Friday 17 August 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 August 2018

Foreign Judgment for Governor General

When someone in high position is praised or criticized, we the ordinary citizens identify with it or reject it as false.  Some feel urged to actively participate. Our genuine identity through observation adds Energy to the issue. Our current work on that basis forms true network through which common Energies have passage.

Yesterday, I heard that our former Governor General Dr Hollingworth is being re-examined as an Administrator by the current system. I totally reject this. The directly affected victims have every right to question the perpetrators during the common lifetime of both – as happened in the case of President Clinton. The victim of Dr Holllingworh’s negligence  had every right to initiate action while Dr Hollingworth was in that position within that institution. But once Dr. Holligworth stepped out of  that position – there is no jurisdiction to try him. The position carries that liability and not the individual.

A position is part of a structure with internal borders. The borders confirm regulations and therefore order. An individual who follows the regulations confirmed by he/his position, is taken as having satisfactorily raised her/his work and conduct to the level of the Institution. Most of us do use ‘discretionary’ powers to make decisions – including whether to act or not to act – while we are in certain positions. Those who had the endorsement of their institutions while in positions – are immune from prosecution including for decisions made through the use of discretionary powers. The Judiciary enjoys this; lawyers also enjoy this in Australia. Meridian law firm has published the following about this principle:

[The High Court was unanimous in its decision to reaffirm advocate’s immunity and refusal to overrule its previous decisions in Giannerelli and D’Orta. In addition to determining that the rationale underlying those decisions remained sound, the majority made it clear that to overrule its previous decisions would “generate a legitimate sense of injustice in those who have not pursued claims or have compromised or lost cases by reference to the state of the law as settled by those authorities“. The majority stated that a decision to abolish advocate’s immunity was one “best left to the legislature.”]

It’s that sense of injustice that would be invoked in others – that makes it wrong for us as a society. I  took then Prime Minister Mr John Howard to court after the Judiciary ‘failed me’ in terms of action against the Vice Chancellor  of the University of NSW.   In that instance – the Police blindly followed the Vice Chancellor’s instructions and punished me unlawfully. I escalated the matter step by step despite the deep pain / agony I felt. One of the individuals who comforted me by recognizing and identifying with my pain back then was Dr. Hollingworth. Through such identification, Dr Holligworth became entitled to my natural credits in the common system. At all times, I stayed within my Truth. I expected of Mr Howard as my grand-senior by position to use his True knowledge of the system – to do something. I expected only to the extent I did in my parallel position of senior and grand-senior. When Mr Howard was eventually dismissed by his own electorate – it confirmed to me that my Truth also contributed to that outcome. Not mine alone but mine also.

By finding fault with Dr Hollingworth who no longer holds that Administrative  position , the Police are invoking their own karma in parallel experiences.  This system would not withstand such reverse actions. This is why one needs to ‘die’ and take rebirth through one’s own Truth. Restructures on the basis of Truth immunize the institutions concerned.

The Church also has gone through such purification. Likewise the Australian Government – as we witnessed this week when both sides in National Parliament came together to condemn Senator Fraser Anning. If not for Parliamentary privilege Senator Fraser Anning would be open to legal action through Racial Discrimination Act 1975. Sometimes we do have instances when the laws do not lead us to global forms of Truth. For example, the Buddhism foremost article in Sri Lankan Constitution confirms Constitutional Autocracy – which is the current reality of that Parliament. The Parliament is the highest institution of Sovereignty and hence being in the Truth is more important than getting the ‘right ticks’ as per external laws. Hence the immunity from prosecution to leaders of those groups.

Those of us who have used our discretionary powers to uphold the values of the institutions are immune from prosecution. Dr. Hollingworth is one of them. He was bullied into stepping down from his position of Governor General. Now he is being threatened with Administrative action for wrongs in previous life. Wrongs become sins when they are not corrected by their current structures in which those wrongs happened. Every Sovereign person is entitled to immunity from prosecution once a wrong has gone past its valid period and/or place. Countries extradite persons of wrong-doing to their home nations – due to recognition of Sovereignty of that person and the responsibility of that Nation. Sri Lankan government rejected ‘Foreign’ judges inquiring into allegations of war-crimes for the same reason. One becomes foreigner due to Time also. Jesus after resurrection was foreigner to the one who punished Jesus.

If Dr Hollingworth is therefore ‘Administered’ after 4 resurrections – that confirms that the Police have become Obsolete by living in the past. All our investments in Equal Opportunity principles and laws are then flushed down the drain or the Police have the duty to take action against Mr Howard for his failures to uphold Racial Discrimination Act 1975, when I complained against him. I accepted his dismissal as the punishment as per the system of Truth. Otherwise I conclude that the Police have different guidelines for different status people. That could happen due to belated realization of their own wrong doing. By finding fault with Dr Hollingworth – they find fault with their own excesses with Indigenous Australians.

Administrators have the responsibility to act as per current pain by direct actions using current measures. By letting the genie out of the bottle they are awakening their own past.

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