Monday 5 March 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

05 March 2018                                       
LTTE & Sinhala Australians


I received a file regarding Sinhala protesters, from a fellow Australian of Sri Lankan origin around the same time as I learnt about the decision by the Sri Lankan Northern Provincial Council’s decision to take the eye-witness account of one of its members – Mr S. Kugadas to the UNHRC. I could not identify with intellectual order in either of these. The video came with the description : ABC & CH4. Sinhalese protesting in Australia.  The name of the speaker was stated as Dinesh Iriyagolla Weerakkody. Both seemed disorderly to me.

As a Tamil who has accepted the lower order of mind structure of Tamil militants who used armed power to kill intellectual and political power I choose to first present as to why I consider the move by the Northern Provincial Council to be disorderly. Then I would reveal how I receive Mr Dinesh Iriyagolla Weerakkody.

Tamil Politicians found fault with Sinhalese Politicians and distanced themselves on the basis of alleged belief that we were a diverse culture with our own order and therefore are entitled to Self-Administration. As per my mind, the law of Nature says that so long as we operate within our earned order –  no one outside that order has the authority to administer us. Likewise we also do not have authority over others of a different culture.  Belief in each other makes us Common and therefore we feel the other’s pain as ours and share pleasures freely as if we were One Common person. Any thought and/or action that fits this fundamental rule is right thought or action. Any thought and/or action that our logic as per the above rule is wrong.

Official Administration happens largely on the basis of external  knowledge from beyond our biological connections. Intellectual discriminative thinking is necessary to develop mental order through such external knowledge. Most of our formal education is towards this. Due processes that help us benefit from this Order, help us develop faith in those who originally developed that order and/or with fellow members of that Order. In Sri Lanka, Tamils carried proportionately more such investment than Sinhalese – as confirmed by the percentage of University Entrants from the two communities after British Administration was withdrawn. Hence the Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 was acceptable to me as a Tamil, so long as it was used by those who developed that structure and/or inherited it by paying their respects to those who developed it. The moment we take power above the developers of that structure and the systems that go with it – we confirm loss of respect and therefore disconnection with the heritage. Tamil militants who killed Tamil Politicians and Administrators, belong in that group. LTTE was in the forefront of this part of the Tamil community.  This eventually extended to killing Indian Prime Minister as if he was their equal. A true soldier would have chosen her/his equal as her/his opponent. My Hindu  heritage taught me this Dharma which helped me not bring out in Court through a junior Police Officer who was a messenger of his seniors – that I was listed unlawfully as a Sri Lankan despite the knowledge that I was an Australian. White Australians who think they are the only true Australians, suffer from Dual Citizenship syndrome. Morally speaking such officers did not have the authority to Administer me but had the authority to recover any lost valuables recorded as such in their ledgers. Likewise, Sinhala Only or Buddhism foremost folks in Tamil areas of Sri Lanka. Only those who are Sri Lankans in thought and/or action are allowed to administer anywhere in Sri Lanka. Tamils in other cultural areas have to put themselves through this test to earn the support of Natural forces.  LTTE strongly demonstrated disorder by going outside its own circle of belief within Tamil areas and worse outside Tamil areas. To the extent Sinhalese soldiers match it by failing to follow Sri Lankan order during the war –sans-observers they balanced the equation at the de-facto level.

The problem with de facto formations is that they lack firm structures and therefore have weak borders of ownership. Tamils who included the LTTE as part of themselves – need to have strong enough investment in good order to raise the issue to the higher level. This requires self-discipline. One way of confirming this discipline is to deny Administrative positions to those known to be of  LTTE mental order and/or beneficiaries of that order. I was disappointed with Mr Wigneswaran when Mrs Ananthi Sasitharan was facilitated to become Minister in Northern Province. The reason is confirmed by the following background published by Wikipedia – according to which Ananthi :
[was born on 10 September 1971. Her parents from Kankesanthurai and Chulipuram in northern Ceylon. Ananthi's sister Vasanthi was a member of the Eelam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front and was killed by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in 1989.  Her younger brother went missing whilst fighting for the LTTE.
Ananthi was educated at Victoria College, Chulipuram. Whilst at school she met Velayutham Sasitharan (alias Elilan) who was active in the political wing of the rebel LTTE. Ananthi fell in love with Elilan but Elilan told her to concentrate on her studies
After school Ananthi studied accountancy but gave this up in 1992 after getting a job at the Jaffna District Secretariat. She worked for Valikamam West Divisional Secretariat between 1993 and 1996. After the Sri Lankan military re-captured the Valikamam region in 1996 Elilan and the LTTE re-located to the Vanni. Ananthi followed them and worked as a clerk for the Mullaitivu District Secretariat between 1997 and 2003. She worked as a management assistant at Kilinochchi District Secretariat from 2003 to 2013.
Ananthi and Elilan were eventually married, on 6 June 1998 at Mulliyawalai. Elilan rose up the ranks with the LTTE and was appointed political head for Vavuniya District.  After the 2002 Norwegian mediated peace he was appointed political head for Trincomalee District. After the Sri Lankan military re-captured the Eastern Province Elilan re-located to the Vanni and worked at the Kilinochchi District Secretariat alongside his wife]

