Tuesday 12 December 2023


12  December 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





Knowingly or otherwise, the more I used the law, to oppose majority rule, the more secure I felt within. Gradually I realised that I felt more intelligent, when I opposed illogical majority rule. They often seemed illogical due to lower level of investment, relative to mine. This was a key issue that led to the ethnic war in Sri Lanka. I am a minority in both my home nations – Sri Lanka & Australia. My family invested in Education as a priority. The following Wikipedia account confirms this at community level:


‘In 1969, the Northern Province, which was largely populated by Tamils and comprised 7% of the population of the country, provided 27.5 percent of the entrants to science-based courses in Sri Lankan universities. By 1974, this was reduced to 7%’ ……

‘The policy of standardization was a policy implemented by the Sri Lankan government in 1971 to curtail the number of Tamil students selected for certain faculties in the universities. In 1972, the government added a district quota as a parameter within each language

Whoever sought majority to be ‘seen’ as leaders, had enough ‘intelligence’ to work out this policy. But, they failed to appreciate that as a group, their intelligence was equal to that of their Opposition. That is the law of Democracy. Hence Equal Opposition. Those who believe in Democracy, would naturally respect and facilitate Equal Opportunity.


This meant that as individuals, each member of majority group had to be less intelligent than a member of minority who felt ownership in Sri Lanka, through an alternate pathway, to the government. This was in fact facilitated by the government through ‘Buddhism foremost’ article in the 1972 constitution.  The quota system also was introduced in 1972.

Given that Lord Buddha is a realised soul, the ‘Buddhism Foremost’ power would have had to be offset by lower intelligence per member, to Equal the polarised power for Sri Lanka to maintain her sovereign power. By claiming the benefits of Democracy, but failing to facilitate Equal Opportunity to express the Opposition, the government kept losing Democratic power. But true Buddhists, completed the cycle at lower level, through JVP rebellion. According to Wikipedia:

Chinese diplomats allegedly contacted North Korea, which supplied weapons and ammunition to the JVP.

Thus, the fundamental requirement of self-sufficiency, to claim ‘sovereignty’ was damaged by majority group in 1971. Standardization and quota system made were ways of compensating the majority, out of minority’s pocket.

But Buddha was present, and was sharing his soul /sovereign  power with all Sri Lankans.  So Long as ‘Buddhism foremost’  article  is present in the Constitution, minorities who believe that Sri Lanka is their ‘home’ will be more intelligent than an individual member of majority group that relies on majority power. This is true Democratic power.

All that minorities have to do to be more intelligent than majority is to maintain their sovereign power, even if they are minority of one.

Hence, Gandhi who was Sovereign said ‘Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.’ Truth is Sovereign.



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