Tuesday 10 May 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 10 May    2016

Third Eye Picture of Sri Lanka

Ethnic Diversity has become a reality in Sri Lanka. Are we of One mind-order or are we Diverse? Knowing the true answer and including that in the Constitution would strengthen exponentially, the inner Peace felt by Sri Lankans.  Ultimately as we mature as a Nation – it is this inner picture that shapes our mind from within. The pathway could be diverse or common. But it must flow from Truth to naturally unite us – however diverse we may seem on the outside. Man and Woman are diverse-looking. They need to come together to recreate themselves. That is the law of Nature. Whether this diversity ceases at the family / gender level or whether it is developed to National and Global level is the question we face.

Reporter P.K.Balachandran of the New Indian Express says in his article ‘Lankan Panel On Constitutional Reform Found Sharp Differences On Ethnic Lines’:

[While the Tamils of the Tamil-speaking Northern and Eastern Provinces (called Sri Lankan Tamils) want a federal constitution as opposed to the current unitary one, the majority Sinhalese living in South, Central and Western Lanka want the unitary structure to be retained.
There are extremists and moderates in both communities, with Jaffna district espousing an extreme form of federalism and Kandy district demanding a rigid unitary structure.]

The above confirms what most of us know on the inside. It is not different in Australia which is also my home-nation. When we look within, we know that we – the Asian migrants see ourselves as being different to the European migrants. I expressed this picture through my legal actions against many Administrative leaders who failed to practice Equal Opportunity laws and principles once they were in the top position. I thus made myself Equal to them by sacrificing for the Common Good – the status I had as an Australian Manager. I became a common worker. This freed me from my own expectations of returns for being the ‘yes’ person where,  as per my Truth I had to say ‘no’ – Australians are diverse and not common and most Australians think Equal only when they get paid for it. The moment they think there is no one above them, European migrants start ‘telling’ the Asian migrants and the Asian migrants start telling the Aborigines and those others who as per their country of origin are of lesser international status.

The Sri Lankan parallel of European migrants are the Sinhalese - especially those of Kandyan origin; the parallel of Asian migrants are all other ethnic communities. When a Sinhalese thinks s/he is not accountable to anyone – s/he starts telling and this telling is stronger in the case of a Muslims, Tamils and Burghers in that order. In real terms if Devolution takes place – this telling will be ‘internalized’ – as proven by the Rajapaksa regime which was disrespectful of the Global Community once it got the benefits by ‘showing’ terrorism. As per the Laws of Nature – to the extent the LTTE was born out of the feelings of Terror that Tamils experienced due to actions and negligence by the Central Government – Terrorism ownership was shared. Had there been Devolution, LTTE abuse would largely have been classified as criminal – if indeed it had happened. To my mind, given India’s support – Indians also share in this Terrorism karma.

Our inner Peace is determined by our identity with  this inner picture – seen through our Third Eye – represented by the Pottu – worn by Hindus. When I identify with a report – such as the above, I am able to naturally rely on its Source. The New Indian Express then becomes an internal part of me. Had I been part of the New Indian Express team that produced the above report – I would have known the Truth through my own genuine work supported by my own feelings of ownership in New Indian Express. As I said to a Project Manager here in Vaddukoddai – we become the institution we believe we are a part of. That Belief is the ultimate goal. The pathway may look diverse or common. Usually one who gets lesser pay than others for the work of identical standards – and accepts that as final - is already an owner and therefore is a believer.  The other way around, one could  pay respect to the higher worker / position – to feel part of the whole and eventually the whole itself. Those who work to rule – do not develop this feeling power.

Just this weekend, we were exposed to a debate here in Vaddukoddai - on whether Governance power is developed by family or by society? The event took place here in the twin village of Sangarathai-Thunaivi  which even though they are geographically next to each other – are culturally vastly different due to the caste system having gone wrong through both sides – the farmers and the toddy-tappers. The speeches were good and entertaining to the brain. But to me Sangarathai was invading the privacy of Thunaivi when the discussion was loudly propagated through the P.A. system. In action the abuse of governance power was facilitated by a member of the Diaspora (parallel of the hybrid court) who built that hall in his father’s memory. Hence as per the topic discussed – the abuse of governance power started at home by the family wanting to take over the community leadership power through inheritance rather than through the democratic system of majority. They are the parallels of Jaffna Tamil & Kandyan Sinhalese leaders.  