If I marry someone who killed a close member of my biological family – i.e. – my first family – then I confirm lack of faith in family order. Family order being the fundamental basis of a Natural Community, any claim of belief based entitlement from a common group starts with ‘family’ – the one we are born into and/or the one we develop through physical togetherness. Ms Ananthi has demonstrated lack of order in both. As an individual she failed to have enough investment in the position of wife – to protect her husband from ‘going missing’. If she had strong enough belief – the lady did not have to get married but had the duty to contribute to de facto partnerships that the LTTE claimed to be experts at. By promoting this lady to the position of Minister, the NPC lost its own credibility as a group with high-order minds. An MP represents at her/his level. A Minister needs to lead through higher mind usually developed through self-discipline.

 Belief alone is enough for de facto partnerships. One needs commitment to respect external order – through intellectual pursuit and/or through subjective pathway. Heritage is also external on time basis. On the other hand knowledge from someone from a distant culture,  becomes lateral heritage when we pay our respects to the original developers and their heirs. Those genuinely committed to Tradition, would comfortably respect Globalization. In Hinduism former is personified by Ganesh and latter by  Muruga who is also the Patron of Minorities.

The group carrying boards ‘I am Sinhala’, led by Mr Dinesh Iriyagolla Weerakkody here in Australia was showing the same problem as our  immediate past Deputy Prime Minister the Hon Barnaby Joyce – who is now claiming that he does not know whether he is the father of the child being carried by his sexual partner. Both suffer due to Dual Citizenship Syndrome.  

Until we become global – and therefore common to both nations – we need to limit our criticism and/or compensation claims to our experience based order. Mr Weerakkody who demonstrates characteristics demonstrated by Professor Rohan Gunaratna, credits LTTE as being the most brutal organization in the world. To the extent this is outside the boundaries of his belief – he is generating new knowledge for selfish reasons – and is earning both sides of the effect to be his. He has the pleasure now and will have the pain later – a negative heritage that LTTE also carries due to its excesses.  Happens to all of us to the extent we criticize and/or actively punish beyond the level earned by that person/group. Even in our jobs we need to draw the line of conscience at the point we recognise injustice. Failure to do so leads to disorder of the mind due to conflict between Truth and Law and/or Power of an individual.

Disorderliness within  Sri Lanka’s armed forces surfaced due to this excess. The likes of Mr Weerakkody will demonstrate this disorder  one way or the other and if there are no limits at workplace and community – he would download this disorder into his own family where he is likely to have power,  to damage its structure until it becomes like those of the LTTE and its associates like  Mrs Sasitharan.

In any case, given that LTTE is not listed as a proscribed organization in Australia, Mr Weerakkody is actually inviting others with the potential to pick up the other side. This effectively makes such speeches defamatory due to their potential to damage others’ earned privacy and good order. As per my knowledge gained through my faith based interaction with the Hon Philip Ruddock, when he was Attorney General,  the LTTE is not a proscribed organization here in Australia,  but it is unlawful to send money for LTTE’s activities. If Mr Weerakkody was truly caring of Sri Lanka – he would have acted to have Santharuban (LTTE) who was deported recently from Australia, stay on here in Australia and not go back to Sri Lanka.  Cleverness becomes abusive when used for personal credit.  Mr Weerakkody is a disorderly person whose politics have the effect of damaging Australians’ investment in orderly politics.

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