Wednesday 1 August 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

01 August 2018

Sharing Global Energy


Recently I concluded a conversation with Tamil Diaspora Leader as follows:


[Since I feel that you value my work – I strongly suggest that with anyone – try and connect to their core energy through your own truth. That will bring you the opportunities you need anywhere anytime]

I believe that when we connect to the Energy rather than the benefits – we make root connections. On 26 July 2018, for example I shared my Energy through my article ‘The Crippled Front Legs of Hambantota


Yesterday, Kate Schneider’s article headed $282 million airport has a huge problem’ was published by, in relation to Hambantota airport. The sharing happens at ownership level. Yesterday for example, ABC’s The Drum program discussed the issue of women doing more and getting less. In Hinduism, we refer to such women as Shakthi / Energy. Likewise, minorities who do relatively more and get paid less. Energy confirms true ownership. To me therefore, it was my ownership Energy that led to me reading fellow Australian Kate Schneider’s article through a network /medium that carries this Energy. Both Nations – Sri Lanka and Australia are empowered at root level by such Energy/Common Ownership. To my mind, that is what globalization is all about.
Today I received directions to ‘The biggest game changer in 100 years’: Chinese money ...’ by the Guardian, in which the author states:
[Even in developed democracies such as Australia, governments are trying to adjust to more aggressive Chinese intervention, says Xavier, the Carnegie India fellow.]

The above article was published in March but to me someone somewhere – wanted me to read it and Energize the value for Australia – in this instance the protection from such foreign aggression.


Yesterday also, such a Blessing from Above happened. I was sending out my emails with my article ‘Northern Province Governor's Decision - Bad in Law’ when I received a call from the lawyer mentioned in the email. To me that was the parallel of Kunkumum manifesting on 05 November 1998 presented as follows in my book Naan Australian:


[Once we successfully override natural subjective discrimination based on gender, age, etc. we would naturally and comfortably use the wisdom in race also. At the lowest general level – one who discriminates on the basis of one subjective factor would discriminate through others also.  Likewise at the highest common level one who has successfully overridden such tendency through one factor would naturally have overridden discrimination tendencies through all such factors.
We therefore need to continue for ourselves. Deborah Miller of the Medical Faculty did say this to me when I was upset with the Administrators.  Deb said ‘Gaja do it for yourself’. The stronger confirmation came from manifestation of  KgfKmmf / Kungkumum – Red Holy Powder denoting Love’ on Thursday  05 November 1998 on my picture of Sri Sathya Sai Baba who at that time was to my mind,  a saint to whom many in my family and community prayed.  I was not a devotee but respected others’ faith.  Even when the Kungkumum appeared – I did not know its greater significance but just that the Higher Powers were with me.  I showed it to Param and Pradeep who was still living with us at that time.  The following day I went to the University to talk to Andrew Kell – who was the Assistant Accountant trained by me in democratizing the financial systems of the Medical Faculty. While I was speaking to Andrew in his office – Phil Dulhunty who like Debra is a ‘free thinker’ came over to me and said words to the effect ‘Gaja don’t go without speaking to me’.  So I went over to Phil’s office,  after I had completed my session with Andrew.  Phil then gave me a printout of a report that had appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald the previous day – 05 November 1998.   As per that report – the NSW Auditor General in essence stated the same criticism as I about the University’s Budgetary system.  I went further and structured the democratic system for which I was recruited.  They say in Tamil ‘m]i kdfdi[ maD eca[f[a EkkfKmf / Mani Kattina Maadu sonna kehkum – the word of the belled cow would be heard’. The cow with the bell was the Auditor General of NSW. The Sydney Morning Herald heard that cow but not this bear- necked cow from Sri Lanka. ]


If we truly care, we would not ‘wait’ until we are  Chiefs. We would contribute through our positions as Indians.


Yesterday, we learnt that the lawyer for the opposition was also acting in breach of the law and was secretive about it.  I believe that the alert came from the Lord of Judiciary in whom I have faithfully invested despite apparent defeats. The Lord of Judiciary has manifest through an alternate pathway to uphold my Truth. Having that experience is what life is all about. Those who drink alcohol say that in terms of taste it does not taste good. But the ‘ high ’ that one gets overrides the bad taste in the mouth. To me the closest at that level -is drinking coffee without sugar.  


If we are distracted by immediate outcomes and ‘take’ more than we have earned – the other side also happen – in the form of indebtedness and lack of energy to work. Those of us who have our origins in another nation, naturally influence those in whose name we do what we do. In the Northern Provincial Council issue – Mr Wigneswaran ultimately relied on his Judicial side to find fault with the Governor. This Energises not only Colombo where the matter is being heard but also Jaffna – where the problem happened. I could not find such value in his political side. As they say in Tamil – even if our home is a rat hole – it must be our own – the home we make.


Our Ultimate Reality is our own Truth. Once we identify with our Truth – we are ‘free’ and truly Sovereign.

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