Wednesday 30 December 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 30 December  2015
Australian Tamil Management Service at Vaddukoddai Junction
Vaddukoddai Resolution and Eelam War

I ordered 2 meters of  red carpet to cover the floor of the new room that we have leased out at Vaddukoddai Junction. This latest investment is towards conducting cookery demonstrations to promote catering services of global standards. We do not expect many money-paying customers. But the Policy value added through this is exponential. Truth is exponential. After buying the carpet at Jaffna Town, I caught the bus to our Training Center at Vaddukoddai junction. I could have taken a tuk-tuk taxi for about eight Australian Dollars. But I was able to carry the items and hence caught the bus. Every stroke of my work promotes the values that I have invested in and have become part of my natural habits. Given that I am doing this in Northern Sri Lanka, I believe that Northern Sri Lanka will be empowered exponentially.

Taking our experiences to the level of Truth – is the highest value we could add to develop our environment. The carpet goes  towards improving the looks of our training center. Given that it was bought in Jaffna town means that the local folks’ motivation to follow our example is not beyond their vision. At ownership level, one knows intuitively that value has been added. It’s this value that is shared with those who have faith in us.

Back in our cottage within temple grounds, I did some weeding and set fire to some of the rubbish.  I was conscious of the National program for eradicating mosquitoes. THAT to me is part of my investment in the position of President who gets credit for making policy statements in this regard. I cooked my dinner, fed the two dogs that come to our cottage and make me feel that I have security officers – especially in the nights. The pair are mother and son and the son is black and personifies the vehicle of Vairavar – the Lord of Security.

It was therefore disappointing to read the article ‘Jaffna – An Arid Land Without Heroes
by fellow Australian of Sri Lankan origin – HLD Mahindapala, published in Colombo Telegraph. The real heroes are those who uphold their Truth despite threat to their lives and/or  livelihood. They are not visible to the eyes of those who are pampered with ‘ready-made’, outcomes produced by governments that are pampered with easy money. They are not known through theories that are popular amongst those driven by money and status benefits. They are naturally identified with through a soul connection – direct from person to person and/or through the common medium – the Land. Towards this one has to take the issue to the level of Truth. My contribution to Equal Opportunity values in Australia, under much hardship – is the opportunity that helped me reach these heights. It is THIS value that I add naturally to any place that is home to me and any person to whom I am bound by common faith and/or value. Hence I conclude that Jaffna is NOT without Heroes. Saint Yoga Swami and others who dedicated their lives to serving the needy – have already left behind their rich heritage that we draw on. They are eternal heroes who were sent to enrich Jaffna soil.

Vaddukoddai Resolution to which Mr. Mahindapala refers in his article – is one such heritage from our Political ancestors. Mr Mahindapala  states about LTTE Leader Prabhakaran:

Eventually, he wiped out the Tamil leadership that passed the Vadukoddai Resolution (May 14, 1976) that empowered him with the gun. He also emerged at the propitious time when the Jaffna elite had legitimised violence and urged the youth to take up arms to wage a war which the ageing Tamil leadership could not undertake. He was the first born child of the Vadukoddai Resolution that legitimised violence to achieve Eelam. Armed with the licence given to him by the Vadukoddai Resolution he went on a spree of killing until it came to a stop at Nandikadal’

The Truth about the above is as per the feelings of the writer. The rest is knowledge and/or mere hearsay – arranged to impress the surface reader. The risk is that even if one genuine Tamil is hurt by such writings – the attack returns to sender.

I believe that the essence of Vaddukoddai Resolution brought me to Vaddukoddai and that could have happened only if our (mine and the architects of Vaddukoddai Resolution) investment in Self-Governance were genuine. When the real value of Tamil leaders is set aside to actively promote LTTE Leadership, by minds looking for cheap entertainment – then Sinhalese will continue to get more and more of such violence – including from within their own community. To the extent Mr. Mahindapala experienced the effects stated above – he would be safe in sharing it without logic or proof with others. Beyond that – he fills his own mind with illogical statements that disturb the mind and place fear in those who follow him.

Just yesterday – my talk was about Shakthi / Energy – as to why women are called Shakthi – in Hindu structure. Anyone who invests in a system at the same level or more as the one with highest status plus money benefits – but gets far less benefits than that highest  person – carries the ‘gap’ as Energy – commonly known as Ownership. They work the system through such Energy. On that basis – I believe I raised my contribution to Sri Lanka by upholding my Sri Lankan Accounting qualifications as the highest – and sued former Prime Minister of Australia -  Mr. John Howard for failing to give it recognition despite me activating my entitlements to be heard by the highest Administrative position. Eventually I returned my pain in losing my job – raised to the common level. Hence I identified with my return when Mr. Howard lost his job through his voters. True pain with exponential value does not recognize  borders. It is Universal.

When the current Sri Lankan government came to power – such Energy from Tamils influenced the downfall of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa. We do not need to consciously make the connection. I did not ask that Mr. Howard should experience the pain of losing his job. But to the extent I accepted such pain without taking revenge in my own way at my own level as LTTE did  – including in my mind – I include all those who caused me the pain as part of myself – as if I gave myself that pain. That soul connection then returns each one her/his karma.

All we have to do therefore is raise our own experiences to that level and not take lower/cheaper benefits for our work. The rest happens automatically. LTTE took eye for an eye and hence failed to earn the higher membership as some of us in Self-Governance.

Be it violence or harmony – at the physical level – without connection to the root-energy – they are temporary and return to the real owners. Terrorism fears by Western governments are due to their own failures to follow the principles of Equal Opportunity with migrants. One could therefore say that the Sinhalese who continue to demonstrate attachment to physical overpowering of LTTE and Tamils without much status – are lacking in true heroes. They keep fearing India due to Tamil  Nadu. LTTE is an avenue through which they continue to keep such fears active.

The Energies – positive as well as negative are already in existence. We connect to them as per our own real contributions. One who thinks he knows all the connections – is filled with ego and  adds to the Negative forces in her/his own home environments. Mr. Mahindapala for example is adding such negative Energy to Australia as well as Sri Lanka.

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