Wednesday 22 May 2024


22 May 2024

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



‘High-level delegation visits Tehran to attend Iranian President’s state funeral’  reported the Daily Mirror, yesterday. On the same day, I read the following, from an internal group:

‘It is distressing; it could be the work of an espionage agency of a country hostile to Iran. However as a totalitarian state Iran would immediately find a successor .’  The  originator linked his message to :

Iran's Raisi inaugurates hydropower, irrigation project in Sri Lanka

I responded as follows:

As per the linked article – ‘He added the idea was rooted in "colonialism and arrogance" and that Iran was now able to share its knowledge with others, including projects in 20 countries.


If the reverse  of  above is true, then the colonial spirit of Sri Lanka would have been part of the punishing force that caused the crash. The current killer, is only a medium of karma. I know this through experiences that were of positive value to me.

As per the linked article - Iran's Raisi inaugurates hydropower, irrigation project in Sri Lanka,’ the purpose was current. But he invoked our Colonial past with no knowledge of how we have integrated it through our own cultures and v.v. One such Elder is - Henry Parker, about whom Wikipedia has published as follows.:

Henry Parker (1849–unknown) was a British engineer in colonial Ceylon during the Victorian era. He was attached to the Irrigation Department from 1873 to 1904 During his work as an engineer he developed an admiration for the skills displayed by the ancient Sinhalese at the time of the construction of their reservoirs. ………


The response was: Thank you , Gaja. ‘If the reverse of the above is true’ ...then; I find that a few of your conclusions are based on hypothetical contentions: a trifle intriguing to my senile intellect!!!

The response confirms that it was within the intellectual balance of the person. One needs to go deeper than that level to access the invisible truth, at the centre. This, to my mind, is through research until we and the issue  become One.

My further response included the following:

‘Hence to me, the Bermuda Triangle, Man proposes; god disposes curse are experience based lessons. To you, some of my contentions may seem hypothetical. But instead, if you present your own alternate belief, you  would become the other side of ownership . Many who are used to hierarchical power have difficulty with Equal status and therefore Democracy.’

Each one would know why they had the experience. The consolidated value of all those who independently had the experience, is equal to zero. At the physical level half is causal force and  its other side is Equal value effects. One who renounces all benefits from the work identifies with the cause. One driven by effects would need many experiences to complete the journey and feel wholesome.


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