Saturday 14 May 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 14 May 2016

LTTE – A Long-term Opposition in Lankan Parliament?

Para of Vaddukoddai said in her wisdom – that we find Justice at three levels. Para did not elaborate and I did not ask her to.  As is my way these days – I worked it out for myself. One (1) is as per the Law; the other (2)  is as per the expressions and attitudes of  our physical environment and  the last (3)is our own conscience. I reminded myself of this when preparing to represent myself in a Land matter in Colombo Court of Appeal. So far the Colombo legal system – which is in category (2) above, has allocated low grades to me. As is my way I take a ‘position’ as per the theoretical structure first (1) -  and then as allocated by the custodians of power in that structure (2). But there is always that inner declaration of my own belief in the background (3) – functioning as the force that influences my Consciousness.  When it gets to the stage where I am not able to preserve the structure of this Belief -  for my ‘home-background’ where I am the Judge –I decide to express myself on the basis of my own system – but within the boundaries permitted by the official system that I am currently a part of.  I then  become the ‘opposition’ of the very custodians of power from whom I expected a favorable return for my participation in their system. This is how I ended up being self-represented in Colombo Courts. I do believe that this would protect Colombo and therefore Sri Lanka from accumulating negative Energy in terms of Judicial Governance – the Equal power to Political Governance in the system of Democracy. Once we separate as the ‘other side of Truth’ in that environment – we become true Equals at that level.

I wrote in this regard:

Any Court, to be Sovereign – needs to be equally balanced between the litigants’ power and the power of the Legal Profession. The Judge needs to represent both these groups on Equal footing. In the system of Democracy this Equal footing needs to be Transparent to all participants. To the extent our lawyers present our Truth as per the Law – they are helping us to form our own Judgment as part of the Judicial system. This needs to be in harmony with the Truth known to the litigant, for ultimate feeling of Victory to the one more committed to Truth than the other. Otherwise, the litigant is either cheating or is being cheated.

Time & Place get empowered by Truth – for better or for worse. If it is for better it needs to be confirmed through structures / monuments and laws that represent that Truth. If is for worse, it needs to be sent back in ‘time’ – as Saint Yoga Swami says – to become ‘EppavohMudinthaKariyam’ / Already completed Matter. The Truth of Tamil Political rebellion is already confirmed through TNA becoming the leading Opposition in Parliament. The rest of LTTE is ‘EppavohMudinthaKariyam’ for Sri Lankans including - Tamils seeking higher governance that would help them enjoy  global experiences.

Next week we remember the defeat of  the Tamil Rebel group – the LTTE.  I personally remember that I happened to be here in Colombo during that period – observing the manifestations produced by the official system – for better or for worse. The place that is ‘home’ to us – communicates with us through our own feelings for the place. Unlike thoughts that have use-by dates, feelings are eternal. Colombo being home to me made sure that I was brought there before my scheduled arrival. I was brought there during the 1st week of May due to the death of my brother-in-law of Vaddukoddai dying in a refugee camp in Chettikulam. I believe that this happened to override my own ‘thoughts’. I believe it happened due  to my own true feelings for Sri Lanka as a home. The system of Truth includes us as part of Itself when we have upheld Truth above all else. In Australia I always attributed credit to my Sri Lankan education for the high level of performance I demonstrated. Thus Sri Lanka was confirmed to be my home and was allocated the responsibility to take care of me as its own.

Former President of Sri Lanka, the Hon Mahinda Rajapaksa is known to have defeated the LTTE. It is highly doubtful that Mr. Rajapaksa would have had this win through (1) above – the law. The UN has given its own verdict at the International level. How did the UN ‘judgment’ happen? This needs to be researched by the Sri Lankan Government if it is to remain stable and immune to rebel forces from North who now have global power. In terms of natural makeup – the  Rajapaksa regime was the opposition of the LTTE and the matter got completed at that level. If activated for political purposes, the law of nature takes over and it would reactivate also the real opposition in Southern Sri Lanka – largely through Politicians like Mr. Rajapaksa.

