Friday 2 March 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

02 March 2018                                       
Buddhism Foremost in Action


[Buddhist psychotherapy cures mental sicknesses, enables understanding of the working of their conscious and unconscious minds. One can use it to build up his own mental wellbeing in today’s stressful society. The aspects that cause mental illnesses are recognized as kleshes or mental destructions. The fundamental vision behind this method is found in Sabbasava Sutta, Satipattana Sutta, and Vattupama Sutta-[Majjima Nik.]………………………………………….
Our legendary writer, author, and intellectual Martin Wickremasinghe once said, “Psycho-analysis was not initiated by Sigmund Freud, but by Jataka story teller.”] Daily News article ‘Psychotherapy of the Buddha’s approach’

To most Hindus, Yoga also cures the mind. Likewise fasting for Muslims and Christians. Prayers are also common form of  curing  the mind. I myself wrote recently  :
[As per my discovery, Structure and Content makeup knowledge. The stronger the discipline, the higher the structure. Higher the structure wider the area covered by knowledge. Lower the structure, the closer knowledge  is to information / costs and benefits. The risk of disorder is high in lower structures. Completed experiences form natural structures and/or maintain existing structures. ]
Knowledge of Buddhism is also made up of structure (inherited plus developed) and current technical content. One who draws current value from Buddhism at a level greater than her/his investment in Buddhism – is confirming high risk of mental disorder. Buddhism foremost clause in the Sri Lankan Constitution is a source of such high risk.

The author of the above article mentions ‘conscious and unconscious minds’.  I have registered in my mind three levels – Conscious, Unconscious and the Subconscious. They are the parallels of Body, Soul and Mind in that order. Mind is a combination of Body & Soul; as the Subconscious is a combination of the Conscious and the Unconscious.

After the hearing of a Racial Discrimination complaint initiated by me – the clever judge of the Federal Court of Australia asked me about the claim of discrimination whether it was ‘Conscious or Unconscious?’  I said ‘Subconscious’ . Then the Barrister representing the respondent jumped up and said that a ruling against his client would seriously damage her career. Judgment was adjourned and when delivered  was to  dismiss my complaint. The real judgment was delivered when the Judge asked the question Conscious or Unconscious?’.

The more we are influenced by the external the less the power of the unconscious and therefore subconscious mind. I believe that someone with strong positive feelings can awaken weaknesses in the  unconscious mind to treat them internally – as in laser-surgery.

Whether it is Sigmund Freud, or Jataka story teller – they need to stay within the boundaries of their own belief to successfully cure mental illnesses through Psychotherapy. Author Martin Wickremasinghe who directly related the two was showing signs of damage due to Dual Ownership Syndrome.

One does not have to go  far to identify with this disorder of the mind. It is embedded in the Sri Lankan Constitution as ‘Buddhism foremost’ law in a multi-religious country. The above article confirms the disorder.  As per my knowledge, long before Lord Buddha and therefore the Jataka stories,  Hindus had Ramayanam followed by Mahabharatham. Even if one Sri Lankan Hindu practices with respect, the principles espoused in Ramayanam  and/or  Mahabharatham, it overrides the validity of  ‘Buddhism foremost’ advantage in the Constitution. As per the laws of Dharma it would render such religion Equal status as Buddhism but not superior status. Hence the positioning of TNA as Equal Opposition in National Parliament, which was facilitated by Buddhist leaders who activated Buddhist structure towards current benefits.

Hence the receptor for Equal Opportunity knowledge in the mind of Buddhists became weaker and weaker – ultimately causing disorder of the minds of those who enjoyed more benefits than they had earned through current systems and failed to genuinely inherit past structures with reverence. One who receives the past with reverence would not weaken the heritage by using it for current benefits – as the above author has also done.

At the political level – within the Government, only UNP under Mr Wickremesinghe’s leadership has been clean in this regard in terms of war-heritage. Hence the problem of ‘who deserves to be the head of ‘law and order ministry’ – which has very little heritage from Buddhism and even less blessings from Hindus who have rich war-heritage, including by belief in in Ramayanam  and/or  Mahabharatham.

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