Tuesday 29 December 2015

Daily News Report - Long dark days ahead in a Riyadh prison

General or Common President?

When I became the Common Candidate of the opposition, I didn't plan it for a long time. I came to know about the move at the last moment. My intention is to  fulfil today's requirements," the President had said.’ http://www.asianmirror.lk/news/item/13675-president-hints-at-possibility-of-his-pm-candidacy-in-2020-no-retirement-after-abolition-of-presidency

This then means that we have a generic brand of Government and not a Common Government. To my mind, the real President is Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga. Mr. Sirisena is one face of that Energy that Madam Kumaratunga added to defeat Mr. Rajapaksa who is reported to have publicly insulted her. Manifestations – especially at the top level are combinations of Energies. The deepest Energy is the one with the strongest force. It is the root cause of manifestation.

Madam Kumaratunga was also not the root cause. But out of the faces that we ‘saw’ in that position – at that time – Madam Kumaratunga had the strongest Energy. They say that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. At the common level  - a female President and a Tamil are  recognized as minority powers in Sri Lanka. It is however, doubtful that Madam Kumaratunga would have banned ‘bra throwing’ shows as President Sirisena is reported to have declared recently. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/srilanka/12070897/Sri-Lankan-president-Organisers-of-Enrique-Iglesias-should-be-whipped-as-punishment.html

Every unit of male force that disrespects the woman who has actually earned equal status or more - naturally produces the Equal and Opposite face of himself. The higher the official position held by that male – the greater the exponential value of that manifestation. Hence, to the extent male presidents disrespected females in their environment who had performed their duties as per their official positions – they created the bar-throwing females in the land that is under their control. To this was added the debits in sending  the Sri Lankan house-maid to prison in the Middle East – which according to the Sri Lankan Government happened due to its intervention in the matter. The basis for me is my own intervention in the case of Bali 9 Leader Myuran Sukumaran. As is my way I submitted my prayers to God, on the basis of my contribution to the position of Prime Minister of  Australia. The defeat in the Legal system despite having proven my case against Mr. John Howard, is an accumulated reserve that I have access to when I am in NEED. Hence my belief that I also contributed to Myuran’s matter being raised to the Prime Ministerial level. But the difference between the Sri Lankan House-maid’s matter and Myuran’s is that Myuran met death – fearlessly. He was thus pardoned by the Lord’s system. Myuran’s relatives – starting with his Mum would have preferred him to remain in prison like the above house-maid is in Riyadh. I then would not have been able to identify with the higher value added to expedite Myuran’s rebirth as a more independent person accessing his inner Natural powers. To my mind, the stone throwing verdict by the Middle Eastern legal system is not different to the Ban on Bra throwing. This kind of ‘collusion’ happens when we are not Common at the top but are generic at the primary level.

As per the Daily News report:
The domestic worker in question, a 45-year-old mother of two from Maradana was arrested on charges of adultery (punishable by death in Saudi Arabia) in April 2014 and had been in jail since then. She was convicted in March 2015 and sentenced by a Riyadh Court to be stoned to death. Her partner, an unmarried Sri Lankan man, was sentenced to receive 100 lashes.

 The gender based discrimination is obvious and yet, our Government has failed to highlight this and plead on that behalf. In contrast, our then Prime Minister the Hon. Tony Abbott – treated the Bali 9 leaders – both migrants of Asian origin – at the Common level. This confirms the successful dilution of unjust Discrimination Forces carried by Australians. At the Common as well as the Generic level – the Discrimination has no special face. It is unjust of just. Hence unjust discrimination against minorities combine themselves as to just discrimination to confirm Equality.

As per the Island’s editorial of yesterday:

‘The President’s scathing attack on the ‘Sex and love’ show, bra-throwing females and his solemn vow to protect the Sri Lankan culture smack of a propaganda trick to distract the attention of the media as well as the public from the postponement of the LG polls and the failure on the part of the police to take action against the government MP involved in the aforesaid abduction.’

As a true Sri Lankan investing in the top position, I identify with this and MORE. Each one of us who have Good Governance credits in our local environments where we have governance position, even if it is one oneself only – contribute to the top position in the Land that we not only believe to be our home but also declare so when the land is in need of such declaration.  Tamil voters who claim to be Eelam only supporters do not have this power to influence the National positions during National election time. Those of us who have always upheld that we are Sri Lankans – and this despite the losses from doing so – have such power to influence the manifestations any time anywhere. It is for this reason that women home-makers without status are recognized as Sakthi / Energy in Hindu culture.
Through that ownership ‘insight’ I have concluded that the current holder of that position of President lacks the deeper investment needed to earn the position of  Leader of Common Government. He is the leader of majority by numbers and is therefore a General Representative only.