Reporter Sathya Moorthy states through his Sunday Leader article ‘LTTE Inching back to International Safety Net’ states in reference to Prime Minister’s observations:

[Reports ahead of Wickremesinghe’s reassurance had also referred to one of the wanted LTTE men supposedly ‘escaping’ to neighbouring India. The mood in the south Indian State of Tamil Nadu may not be as friendly to the LTTE as being assumed from outside. There may be few safe-havens either in Tamil Nadu or the rest of India.
All of it hints at the possibility of the wanted LTTE cadre using India as a landing-pad, if at all, to escape elsewhere. How and when remain to be found out. It’s now clear that the ‘Chavakachcheri weapons haul’ was not a lone-wolf affair. If it did not imply possible and anticipated revival of the LTTE, it does not totally rule out the outside possibility of one or more groups seemingly keen on keeping the LTTE ideology, goals and methods alive.]

The question is whether this is better or worse for Sri Lanka? Why did other Nations starting with India accept LTTE and its supporters on their Land if they accepted that the LTTE were Terrorists ? Were they not already showing disrespect for the Sri Lankan Government even if they did not officially express such disrespect? Were they not recruiting such resources to oppose/diffuse   their own rebels and/or in readiness to fight against global forces against them? They are all factors that influence such programs. At the highest and purest level – they flow from the Natural Doctrine that we are all children of One God – and that when the junior organs of the system hurt the senior organs must take care of them.

Mr. Sathya Moorthy who by his name is lord of truth – explains this as follows:

[There is a pro-active Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora that does not recognise the TNA, its political demands and moderate methods. Neither the TNA leadership, nor the party-controlled Northern Provincial Council (NPC) has covered itself with glory, both before and after the game-changing presidential polls of January 2015.
Does it imply that if and when the LTTE remnants in the country gain enough purchase – if they so desire – that they may get adequate aid and support from the Diaspora? Does it also mean that such support could go beyond politics and propaganda in host-nations and international organisations like the UN and its affiliates? It may be too early to jump to conclusions. But the likes of Chavakachcheri episode do not read encouraging]

The Diaspora, whatever its stated reasons when it applied to settle down  in new nations, would be activated when its natural powers become stronger than its official powers. Abusers of the work and sacrifices of predecessors in these new nations would contribute negatively to  the security of  their new nations and their targets would change form and Sri Lanka would have been their stepping stone to International rebellion.

Where a Diaspora group for example Australian Tamil Diaspora is independent of external powers – this would be demonstrated by completing the experience at group level. Towards this, the governing force within that group needs to be equal in power to the section  being governed. The former uses theory / law and the latter uses experience to empower the group. Where this is equal balanced – the system of Democracy will support this group. That is the way the system of Truth works. Such groups would treat the past excesses of the Sri Lankan Government as ‘EppavohMudinthaKariyam’ / ‘Already completed Matter’ – adding value to their new nations as an independent community.

In Sri Lanka, Tamil politicians, could not match the Sinhalese politicians in parliament – because they were more a replacement group of theoreticians. Not many Tamil politicians had the Experience as victims of discrimination, in everyday life. But each time the majority race Government went below its official Opposition, in the level of investment in Law – the pathway was clear for the Tamils to claim the Opposition leadership as per their Truth. The UNP Party led back then by Mr. J.R.Jayawardene and currently by Mr. RanilWickremesinghe returned their dues to Tamils by actively investing in Lawful conduct – above the level of the Party in Opposition. Through their membership with the UNP they honored Mr. D.S. Senanayake the first Prime Minister of Ceylon after Independence from the British and his son Dudley Senanayake. Both enjoyed high respect from the Tamil People of their time, who also invested in law above immediate action and reaction. Respecting such persons gives form to our own membership in those structures – common to all Sri Lankans.

The LTTE can be effectively regulated only by those who care about them as part of themselves. This is NOT only the TNA  as a political group but more those who suffered quietly / internally the excesses by the LTTE, NOT because the LTTE expressed what they did not have the courage to express; but because to them LTTE is part of themselves – as family and community sharing Common Homeland. This ‘home’component is the key to working the system as per its Truth and to natural sharing – often without us being conscious of it until much later. 

By including many Tamil leaders in Leading Administrative positions – the current government has strengthened its own credit as the Government of One Sri Lanka. Whatever the Diaspora may say or do, the real voting power is with the real Sri Lankan to whom Sri Lanka feels home – however ugly it or its parts may look to outsiders. Where our investments in Common Law is greater than that of the party with second highest membership in Parliament – the People will continue to support and uphold Leaderships such as the current Political  Leadership more committed to global standards than attachment to convenient local power.  Such a Government will be protected by Tamils who invest in Truth and Law above immediate shows of cleverness. 

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