Wednesday 7 March 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

07 March 2018

PM Wickremesinghe’s Good Karma


Most of us believe in higher divine powers but only a few recognize its workings. At the political level, I identified with it in Sri Lanka when in 2015, Tamil National Alliance became the leading Opposition in National Parliament, despite Tamils being only a fraction of the total population. So long as we believe, we would identify with the returns in due course. The less logical a group is the greater the need for belief, to live in harmony. Where there is lack of law and order – there is lack of logic.
The current message comes as follows:
[The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) had organised a rally and public meeting in Nugegoda tomorrow to celebrate the victory of the party at the recent local government election.] -

Leader of the Opposition, the Hon Rajavarothiam Sampanthan  did share  his intuition as highlighted as follows in my article ‘Lotus Buds or mud centipedes?’   :

[Leader of the Opposition and Tamil National Alliance Leader R. Sampanthan, has unmasked former President Rajapaksa's hidden political agenda during the debate last Monday (19) in Parliament. The thoroughly analytical speech made by Sampanthan has clearly pointed out where former President Mahinda Rakjapaksa stands in the present political scenario holding up his party Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP)'s symbol Lotus Bud.] Ceylon Today article Whither ‘Lotus Bud’?
The Lotus bud analogy confirms the higher structure of Mr Sampanthan’s mind due also to humility as minority power, as opposed to arrogance of majority power.
Journalist Manekshaw presents the logic of this picture as follows:
[Speaking at Veerasingam Hall, Jaffna, holding up his party symbol Lotus Bud in his hands the former President also stated that it was during his period the post-war development activities were carried out extensively in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.
However, his speeches and statements made during the LG polls campaign trail in the South were very much in contrast to what he had said in the North and the East.
Leader of the Opposition R. Sampanthan who has been highly appreciated by the right thinking people throughout the country for making sensible comments since he became the Leader of the Opposition in 2015, responding to Mahinda Rajapaksa in Parliament has pointed out that the former President carried out his campaign very virulently in all the temples, in all the villages in the Sinhala South]
The essence of the concern was the resurgence of militancy. Let’s say we did not have any external laws through which to measure the rights and wrongs of the above actions and statements of claim; but only our Truth. Mr Sampanthan spoke on behalf of Tamils who suffered more pain and loss than the majority race due to the ethnic war. If this was not a true concern, the current situation between Muslims and Buddhists would not have happened at this time. The State of Emergency declared by the Government confirms that Mr Sampanthan’s concerns were genuine. The Parliament needs to listen more actively to those who have endured the pain defeat and continue to participate in Parliamentary process. That is the way of an owner.
To my mind, the bait by Mr Mahinda Rajapksa  has been taken by Muslims. The cancellation of  his party’s Nugegoda rally confirms that the Rajapaksas  also have made the connection between their propaganda and the riots. The postponement of the ‘No Confidence Motion’ against the PM happened during this period when the eyes of the world are on this issue of Majority v Minority in Sri Lanka. That is how the law of karma works to protect and deliver to those who uphold Dharma. I do not know Mr Wickremesinghe nor Mr Sampanthan personally to know whether they uphold Dharma. But when I feel a need on behalf of  Sri Lanka and they become the media through whom manifestations I identify with as karmic connections, they are in their rightfully earned positions. That combination will bring Sri Lanka the support of good governments and good citizen-governors from all over the world.
Physically, Sri Lanka may be an island. But mentally it has become global in many ways, this time through Myanmar where my family ancestors have roots. The SBS report highlights this as follows: -

[Some Buddhist nationalist have also protested against the presence in Sri Lanka of Muslim Rohingya asylum-seekers from mostly Buddhist Myanmar, where Buddhist nationalism has also been on the rise.]

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