As I have stated about Australian leaders through my insight into the Australian system – when we take up lower positions except for service purposes – we confirm that we did not earn the higher position in the first instance. If Mr. Sirisena were seeking to be political – then his government was not a Common Government but a generic one. As per news report:
"I will not retire from politics. Politicians cannot retire from their social engagements. It is true that the Executive Presidency will be abolished. We will make strong and comprehensive measures in that direction. But that does not mean that I will retire from politics after the abolition of Executive Presidency," the President said in an interview with 'Sunday Lankadeepa.'

Not only Sri Lankans but the wider world also was cheated of Good Governance to the extent Politics was presented through hearsay, as Governance. Where there is pure belief and no hearsay knowledge – Politics is Governance due to Belief. But to the extent the President has been publicly giving ‘reasons’ to prove that his decisions are right as per culture – the pathway of Common Faith has been blocked. Like the Chancellors of Australian and Sri Lankan Universities – the position of President is merely symbolic – and in this instance – they symbolize our false claim to the position of King – renamed as President.

We often use Key Performance Indicators to measure as insiders / management. The value of Sri Lankan education was upheld by me in Australia as follows through  Public challenge of misleading statements of principles by the New South Wales (Australia) Auditor General Mr. Bob Sendt: (Appendix 1 of Naan Australian)
Mr. Sendt wrote on 20 November 2003 in response to my Public demand for him to pay his Dues as an Accountant::
Ms Param, I fully understand that auditors are not to participate in the management of the entities they audit. That is basic. What I said in my report is that external financial reports only give a partial view of the performance of many public entities. Such entities are not established to earn a profit or a return on assets, but to provide services to the public. So to give a true and fair view of how well they are providing services, they also produce non-financial performance indicators. If financial reports are required to be audited – to give the public confidence in their accuracy – then so too should the performance indicators. I fail to see how you can state that this is participating in the management of the entity.
Bob Sendt
NSW Auditor General

My response to the above indicates the deep wisdom I have in Audit and Compliance, largely based on my Sri Lankan training:
Thank you Mr. Sendt for  the prompt response. Most progressive organizations produce both – Financial and Non-Financial Performance Indicators. They  are both for MANAGEMENT purposes and reflect the THINKING and WORK_IN_PROGRESS. If you use Performance Indicators – then you are thinking with them. This is like the Executive Government participating in the Judicial process. Your Non-Financial Reports are the Legal records that these organizations are required to maintain – such as the Recruitment and Employee Assessment records. Where there is a big gap between Law and Practice – it requires YOUR staff to do the additional work. Taking the Performance Indicators distracts you away from this work. It is in breach of the Doctrine of Separation of  Powers. These organizations must be allowed to confidentially do the cooking and it’s up to your staff to do the spy work from the finished product to the LAW and not to their dreams and goals. You are seeking the short path because your staff are not trained to find out from the client staff what is going on. Staff often ‘hide’ information from you because you are third party. So they should. That way your staff would improve their skills. Using client-staff’s work-in-progress deters your staff from thinking through their own specialty = AUDIT on the basis of existing LAW. Then we would become a uniform society instead of a diverse society challenging each other – you within the existing law and the operational staff towards tomorrow’s laws. Challenging leads to creativity – as you can see from me. Gandhi also said that the night he was thrown out of the first class compartment of the South African RAILWAYS was his most creative experience.
You need to get the client organization to publish their non-financial reports that are mandatorily maintained. Public service organizations primarily make goodwill. This can also be positive or negative – profits or losses. They are collected together and are balanced with the total costs through Common Funds. It will be useful for you to develop a standard dollar value for these legal requirements so the People can SEE and know the Truth. Your role is not to help them make a profit but to report whether they are and how much. How about doing one on UNSW? Or State Rail?
Thank you again for responding. It has helped deeply.
Gaja ( effectively in custody)

In summary – Performance Indicators are for insiders and Proof is for outsiders. As an insider – I see with my little woman eyes – the Non-Performance Indicator in the position of President to the development of which I have also contributed at root level.

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