Sunday 22 May 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 22 May    2016

Coconuts & Natural Disasters

The Island article ‘PM attributes natural disasters to opposition dashing coconut’ brought a smile to my mind. It is this one-mindedness that makes us Common beyond local cultures and physical attributes. As per this article:

[Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said he was awaiting a comprehensive report from the Disaster Management Ministry to proceed in that regard. "I have ordered the Disaster Management Minister to produce a full report. Let us have this discussion based on this report."

At this point, the Prime Minister sarcastically remarked that such a disaster would not have taken place if the Joint Opposition had not smashed coconuts at Kovils.]

The white flesh of the coconut represents our Soul/Truth. The hard outer shell represents our body and its representation of us to the external world. In this Hindu ritual - the outer shell is broken to reveal the inner-self. The law of nature is such that if we manifest one side the other side also happens – later in autocracy and immediately through our opposition in the system of democracy. The higher the position of the person the higher the level at which the ‘other side’ happens. As per my discovery – where a person who is true to that environment is affected by our words and actions – the other side happens at the level at which that true person has earned. If that person feels part of  the whole nation – then the outcome happens at that National level. If that person feels part of the Region then the other side manifests at the Regional level. Where the person feels global the other side manifests at the global level.

The family example that came to mind is that of a relative who was assisted financially by my husband but who ‘donated’ to build  the Murugan temple tower here in Vaddukoddai while failing to  contribute to our own efforts to cure  a high risk zone of emotional outbreaks - towards preventing future wars. Our projects center around a Temple and School of Human Values. When criticized by my husband, the relative had said that he wanted his children to get married and hence the donation to the above temple!  The son did get married but failed to get the blessings of  the very part of the family that cared for them during their time of need. The chances of the daughter getting married through the formal pathway have thus been diminished.

Breaking coconuts likewise, would manifest the ‘other side’ of our Truth as well. Small immediate benefits would happen if we are genuine, but big costs as per the past sins are also manifested – especially if the places are holy to those who were victims of those sins.

Emotions for example would produce their other side to the extent they are expressed through words and/or actions. All emotions based on experience are expressions of Truth and come with their own protection. If emotions are knowledge based but lacking in experience –  expressions of such emotions are expressions of  desire for authority and naturally create their other side – fear of authority. If the other side which happens to be the target of the expressions, is of a higher level then the return happens at the higher level. It is to prevent such excessive returns that we have common principles, laws and rules. One who raises the emotions to intellectual level and sees both sides – for her/himself – consciously takes the pathway to Truth. Hence s/he is not likely to express emotions at the primary level.
This could also be achieved by absorbing the pain and loss at the physical / emotional level due to considering the other person as part of oneself.   Then emotions become feelings. Feelings are experiences of ownership. The latter bypasses the intellect and is the better pathway for the less educated politician.

The joint opposition at whom the above remark was directed by the Prime Minister, actually hijacked the official title of the Opposition through their emotional expressions. The victims – Tamil Political Party – the TNA – representing Minority Tamil Community - paid a high price for expressing their pain of suppression – usually through the Educational pathway. The position of Opposition in Parliament was earned through this pain and loss claiming Equal status. Hence the return of the karma of war is high, when invoked. The Prime Minister was confirming this in his own way. The People must make the connection between their pain and the true cause as per their experiences.

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