Wednesday 15 August 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

15 August 2018

King Solomon and Jaffna / Lankan Ruler

I believe that the system of God/Truth  has various ways of balancing the preservation of our Sovereignty. I believe that the Brain is an important instrument in this process.
Yesterday, in response to my article ‘Government killing the Jaffna Brain?’ – a Diaspora leader wrote:

[Jaffna brain is erroneously and artificially glorified. All communities are blessed with brains more or less equally. Given the same facilities to develop their brains, all communities can excel intellectually. 
The notion that Jaffna men and women are unique in their brainpower and ceaselessly trumpeting this falacy is counterproductive.
Can you honestly claim that the members, ministers and the Chief Minister are examples of exemplary brain power or for that matter the academic community of Jaffna University?
We are neither inferior nor superior in brain power, in my considered opinion.
It is very damaging to propagate this myth. It is self destructive.]
My response to the above was:
[The difference to my mind is the stored Energy that is inherited in addition to being Developed. It’s like in Equality v Equal Opportunity. The latter has passive component. Children of the same parents perform differently in intellectual pursuits – due to this stored Energy at the individual level also. It is one’s own heritage carried through births. By Jaffna Brain, I referred to mine also. In this matter – are you stating that it was ok for the Governor to make such a statement and pass the buck on to the CM? I am no fan of Mr Wigneswaran and you would know that by now. Belief based grouping helps to share our Energies naturally. Hence electorate based political representation. Are you saying that Mahinda and Basil have the same brain capacity? The structure would be identical in most human beings. But the way that structure is used differs according to our own Energies. Please know that I am NOT referring to the current Jaffna population. I am referring to the Common Jaffna person – who includes our ancestors as well as those like me – living physically away from Jaffna at current times. If our brain / intellectual powers were developed in Jaffna – that brain IS Jaffna brain to that extent. We worked the brain more because we resisted majority taking over power and going ahead of us. THAT is Constitutional Democracy – in which the ‘gap’ between majority and minority is filled by brain power. In this group there are many outstanding intellectual achievers who had their fundamental confidence due to the Jaffna Brain]
If we think ‘Equality’ first, we are likely to not realise the value of Equal Opportunity. Likewise, when we think of Grades first – we are not likely to develop wisdom within. Mother and Father in ‘traditional’ families are considered Equal and Diverse due to father having to ‘think’ and ‘show’  Equality whereas mother stored the value of her work and sacrifices as Energy. A women who does not ‘show’ is often not respected by those who lack belief in that system. Using the showable measures  - such a woman is NOT equal in status to the man who ‘shows’. Likewise minorities.
So how does this passive power work ? One who practices Equal Opportunity system instead of Equality system – identifies with this latent force – represented by David in the Biblical legend David and Goliath. David believed in God. Goliath relied on his physical power to ‘win’. God within David, who was minority power in that story, worked through David’s intellectual powers. The ‘intuitive’ plan was to strike Goliath in the middle of the head  - the third eye spot – were the focus power resides.
Likewise, David’s son Solomon  used his intuitive power to identify with the true mother who did not need to ‘see’ or to ‘show’ that the baby was hers. She was the baby and did not want the baby to be hurt. There the Truth / Divinity worked through that mother. Belief, whatever its form may be is Devine.
In the matter at the centre of yesterday’s discussion, the Governor who is appointed by the President, made an intellectually erroneous statement – to pass the buck of Ministerial appointments to the Chief Minister. The Governor used the name of the Constitution to make his statement seem logical. The Governor failed to do the simple check to know for himself whether the Constitution did empower the Chief Minister to appoint Ministers. It clearly does not.
Likewise, at National level, the de facto Joint Opposition that claims entitlement to the position of Opposition Leadership in National Parliament.
[The Joint Opposition has decided to set up a committee to look into whether the MPs representing the party should act independently in Parliament. 
The decision was reportedly taken following a meeting with former President Mahinda Rajapaksa with the participation of JO parliamentarians and party leaders. 
The committee will be headed by the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) and former minister Professor G.L. Peiris while it will also include the leaders of the parties in the Joint Opposition. 
The committee will decide whether the MPs representing the Joint Opposition will sit independently in the Parliament. 
The MPs representing the Joint Opposition were elected to the Parliament after contesting under the United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA). 
The Joint Opposition is not recognized as the main opposition party in the parliament as the UPFA is part of the unity government formed with the United National Party (UNP).
The Joint Opposition had recently requested for the Opposition Leader post to be given to MP Dinesh Gunawardena, but were unsuccessful as the Speaker decided against it.]

If Government is the father in a democratic structure, then the Opposition is the mother. Tamil National Alliance (TNA)is the heir of  David in Sri Lankan Parliament. By dividing the Opposition at physical level – the group headed by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is confirming that it is as fallacious as the woman who was ready to cut the child to prove her claim. We do not want more Goliaths but the wise Solomons – sons of brave David.
To the extent Tamil militants defended the Sovereignty of themselves – and therefore their community, only their bodies were killed. Their minds would continue to empower by merging with the wise amongst all minorities. That was how Tamil Politicians such as the Hon G G Ponnambalam and the genuine militants who believed – merged to appoint TNA as the leading opposition in national parliament. True contribution  never dies. It becomes passive when there is lack of passage.

The earth, like time, holds that power energy forever. Likewise, when those who abuse power – and neglect their duties – and they are not opposed – at least mentally negative energy resides there – be it the national parliament or Jaffna.

The Constitution is the Mother and the Executive Administration is the father.  Abusing the mother – leads to frivolous enjoyment of physical pleasures. Jaffna needs mother power now more than before. So does the Sri Lankan Parliament. The current speaker the Hon Karu Jayasuriya, by upholding the TNA’s position as leader of the Opposition, has confirmed that he is an heir of King Solomon. 

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