to her husband through his position and not as an individual. Quid pro quos and eye for an eye happen when one sees the individual without the position. The risk is that any excess destroys the structure of the revenger – as in ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’. That risk is high with the emotionally driven. Hence, we were warned against sharing graphic details of yesterday’s massacre – something that happened freely in 2009 in relation to the Sri Lankan war. Once we act to manifest the other side at that level – we become incapable of preventing another war.

Kannagi did not question her husband about taking a mistress. When Kovalan had financial difficulties she gave him her anklet to sell – towards maintaining family life. Her forbearance resulted in her becoming the Respectable woman. A respectable woman carries Divine Energy that manifests Itself. They are what we call miracles. It was this Energy that burnt down Madurai. As I wrote yesterday in Tamil – once Truth is manifested with belief – its other side is guaranteed to be manifested at the right time and place in the right form – to strengthen the believer and those who believe in the believer. That is the duty of Truth.  

A Tamil citizen who was true to her/his position in Sri Lanka would have had this power to burn down/damage  Colombo if s/he had been seriously denied her/his  position entitlements and/or those relatives through whom s/he lived had been wrongly killed as Terrorists. It was not Kovalan’s Mistress Mathavi who burnt down Mathurai. Mathavi gave birth to Manimekalai – who it is believed came to Northern Sri Lanka – Naina Theevu. Mathavi became a Buddhist after Kannagi burnt down Mathurai.

There was no such single Tamil citizen who questioned the government and had the power to burn down the kingdom of Kotte. But parts of that structure were seriously damaged in 2015 when all such Law abiding Tamils questioned the Government through Due Process – at UN level. Only citizens who commit themselves to the lawful pathway and continue beyond – despite  custodians of structured powers failing them, have the power of such Divine Energy. This is commonly known as Soorasamharam / Annihilation of the demon. I believe that my contributions to Equal Opportunity values here in Australia also was part of that Energy.

As per Mathavi’s example, Freedom Fighters ought to have renounced worldly life and embraced celibacy – after 2009. The deaths in Mullivaikal at the feet of Vattapalai Kannagi Amman – confirmed that they were given refuge by the Respectable Hindu structure and thereby brought about natural closure.

Gandhi forewent pleasures of the senses and thus conquered his lower self. This naturally elevated his contribution to national and global levels – because he thought global and not just local.
We, the minority communities of Australia and New Zealand need to elevate our grief to the higher level by preventing lower level revenge actions which usually trigger off chain reactions.  Every such escalation at our local levels goes towards global peace. That is when we have Kannagi power to influence Soorasamharam / Annihilation of the demons in Governance who take quid pro quos and thereby give birth to Terrorists amongst those to whom they are heroes.  

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