As a person of Thunaivi – I felt sad – that no recognition was given to Thunaivi in that group. Our family also donated land for the construction of  the Development Secretariat. Had I included myself as a Sangarathai person – I would have been invited through their network and by saying ‘yes’ – education is first priority.  I needed to feel that pain to know how Thunaivi felt.  Through their speeches they promoted education – which to me was education to hold leading administrative positions including in the Government. If it were under a Federal system – then the status of such positions would be relatively higher than otherwise. I allowed  myself to feel the pain of not being invited as a contributor to the Common system – a system through which Thunaivi would be allowed to isolate itself and emotionally settle its internal disputes. All leaders present – including politicians and administrators – promoted the ‘Unitary’ system under which, like the LTTE – they could be sole-leaders in their local areas. The pain was heard and yesterday, we were invited to takeover the construction work in a relatively big project. When pain is felt at that soul level – through our Truth – the area that we feel a part of gets the pleasures – almost instantaneously. THAT to me is the promise of God. As they say in Christianity – knock and it shall open. True pain is the knock.

During the speeches the names of the Hon Wigneswaran, Chief Minister of Northern Province -  as well as the Hon Judge Ilanchellan were mentioned as leaders. The former is seeking merger of North & East through a federal system. But the Truth as we – outsiders see it is that Mr. Wigneswaran was groomed under a Unitary system. To have the true authority to promote a different system – Mr. Wigneswaran needs to have settled his dues to that system and become independent of that system. So long as he is recognized as a Judge by himself – he confirms that he believes himself to be part of the Unitary system. In any case – he is recognized by the educated as part of the Judiciary and NOT as part of the political institution of Northern Province.  As per my observations – there is no direct following of Mr. Wigneswaran in this part of Northern Province. Hence on the basis of Truth / Belief – there is no validity to the proposal made by Mr. Wigneswaran – the Judge groomed by and lives with the Unitary system.

Given that the current Government has facilitated this Opportunity for the Public to participate in the process, we need to ensure that Public  outcomes would continue to keep in place that Government structure. Power sharing as Equals is the real picture that has evolved through the current Government. Tamils of Sri Lanka also need that kind of  Equal Opposition, to have the right to operate independent of Central Government. If the Internal picture known to Tamil leaders is healthy – showing this democratic picture would not be difficult. But as Gandhi said about Indian leaders – Tamil leaders want to take the place of Sinhalese leaders as Sinhalese leaders want/ed to occupy the positions developed by the British. To the extent this was done without paying their respects – it amounts to a debt and has ended at the destination of UN Inquiry punishment.

Whatever the national structure – as per the Tamil Community – North led by Jaffna must be independent of East led by Batticaloa. The former is the parallel of Sangarathai and the latter the parallel of Thunaivi. Culturally we may seem to be similar. But in terms of mind structure – the Jaffna man when he thinks he is ‘free’ will ‘tell’ all other sections – including the Diaspora, once he has custody of  powers. To earn merger – Jaffna must demonstrate Equal Opposition to Batticaloa. Towards this the caste system hierarchy needs to be sacrificed and merit basis using current contribution needs to determine as to who has higher status through demonstrated public outcomes. A Muslim as Chief Minister in Batticaloa confirms their affirmative action to release themselves from the evils of  using majority rule in Administration. The need for Jaffna is to use intellectual pathways to develop Common Secular systems that would gradually override the negatives of the caste system and at the same time not disconnect the minds prematurely to isolate lower castes to form their own governance – as happened in the case of LTTE. A true position developed under ‘free’ conditions would be easily manifested by one to whom that group is home-group. If this is given form – we would be writing off our own investment in the higher mind-order needed to use intellectual pathways that connect us to areas beyond our physical environments. Education needs to be used to include and expand and not to exclude and shrink.

When we live in our homes – however tiny that may seem to the external eye – we have ownership freedom/independence. This is Peace. To the extent we see that little rat-hole as part of the Palace – we own the Palace itself. Instead, if we build a big Palace in a land that we occupy – to show our ownership to outsiders – we have empty freedom – through isolation. Thus negligence by Central Government would get converted to isolation by local / provincial / community leaders. Older leaders need to share their True pictures and not compete with young ones driven by material returns to keep their minds and bodies active. Meditation takes us to that inner world where there is no relativity – but just Peace. Both – the Hon Sampanthan – the Leader of the Opposition in National Parliament and the Hon Vigneswaran – Chief Minister of Northern Sri Lanka – need to share their Truth with their People. The question is who are their People? The social group on whose behalf they feel pain – but is physically and/or culturally furthest away from them – is the border. It is more difficult for a higher group to draw and maintain  this border than for a member of the lower group to draw this border to include the higher group.

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