Thursday 24 December 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 24 December  2015

Tamil People’s Council & Vaddukoddai Resolution

As per Ceylon Today report:

‘The Tamil People's Council was established last Sunday under the Chairmanship of Northern Chief Minister C.V.Wigneswaran to expedite the process of finding a political solution to the national question and to address other humanitarian issues in the North and East.’

It is understood that the Leader of the Opposition – the Hon Rajavarothiam Sampanthan has declared that the TNA would not accept this as part of itself.  To my mind, TNA then effectively rejects the Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976. The role played by the National Government back then is now being played by the TNA’s Political Leadership.

I experienced the parallel of this just this week – when someone who sought my services through Australian Tamil Management Service structures - in relation to Service to schools in Batticaloa, in Eastern Sri Lanka, wrote:

‘Office bearers in the Sai Organisation cannot be seen to have links to organisations that bear a particular race name ie "Tamil".  They are also not meant to have affiliations with organisations that take a stand on political issues.’

My response opened with the following statement:

This is interesting. This then means that no Sai organization should be helping 
victims of Sri Lankan war. The reason for the use of Tamil is to boost the
self-confidence of Tamils - especially young Tamils. The school you are helping itself
is in Puthukudiyiruppu - an area specially developed by the LTTE. The parallel of it is
in Vanni also. .. this morning Swami came in my dream / gave me Dharshan. Now I understand why today.

Like with practice of Hindu religion I do not follow rituals of Sathya Sai organization but respect them as much as can. I realized the Divinity of Swami Sai Baba when I was not a devotee of Swami. But I believe/d firmly in God and when I was in deep pain due to my experiences at the University of New South Wales – red Holy Powder manifested on my picture of Sai Baba – gifted to me by a cousin whose son was killed mistakenly in the war. That son was helped by me when he had a need and I had the status to provide assurance. To me that picture symbolized the deep faith that the mother had in Swami Sai Baba who according to her helped her accept the tragedy in losing her son. When Holy Powder materialized on this picture – on the day the Auditor General of New South Wales confirmed through a published report – the observations I had made about the University’s Budgetary systems – (about which publication I heard through another staff of the University who made the connection between the report and my work) I felt that God was endorsing my work. I noticed this only because I was in much pain after being rejected by the University’s Central Administration responsible for structuring Democratic Financial Management systems. Since then I made the connection beyond the seen and the known – happening through God’s system.  It happens for sure whether we see it or not. But those of us who contributed to the manifestation of the Truth – despite the opposition from those holding highest positions in that institution – get the ‘insight’ to work out the connection to the returns for their costs – rejected by the human system in their environment.

Here in Thunaivi – Vaddukoddai – it would be very difficult for me to live as part of the Community – without this ‘insight’ into the true forces manifested by the folks in this war torn area. I believe that even One person negating the Caste based discrimination karma that Vaddukoddai suffers from would be an absolute contribution to the prevention of war on race base – through the folks of Vaddukoddai.

I explained this  as follows to the above person:

‘I appreciate that you are genuine; but at my stage of life doing what I am doing
here in Thunaivi it would have been difficult for me to follow the dictates of those
who are surface contributors. If they were deeper they would have connected to the
Service work which eliminates CASTE BASED discrimination by going through our website.
Just last week one of the Vaddukoddai town ladies asked me why I bring the Thunaivi
kids to Vaddukoddai training center instead of teaching them at Thunaivi Temple during
Human Values classes. This is because they do not want lower castes to be getting my
special services. I stopped visiting the lady thereafter. To me these members are
driven by benefits and not by the structure of the organization itself.  THEY are not
true Sai devotees but are using Sai name for personal credits.

I used the word Tamil to particularize the group that needed my services most. My inner knowledge of our Tamil Community – helped me identify with this need. The temple I inherited from my father helped me establish myself physically as part of the Toddy Tapper community. I believe that unjust Discrimination of any kind when left unaddressed during the current period of its birth – becomes a sin that would block the path of the person and the home-group that the person  belongs to – from realizing self-governance. Indeed it would become Negative Energy that would combine itself with other unjust Discriminatory forces – in the new environment. Death makes it Common negative. Truth is Common. I was specially rewarded this week when one of the guys asked me to translate the Philosophical work of an Indian Tamil doctor. This included the following passage:

Self-Consciousness is the greatest guide within  each and every one of us.  Dynamic Self-Consciousness is the Eternal Guide.
Every person on this earth, has the opportunity to lead a wholesome life to complete the experience of Life so that s/he feels complete and independent and also shares this wholesomeness with those who are part of her/him, related to her/him and with the rest in her/his environment.
Identifying with the special pathways suitable to each person, facilitating each one to live their own life  as per their inner consciousness through their own diverse pathways, develops the most appropriate pathway that suits each person as per their own natural makeup ‘

To my mind, this inner Consciousness is our real Guide. If we miss this opportunity – to share our Truth with young ones – our current home-group would take a heavy baggage into its next life. I therefore identify with the Tamil People’s Council doing in essence what the TNA itself did – as TULF in its previous life that got completed with Vaddukoddai Resolution heritage. Particularizing becomes necessary – to identify with the work on Project basis. One who carries discrimination baggage would read it as per her/his Truth. If they use their position powers – yet to be earned – they manifest their racism baggage. In terms of Sai Baba Swami  the message is clear through the unity of faith – symbol – which requires each religion to be particularized to be included so all groups are included and not neglected in the name of Commonness. Generalization is without identify – at the primary level and is often confused with Commonness by those driven by money or vote power.

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